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#548669 +(1606)- [X]

(SirJohnny) How do you feel about the US in the middle east?
(Talya) Uhhh
(Talya) They give us money
(Talya) so w00t
(SirJohnny) What if Bush woke up one day, and was like "WE'RE GOING TO INVADE ISRAEL BECAUSE...UHM...LIKE, I THINK THEY HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS!" what would you do? XD
(Talya) (we do have nuclear weapons)

#6156 +(1146)- [X]

<demalavor> w00t!
<jdrolet> w00t!
<Zhuzhen> w00t!
<CecilPL> w00t!
<Valvados> w00t!
<demalavor> we need a new word

#274517 +(1046)- [X]

[@DAWG^] song lyrics containing the word "heart" - replace the word with "arse"
[@Chisler] hmmm, interesting idea
[@DAWG^] for example:
[@DAWG^] Celine Dion - my arse will go on
[@DAWG^] Bonnie Tyler - Total eclipse of the arse
[@DAWG^] Kylie Minogue - Hand on your arse
[@DAWG^] Deee-Lite - Groove is in the arse
[@DAWG^] Rod Stewart - You are in my arse
[@DAWG^] Britney Spears - Deep in my arse
[@Chisler] Eurythmics - there must be an angel playing with my arse
[@DAWG^] w00t ^^

#3163 +(1032)- [X]

<drlion> linux hacker 1: i'm bored.  linux hacker 2: let's re-write the whole kernel!  linux hacker 1: ok.  *hackety-hack*  linux hacker 1: wow, it's 0.00001% faster and takes up 1kb less space!  linux hacker 2: w00t.

#106661 +(582)- [X]

<timb> I went into a local burger resturaunt, just a local town king if thing, pretty small, and I was wearing my I dig Mac OS X shirt
<Toad> geek
<timb> and the girl at the counter, really cute, about 18 or 19 went "I like your shirt!"
<timb> and I went w00t! and she smilled the biggest smile and winked at me
<Toad> you _said_ "w00t!"? wow
<timb> yes, I said w00t
<Toad> like "double u zero zero t"?
<timb> no
<Toad> like "woot"
<timb> just plain woot

#46014 +(579)- [X]

* Sock_Monkee deletes some games
<Sock_Monkee> w00t.....freed over a gig
<Sock_Monkee> fucking sim theme park and jedi knight and q3
<Sock_Monkee> !
<Sock_Monkee> my porn was in q3!

#24301 +(556)- [X]

«+Stevey^666» klas, send me some girls
«+Klasnikov» ok
«+Stevey^666» hot ones plz :D
«+Klasnikov» ill send u jasmine, shes a model
«+Stevey^666» w00t
«+Stevey^666» shaven?
«+Klasnikov» no shes an actual model, mostly plastic

#199293 +(488)- [X]

<davidr> w00t! I installed a camera and a monitor ... the cam points at my door so I don't have to turn my head to see if somebody opens the door
<iku> ;D
<davidr> and now I'll start recording everything so I don't even have to listen to my family, I'll just watch it when I have time

#255364 +(372)- [X]

<+EvanTH> You'll have to be Smacky The Heroin bear.
<+Kulstad> w00t!!
<+EvanTH> You must sit in a corner and lose your hair
<+EvanTH> All the children will laugh and stare
<+Kulstad> you mean like Fuzzy Wuzzy
<+EvanTH> For you will be Smacky, the stiff-veined bear
<+EvanTH> yes.
<+EvanTH> Sometimes I wonder why the hell I even let myself type.

#16590 +(329)- [X]

<setuid_w00t> KT: and you act like you're six
<KT> setuid_w00t: how else is a 21 yr old supposed to act like?!
<setuid_w00t> don't ask me, I'm only 20

#6301 +(327)- [X]

<rewben> wh00t, i made online fax server yo
<rewben> it even w0rkz
<m0f73> @)!!!!!
<m0f73> theres no h in w00t

#51169 +(323)- [X]

<+Spazz> [12:41] <@w00tah> cope to dransik this spazz
<+Spazz> [12:41] <@w00tah> THRAF you m00f and you suck !
*** Thraf sets mode: -b *!*@adsl-212-59-30-231.takas.lt
<+Spazz> We've had our top military code experts try to decifer his message.
<@Thraf> tell him to return
<+Spazz> It seems that Lithuania is officially declairing war against the USA and the UK.
<@Curz> Talk about guerilla tactics, noone in the US knows where Lithuania is, so they can strike freely

#34455 +(287)- [X]

Ya-leile: i either need candy or a fuck.
Dan: w00t!
Ya-leile cries
Ya-leile: and i can't find either.
Dan: *blink*
DJEuphoriK: i can be over in like half an hour
Ya-leile: with candy?
Ya-leile: *grin*

#69672 +(280)- [X]

<PACHUKA> I'm exempt from draft
<TonyD> PACHUKA: cuz you're borderline retarded?
<PACHUKA> tonyd: no, because I'm unfing your mother, they don't take charity workers

#80021 +(278)- [X]

* Zapp is now known as Zapp|party
<Zapp|party> see yall
<Zapp|party> PARTY!!
<Zapp|party> w00t
<Zapp|party> drunk white woman for everybody!
* Zapp|party has quit IRC (Quit: Zapp|party)
<W-Cid> busy girl ;)

#106579 +(274)- [X]

Topic in #os: hey guyz, stop pickin on irix.
<SCO> w00t! i bought unix! im gonna b so rich!
<novell> /msg atnt haha. idiot.
<novell> whoops. was that out loud?
<atnt> rotfl
<ibm> lol
<SCO> why r u laffin at me?
<novell> dude, unix is so 10 years ago. linux is in now.
<SCO> wtf?
<SCO> hey guyz, i bought caldera, I have linux now.
<red_hat> haha, your linux sucks.
<novell> lol
<atnt> lol
<ibm> lol
<SCO> no wayz, i will sell more linux than u!
<ibm> your linux sucks, you should look at SuSE
<SuSE> Ja. Wir bilden gutes Linux für IBM.
<SCO> can we do linux with you?
<SuSE> Ich bin nicht sicher...
<ibm> *cough*
<SuSE> Gut lassen Sie uns vereinigen.
* SuSE is now SuSE[UL]
* SCO is now caldera[UL]
<turbolinux> can we play?
<conectiva> we're bored... we'll go too.
<ibm> sure!
* turbolinux is now turbolinux[UL]
* conectiva is now conectiva[UL]
<ibm> redhat: you should join!
<SuSE[UL]> Ja! Wir sind vereinigtes Linux. Widerstand ist vergeblich.
<red_hat> haha. no.
<red_hat> lamers.
<ibm> what about you debian?
<debian> we'll discuss it and let you know in 5 years.
<caldera[UL]> no one wants my linux!
<turbolinux[UL]> i got owned.
<caldera[UL]> u all tricked me. linux is lame.
* caldera[UL] is now known as SCO
<SCO> i'm going back to unix.
<SGI> yeah! want to do unix with me?
<SCO> haha. no. lamer.
<novell> lol
<ibm> snap!
<SGI> :~(
<SCO> hey, u shut up. im gonna sue u ibm.
<ibm> wtf?
<SCO> yea, you stole all the good stuff from unix.
<red_hat> lol
<SuSE[UL]> heraus laut lachen
<ibm> lol
<SCO> shutup. i'm gonna email all your friends and tell them you suck.
<ibm> go ahead. baby.
<SCO> andandand... i revoke your unix! how do you like that?
<ibm> oh no, you didn't. AIX is forever.
<novell> actually, we still own unix, you can't do that.
<SCO> wtf? we bought it from u.
<novell> whoops. our bad.
<SCO> i own u. haha
<SCO> ibm: give me all your AIX now!
<ibm> whatever. lamer.
* ibm sets mode +b SCO!*@*
* SCO has been kicked from #os (own this.)

#80872 +(265)- [X]

<Gerrard> w00r
<Gerrard> ...w00t
<Gerrard> Crap, I might've started an internet trend for spelling "whore"

#10945 +(238)- [X]

<@Ded|> filled another glass of wine while I was at it
<@Ded|> oh damn someone else just pulled up w00t party on
<@oak> its me
<@oak> i'm there to slap you for drinking boxed wine

#55621 +(220)- [X]

<Sentenced4Life> Im from ohio..w00t w00r
<int0x6h> that would explain the handle right?

#56321 +(153)- [X]

<Nergy> How much do movies cost these days?
<Meatwad> matine's cost 5.50 or so
<Nergy> w00t! I have that!
<Nergy> in fact, its RIGHT in my pants now
<Meatwad> dollars not inches
<Nergy> oh my bad.

#46070 +(138)- [X]

<jimiw> billy put on channel 10
<jimiw> too late
<Evil_One> w00t!
<Evil_One> I don't have to get up!

#16689 +(107)- [X]

<destiny> storeobject(mydick,"madbombers\\ass");
<Woohoo> :)
<madbomber> w00t

#50272 +(95)- [X]

<Fabio> wooo 47.5$/g for international data from feb next year.....
<Riqizeins_Aggilus> w00t
<Fabio> and they are complaining that mp3 and dvd rips cost the movie industry soo much each year, then they go and do a nice thing like make our downloads cheaper...
<Fabio> i love the way this world works
<Riqizeins_Aggilus> lol

#43794 +(10)- [X]

<MazeMachino> id ownz us all and we know it
<MazeMachino> well maybe not jud
<MazeMachino> he doesn't know it
<MazeMachino> but he'll find out
<MazeMachino> when Doom3 arrives in the shops
<jud_> yay, pasty fat white zombies for everyone!
<MazeMachino> yeah, w00t
<MazeMachino> pasty fat white zombies? Americans?
<jud_> why spend bazillions on a computer capable of running doom3 when i could just look in the mirror?
<MazeMachino> Doom3, the game where you get to shoot American white trash in the gut

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