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#111 +(1355)- [X]

<jestuh> i was trying to go the speed limit so i didn't get a ticket but a cop got me in a school zone
<DigDug> How much?
<jestuh> i'm talking about need for speed not real life

#42221 +(1321)- [X]

<@jestuh> i was like "i'm never going to get used to getting SHOT AT"
* Quits: jestuh (Connection reset by peer)
* Joins: jestuh
<@jestuh> what was last line you got before disconnect?
<@_ace> <jestuh> anal sex used to hurt at first, but i learned how to relax my muscles

#64445 +(755)- [X]

<timmo> i remember when my art teacher the first day of class
<timmo> first day of highschool
<timmo> made us write a a one page essay
<timmo> on
<timmo> i think thats what set the mood for me hating him for the rest of my highschool career
<timmo> so i wrote one on why i thought porn was art
<timmo> and got 0 for it
<timmo> i shrugged it off though
<arse-poet> so why was porn art
<arse-poet> according to your essay
<timmo> i dont know
<timmo> i think it had something to do with airbrushing
<arse-poet> lol
<timmo> i cant really remember
<jestuh> lol

#273779 +(696)- [X]

<jestuh>  But fans will have to wait a while for the maverick director to complete his bloodstained trilogy as he won't start filming Kill Bill: Vol 3 until 2019.
<jestuh> wtf
<edit_out> Is he going to breed actors for it?

#33106 +(692)- [X]

<jestuh> and i'm 14k in debt on CCs
<jestuh> ;[
<synth3tic> STOP BUYING SHIT

#79621 +(664)- [X]

<tito> why can't they make longer-lasting laptop batteries? ;[
<jestuh> why can't they make longer-lasting titos?
<tito> whats that supposed to mean
<jestuh> you know

#4262 +(597)- [X]

<jestuh> we are professional idlers
<jestuh> we don't get paid to chat!

#33375 +(571)- [X]

<jestuh> What's the worse part of raping a 5yo boy?
<jestuh> Getting blood on your clown suit

#49147 +(559)- [X]

(timmo) #33375 +(-61)- [X]
(timmo) <jestuh> What's the worse part of raping a 5yo boy?
(timmo) <jestuh> Getting blood on your clown suit
(timmo) classic jestuh quote
(timmo) how can that be -61
[pHluid] Dunno, they must've thought it was a nigger joke.

#4062 +(532)- [X]

<DigDug> <nowakow> does anyone want to teach a horny female to masturbate to orgasm?
<DigDug> Approve Kill Nothing
<orion> kill;
<jestuh> kill
<jestuh> if she's horny she knows what to do

#48720 +(488)- [X]

<KenKaniff> Snow
<KenKaniff> MSH?
<kisama> sure
<kisama> only 15 minutes though
<kisama> i tricked my roommate into leaving
<kisama> so i could fucking wack it
<KenKaniff> HAHA
<KenKaniff> Dood
<KenKaniff> Whack it
<KenKaniff> Then we'll play
<kisama> already did
<KenKaniff> Oh
<KenKaniff> So why 15 minutes?
<kisama> he's coming back in an hour
<KenKaniff> So what?
<KenKaniff> Why cant you play when hes there
<jestuh> cause it's cuddle time then
<jestuh> ;x!

#9635 +(451)- [X]

<orion> i'd rather pull their addresses and braid a friendship bracelet with their spines and intestines
<jestuh> <wondering if pen would accept that quote>
<orion> <wondering what the stomach lining looks like draped inside-out over someone's skull>

#28970 +(449)- [X]


#33897 +(425)- [X]

<chikster> orion thinks im mad fine
<chikster> WOOHOO
* chikster dances around room
<orion> you need more pics
<chikster> never knew that
<orion> and i need to shave
<orion> i look like i'm 30
<chikster> i will have more when i get my camera
<maff> dont shave dude
<maff> grow an inverse fro
<chikster> lol
<arse-poet> haha
<jestuh> yeah chik i think you're pretty hot too in an don't-arrest-me way

#31051 +(423)- [X]

<Synonymet> jestuh...hmm...I wonder if you can call your kid "George Bush" in Afghanistan?
<eric|work> no
<Nyphur> You can, but he'd be stillborn.

#607551 +(305)- [X]

<irokie> be there any other interesting channels on this network?
<maff> #bearcave
<sxh> #bearcave
<jestuh> #bearcave
<Nades> #bearcave
<Thuryn> #bearcave

#771394 +(243)- [X]

snachodog: should i be able to see that I timed out?
jestuh: yeah normally you do
jestuh: efnet tries to hold on to you baby
jestuh: keep you warm
jestuh: comfort you
jestuh: hoping you won't leave it's grasp
jestuh: ever.
snachodog: damn clingy girlfriends
snachodog: er
snachodog: servers

#3705 +(194)- [X]

<orge> !speedtest
<orge> (_*_) @ 599Mhz
<claws03> at 907Mhz
<hydro-> niggers picking cotton @ 998Mhz
<jestuh> s00p3r 4thl0n runn1ng 4t 1696Mhz
<bos-> >=[ @ 341Mhz
<bradley> jerkin it @ 306Mhz
<DigDug> 207.4 millions of cycles per second :-o

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