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#126273 +(5974)- [X]

(JHawk111420) Hey whats up, a/s/l?
(Lady Renegade) more than you want, I'm sure :)
(JHawk111420) ill take that as a challenge ;-)
(Lady Renegade) take it any way you want sweetie
(JHawk111420) k, how old are ya?
(Lady Renegade) probably too old for you, but let's pretend I'm 20 ;)
(JHawk111420) k, what do ya look like?
(Lady Renegade) before or after I'm dressed up?
(JHawk111420) both :-D
(Lady Renegade) well......after I'm dressed up, I have long sexy red hair, nails painted red to match the slinky dress I have on, stiletto heels, pouty lips, green eyes, boobs out to here, and a smile that stops
(JHawk111420) and before your dressed up?
(Lady Renegade) before I'm dressed up, I'm bald and wearing boxers...sometimes my weenie is peeking out
(Lady Renegade) hello?
(Lady Renegade) hello?
(Lady Renegade) hello ....

#84451 +(1945)- [X]

*** Now talking in #12-15yrz
<Salamander> Hi all!!
<Petri> Hi a/s/l?
<Salamander> 53/m/CA
<Petri> I think ur in the rong place
<Salamander> Oh no, I dont think I am...

#45063 +(1411)- [X]

<saloo> hey wanna chat;)?
<Nataliehotgurl16> yeah hot guy
<saloo> a/s/l
<saloo> u thr
<Nataliehotgurl16> 16/f/ca
<saloo> 29/m here
<saloo> wanna talk sex;)?
<Nataliehotgurl16> STATUTORY RAPE
<Nataliehotgurl16> STATUTORY RAPE
<Nataliehotgurl16> STATUTORY RAPE
<Nataliehotgurl16> STATUTORY RAPE
<Nataliehotgurl16> STATUTORY RAPE
<Nataliehotgurl16> STATUTORY RAPE

#54426 +(752)- [X]

<NevDullH> A/S/L/Uptime?

#119429 +(748)- [X]

<exo> a/s/l?
<exo> i have blonde hair and blue eyes
<exo> i like to run and play with my dog
<torechednodle> i like long walks on the beach and men who arent afraid to cry
<exo> can i approach you torechednodle
<torechednodle> omg cybersex?
<torechednodle> yes, but please turn on your landing lights and adjust ILS for approach to vector 160
<exo> there is a dead animal on the runway
<torechednodle> yes dont mind that i was shaving

#15769 +(692)- [X]

<jor>  NE SXE/F W/P N A/S/L PM ME PLZ IF U R D 1 2 C 4 A BJ KTHX

#14198 +(630)- [X]

(Horny-Net-Geek): Hi, I just got my computer yesterday morning took all day to set up and I stayed up half the night to download mirc from a web sight in Turkey. My questions is (1) how do I get ops (2) how do you send messages. (3) all women here a/s/l/?

#107515 +(405)- [X]

<Legal18f> yet they insist on a/s/l!
<smarm> hehe
<Legal18f> Isn't it obvious by my nick that I'm a 21 year old male?

#36842 +(328)- [X]

<MSminion> /msg $*.net a/s/l
<MSminion> Let's see how many death threats I can get.

#76841 +(289)- [X]

<Scogeta> screw you.
<ShadowZirus> a/s/l?

#112686 +(200)- [X]

(oscarb) so uhm
(oscarb) a/s/l
(session_xo) 52/f/thailand
(oscarb) marry me
(session_xo) why?
(oscarb) because i like orange juice

#39646 +(129)- [X]

<trog> jump onto my box and have a look at my ipac.conf
<trixBLUDGn> hmmm tech speak for a/s/l

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