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#119969 +(2914)- [X]

<ruffkin2> HAHAHAH dat dude you sent me iz enfected wit sub7 im fuckin with him now
<andrw>  oh good, format his computer
<Testicular_One> format his computer
<TheGreaterZero> format him

#83489 +(2693)- [X]

<Luigi30> someone ping flood
<Luigi30> he keeps trying to hack me
<Luigi30> nm
<Floach> This, folks, is why Mario always gets the Princess.

#608521 +(1264)- [X]

<Numi> hey, can you guys just check a site out and tell me if it's up?
<Haddock> depends, what is it?
<Numi> just my apache server, it works for me but seems to be down for anyone else
<Haddock> alright, what's the address?
<Haddock> ......
<Haddock> ...Yeah, it's up.

#38640 +(1064)- [X]

<Myren> someone ping flood this bastard please:
<darthv> ok
*** darthv has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

#89555 +(1047)- [X]

(w0rd): There is no place like

#742386 +(1021)- [X]

<HaX.1337> U're all lame as hell here!!!!! I can hack u all in no time! just tell me your ip and u're dead!
<Maler.home> try mine
*** Signoff: HaX.1337 (Connection reset by peer)
<Damz|dispute> wow. never thought such a retard nick can get his hands on something actually working xD

#7658 +(758)- [X]

<xwred1> my friend on aim is annoying me I want to hack them
<xwred1> I just want to get in and format his drive
<xwred1> I asked him for his address ip and he said its
<TheOnyx> heh
<TheOnyx> Do you know what is?
<xwred1> its an address
<xwred1> loopback, or something, right?
<xwred1> it loops to him, then back to me
<xwred1> thats how I can hax0r him

#3616 +(622)- [X]

<azmaveth> man u know that is funny as shit is my school ip

#11701 +(569)- [X]

<Lt Hawkins> someone from keeps trying to hack me!
<Podex> You should send them a virus to destroy their computer!!!!!!

#7229 +(551)- [X]

asjk] !list
[asjk] anyone know a good open ftp?
[asjk] need a userid/pw
[bluerose] oh come on give him the good account
[ck1] :)
[bluerose] l: hax0r
[bluerose] p: 31337
[asjk] thx

#11874 +(341)- [X]

<GIJosh> do you still  have an MP3 server robin?
<robin> yes
<GIJosh> same place as before?
<robin> nope
<GIJosh> where is it?
<GIJosh> cant connect
<GIJosh> default port?

#72014 +(246)- [X]

<urandom> hrm...do you have kids?
<RangerRick> nope
<urandom> route add -host gw <--- It's comes to this, the only way I can get them to do their chores

#240021 +(222)- [X]

<benko> 302 Found -> Location:
<benko> damndamndamn
<benko> working for a search engine company does have its downsides :-/

#106363 +(74)- [X]

(jo2): Do you know any help files for vb which are legal to download ?
(@IRBMe): or you could look on the CD's or something
(jo2): i have no cds
(@IRBMe): where did they go?
(jo2): don't know
(jo2): i never had them
(jo2): i have downloaded a trial ver
(@AndyDev): where did u d/l it from?
(jo2): no warez
(@AndyDev): where did u find the trial version?
(jo2): don't know
(jo2): it was 3 month ago
(@AndyDev): then buy the cds
(jo2): ok give me the money
(@AndyDev): OK, download them from here ftp://warez:download@
(jo2): it doesn't work

#3925 +(69)- [X]

<gg0dd> ok what do i declare the variable the user inputs an IP adress??
<gg0dd> u know lets say i want him to type
<O_6> what language are you speaking?
<gg0dd> c++
<matts> hahaha

#17840 +(60)- [X]

(grasmaaie) so they know who is when he floods all the day...

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