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#829 +(27)- [X]

<AnarKii> does Cel300 is fast?
<AnarKii> nyway
<AnarKii> where I could found NAME + romz ?
<AnarKii> pleazzzzzzzzzzzz

#1201 +(1759)- [X]

<RevSlidey> a baby seal walks into a club

#1366 +(210)- [X]

<MadHatter> kids are out of school for now...
<MadHatter> that means 2x the takeovers

#2053 +(358)- [X]

<Gwar> u might as well be holding your penis if you're using a joystick in quake

#2114 +(52)- [X]

<opivy-z28> black chix vaginas look like a 10 year old leather wallet

#3304 +(670)- [X]

<Kayma> Ahh, there's blood flowing thorugh my caffeine vessels!

#3315 +(971)- [X]

<FallLine> heh wtf
<FallLine> some people are stupid
<FallLine> i asked this guy to send me a log file from my software...
<FallLine> either cut and paste the last 100 or so lines into the email or attach the entire log
<FallLine> so he prints the entire thing out
<FallLine> scans it in
<FallLine> and then attaches the images INSIDE a word document
<FallLine> and only the first 100 lines
<FallLine> hehe

#3927 +(351)- [X]

<cornbeef> 8? i didnt even know what a vagina was at 8
<Scofco> I didn't learn to masturbate until I was 17... up until then I always thought 'masturbation' was a type of pasta dish they served in fancy restaurants

#6556 +(319)- [X]

<Yawgatog> If I were two I'd try to eat everything in sight, just in case it's a boob in disguise

#7369 +(131)- [X]

<NaNaMagic> he is never too busy to answer our prayers
<qux> satan or god? you're confusing me now?
<NaNaMagic> he has extensions on his ears
<qux> like Mr Spock?
<NaNaMagic> yes  jesus has ears for all

#7887 +(30)- [X]

<Cheese> I'm going t be a millionaire and buy a bus soon

#8396 +(181)- [X]

<kipozo> motardo: Lindows is installing from my D: but it's looking under my A:.... looks like windows too much already

#12055 +(748)- [X]

<fecolalia> i try and be humble
<fecolalia> but I KNOW MORE THAN YOU

#14083 +(456)- [X]

<Entwife>  I sometimes think we have one collective mind here that we just pass around occasionally
<Entwife>  when we aren't using it as a coaster or something

#18455 +(260)- [X]

<keithandmike-com> Just stop.. okay. Damnit, I hate you so much. You probably sit and write these down and just wait for me to join. Bastard. Eat corn poop.
<Fembot> Mike joined the Navy and wanted to become a SEAL... there was something appealing about their creed to "never leave their buddy's behind"

#22389 +(881)- [X]

<sortof> i need ducktape so i can take a shower
<DEZM> uhhhh
<DEZM> i dont want to know what you do with that
<sortof> i tape up my knob real good
<sortof> to keep it down
<DEZM> uhhhhhhhh
<sortof> noo on the shower
<sortof> the drain wont stay closed

#37440 +(143)- [X]

<Tiio> Dude, I don't think I've even SEEN 15.6 gigs of pr0n.
<Tiio> I mean
<Tiio> in all my wanking.
<Dogmeat> (which is quite a bit)
<Tiio> well
<Tiio> I don't get to watch much movies so -_-;
<Tiio> usually have to stick to .txts, bleh.

#37673 +(337)- [X]

<Relioc> hmm wheres russia now
<@maximus`> still next to china

#42388 +(13)- [X]

<ZeroHour> that NYLUG looked decent
<ZeroHour> if we did a Mississippi LUG
<ZeroHour> it would be a buncha grungy ass rednecks
<ZeroHour> with ghetoo laptops and paintless rides
<ZeroHour> rides where the paint peeled off
<ZeroHour> rides with different colors on each panel of the body of the vehicle

#43808 +(479)- [X]

<bigboss> I just got a popup ad that used the ms voice agent thing to talk to me.
<bigboss> It was like stephen hawking selling me mutual funds.

#48538 +(253)- [X]

<Liza> but.. plis.. tell to everybody that in argentina we live.. with human rigths broken i dont know how to express because my english is not so good help us!
<divdiv> stop complaining, you get adsl, I'd gladly give up our human rights for adsl

#49271 +(180)- [X]

<Vexer`> i'm arabic / muslim
<Traktopel> im more muslim than you
<Vexer`> you are?

#51424 +(154)- [X]

<mikaru> cumshots are amusing.
<autistk> bukkake isn't however.. it's just odd
<autistk> fuckin japanese have to always take a decent idea and then totally fuck it up
<mikaru> scary part with jap porn is the girls are yelping and yet the guys arent exactly well endowed, almost as though it's a porno and not real, but i refuse to belief that.
<autistk> they probably put wasabi on them or something
<mikaru> ahahah

#55020 +(208)- [X]

<Foxxz> OMG! you know our dorm is nerdy when someone finds a math tv show and we all start watching.

#56130 +(262)- [X]

<RoseyCat> I didnt even nothice
<RoseyCat> wow, I type with a lisp now

#58428 +(-28)- [X]

<HitlerYouth88> all i want is a white girl for xmas :(

#64125 +(118)- [X]

<qta> hi ircop can you help me?
* qta is away (AutoAway After 10Secs.)

#75766 +(45)- [X]

-[AfZ]b-man- what do u say in america when u stroke the dick so it comes cum?

#79131 +(734)- [X]

<@toe2toe> it just really amazes me how fucking dumb george w bush is
<@toe2toe> see the paper yesterday
<@toe2toe> "george bush getting frustrated at UN"

#86848 +(1685)- [X]

<cali310> I heard the most ridiculous comment ever made by a newscaster last night on fox........
<cali310> He said, "the Iraqis have hundreds of seasoned suicide bombers"
<cali310> How in the fuck does one become a seasoned suicide bomber?

#88277 +(148)- [X]

<spacemank> I boiled an egg once, and only totally ruined one pot, one knife, and one spoon!

#88406 +(361)- [X]

<ORi0N> What good are you with a high IQ if you, for example, can't even tie your own shoe laces or something?
<BaToR> Ask that to Stephen Hawking :p

#98439 +(37)- [X]

<zez> jerry seinfeld is old.
<matt> it takes a dirty old man to do that job
<zez> no i mean he's gotta be wearing 15lbs of makeup
<matt> ya..
<matt> its really too bad
<matt> tv went downhill when he left
<zez> uh
<matt> i wish he did more
<zez> tv's been going downhilll since 1950.
<zez> i dont like seinfeld at all
<matt> heh
<matt> no way
<zez> i find him completely self absorbed and stupid
<zez> nope
<matt> (marry tyler moore)++
<zez> the only episode of seinfeld i like at all is the soup nazi one
<zez> and its not because i like seinfeld
<zez> its because i empathize with the nazi.

#169962 +(831)- [X]

<Dyne> I've been playing Dance Dance Revolution Max 2 for only a week and i've lost 10 pounds.
<Dylflon> That's nice.
<Dyne> Really, you should try it. You need to get in shape.
<Dylflon> I am in shape. Round is a shape.

#251985 +(136)- [X]

<dlanod> The great thing about aural sex is that you can play it by ear.

#386777 +(464)- [X]

<Abby> nice language
<Abby> you kiss your mother with that mouth?
<nether> no, i kiss yours

#401970 +(615)- [X]

<Aragel> goth  in this area means...mommy and daddy both work till 6pm and im home alone all day so i rebel by looking like a racoon and wandering main street claiming to have a drug problem and drinking Lattes for attention

#430941 +(859)- [X]

<Zee-sleep> i got full marks for answering "what would encryption be used for?" with "KFC's 11 secret herbs and spices"

#446814 +(281)- [X]

<FuRiOuS1> how bout a place where u can post something u need, like an answer to a question, or something, anything. this will all be categorized. ppl can post replies
<FuRiOuS1> help eachother
<braindancer> newsgroups?
<braindancer> forums?
<FuRiOuS1> fuck

#483941 +(264)- [X]

<NonHomogenized> ...I was young. I needed the money!
<Stopper> ew...
* Stopper hides Non from Michael Jackson
<NonHomogenized> not that young

#576018 +(1755)- [X]

Lucius: so im stuck hangin out with this emo kid
Lucius: he goes up to this hot girl and says "hey baby, what are you doing lateR?"
Lucius: she turns to him and goes "boy, i already have a pussy, i dont need another one" and walks away
Lucius: i couldnt stop laughing
Lucius: then he gets this sad look and tells me to shut up
Lucius: i calmly pull out my sharpie and draw a tear on his cheek
Lucius: he literally shrieks and runs away

#606919 +(665)- [X]

<tetsuo> why do our bathroom signs at work have braille on them?
<tetsuo> for that matter, why do any?
<tetsuo> what kind of cruel fuck wouldn't lead a blind person to a bathroom?
<tetsuo> "I'm kinda busy so here's what you're going to do. Walk down this hallway for about 40 feet. You'll come to an interesection, take a left down that hallway and walk another 20. On your right you'll encounter two doors. Now, I can't tell you which is which, you'll just have to find that out on your own."

#610089 +(788)- [X]

<Vehementi> girlfriend-crafted brownies are the best
<BauB_> girlfriend crafted blowjobs are better
<Vvivix> those arnt really crafted though
<Vvivix> its more of a buff
<Vvivix> with a long cast time
<Hyper_Monkey20> Actaully, it's more of a debuff... It leaves you tranced and unable to go into combat.

#626932 +(1987)- [X]

<mcsuede> so i was half way through drinking a dr pepper
<mcsuede> and my wife sexed me so i fell asleep
<mcsuede> and when i woke up she had drank my dr pepper
<mcsuede> it was the last one
<mcsuede> i fear it was a plot

#636703 +(153)- [X]

Dleet:haha, pornmovietitles are wonderfull ;) "World Poke Her Tour" ^^

#659425 +(366)- [X]

Andy: when I finish a song, I automaticly hate it.
Nielzor: that's quite a healthy attitude, though, I think, hating what you've created
Andy: like punching babies!
Nielzor: EXACTLY

#675703 +(1838)- [X]

<svinx> yknow when you go to a party, and everyones hooked up except one guy and one girl
<svinx> and so they look at each other like.. do we have to?
<svinx> intel & nvidia must be lookin at each other like that right now

#716573 +(359)- [X]

< ice> mirc is like homosexuality. I respect it, but it's for others =]

#737485 +(577)- [X]

<Teegan> orgasum
<Stressball> theres no U in orgasm
<Stressball> haha
<Stressball> sounds like an anti-rape slogan

#804283 +(685)- [X]

<Elsa_chan> dont worry, i have enough porn here to get settled for the night, and my gf and bf are just next room
<SantaBJ> O_o
<mavhc> SantaBJ finds this statistically unlikely
<Elsa_chan> never met a bisexual girl?
<mavhc> but on irc?
<mavhc> if he sees pictures and finds out you're also hot he'll have a divide by zero error

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