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#331 +(610)- [X]

<Dipstick> I saw my Univ. Physics prof. at anime club : |
<Dipstick> and he has a Card Captor Sakura wallscroll in his office (that's pretty damn fruity)
<guDgiD> Dipstick: BLACKMAIL
<Dipstick> NO!
<Dipstick> actually, there's a no hentai policy there :

#1343 +(722)- [X]

(nexxai) Five seconds later, I'm getting the upside of 15Kv across the nipples. (These ambulance guys sure know how to party).

#1850 +(333)- [X]

<Shiznaught> what better kinston or micron ram
<devGOD> i like kingston
<devGOD> did you know kingston's founder is an ex-football player
<`michael> that really makes their ram better too

#3753 +(332)- [X]

<CoMBo> how do you learn new words and puts it in your everyday talking?

#3909 +(699)- [X]

<BombScare> i should go buy a skateboard and go sk00l some kids at the park
<BombScare> since im an expert at all 3 tony hawk games, i should have no problem pulling off those tricks in real life

#4932 +(49)- [X]

<jesus-> jesus saves, but good thing im jesus- , cause i cant do shit

#5034 +(932)- [X]

<Lith> im tellin ya.. im sitting on a land mine
<Lith> err
<Lith> gold mine

#7031 +(453)- [X]

<Cute_Fuzzy_Kitten> HATE
<Cute_Fuzzy_Kitten> PAIN
<Cute_Fuzzy_Kitten> LOATHING
<Somebob> Can I have some?
<Cute_Fuzzy_Kitten> no.  this is my own personal stock.

#7452 +(418)- [X]

*** Now talking in #-[TF]-
*** Topic is '*** Denmark has quit Worldcup (Read error: Connection reset by England)'

#8256 +(281)- [X]

<BounceWithMe> Shagman... 8==o  suck it.
<@shagman> BounceWithMe... ())========D choke on it.

#8704 +(692)- [X]

<prower> check out what i put on e-bay
<tom_> oh god
<tom_> are you trying to sell your sister again
<tom_> i keep telling you its illegal

#10465 +(380)- [X]

<Squinky> Are all Vietnamese people named Nguyen or something?
<Sopabuena> Yes
<Squinky> I know about 8 with that last name, but none with a different one
<Sopabuena> If you go to Vietnam and shout "NGUYEN" everyone will look at you

#11178 +(216)- [X]

<niles> If you use that logic, then using a completely open and unsecured network would be ok if you sealed the computer in a locked metal box, since it would deter physical attacks by baseball bats (ALL attacks are of equal value, right?). Or you could say that adding the line "WWJD" to the telnet login prompt would be a valid defense since it would lower the instance of attacks by Christians by 80%.

#13723 +(-7)- [X]

<ChrisD[TK]> Sumez = Super fag0t Fighter 2 turbo champion black belt edition

#13947 +(149)- [X]

<KidDynamite> my tribes2 updater is out of date and i need to update my updater

#22093 +(174)- [X]

<pooshda-coloring> http://www.pooshda.com/temp/test_color.jpg
<supreemball> that sucks poosh
<supreemball> oh wait, lemme actually look at it

#29353 +(128)- [X]

<lasereyes> im looking at that dazzle mpeg2.. but its like 350 bucks
<finneas> can you put a price on quality piracy?

#31564 +(301)- [X]

<meenk> and when you get to the point
<meenk> fold it up and tuck it?
<ophie> +-----------------*
<ophie> |  roll with this |\_    when you get to the flap
<ophie> |  flap --->      |  \_   tuck this little pointed
<ophie> |  to the outside |    \_  end into the flap
<ophie> |                 |      \_
<ophie> +-----------------+---------*
<etr1gan> how odd, an ascii diagram for rolling a dollar for snorting

#34044 +(113)- [X]

<andy> Everything is a euphemism for masturbation.
<aegis> especially "gently stroking Byn's monster cock while akumapan watches"

#34447 +(108)- [X]

<wangsta`> goddamnit
<wangsta`> im gonna end up being that guy on tv that used the Date Rape drug to get with some prom queen
<Juste> Good for you~
<wangsta`> thats bad
<Juste> Use femcream while you;re at it :?P
<wangsta`> i want sex, but i dont want it from inmates

#36673 +(799)- [X]

<Kaz|Work> holy fucking shit
<Kaz|Work> im out of a job
<Kaz|Work> the place blew up
<@Zoot> better change your nick then.

#37065 +(64)- [X]

<Zug> Veronika: come give me head, plz
<Zug> I'm cute and single.
<Veronika9> Zug: go to hell
<Veronika9> I only give head if there is something in it for me!
<Zug> I'll talk dirty to you while you're doing it.
<Zug> how's that.

#37650 +(668)- [X]

<CaptainCanada231> I mean, it's not like she'll be the senior pron queen for nothing.
<CaptainCanada231> *prom

#39951 +(28)- [X]

<Soimafrea> is it music?
<blender> most mp3s are

#45167 +(172)- [X]

<ManMower> tcp/ip has been around forever
<ManMower> since before computers
<ManMower> mailmen used tcp/ip to deliver packages

#47325 +(461)- [X]

(bi0_away) Universal Realm Enterprises, Inc. (PATHFUSION-DOM)
(bi0_away) PO Box 903
(bi0_away) Volcano
(bi0_away) HI,96785
(bi0_away) US
(bi0_away) HI
(bi0_away) lol
(bi0_away) a city called Hi
(bi0_away) "hi, welcome to hi"
(FenixTxD) Its hawaii
(FenixTxD) idiot.

#48164 +(1697)- [X]

<Hat> Someone explain this to me.
<Hat> On an 80 minute CD
<Hat> I somehow recorded 1 hour and 15 minutes of music
<Lobot> That's 75 minutes.
<Hat> .....
<Hat> oh.  right.
<Hat> Goddamn time.

#52651 +(568)- [X]

(@`H4X0R`) Rape is such a negative term, I think we should call it "suprise sex"]

#57799 +(657)- [X]

<@newt0r> thank god, im atheist

#79881 +(115)- [X]

* Lolita_ (ask@sg-14926.mweb.co.za) has joined #12-15yrz
<Lolita_> hello is everyone from 12 to 15?

#81928 +(-34)- [X]

[Creeping Death] what's drum n bass? techno shit?

#98343 +(738)- [X]

<kevin> Good Morning, nigga!
<kronix> ...
<Dinyctis> good morning to YOU, niggaaaaaaaaaaa!
<kevin> lmao
<kronix> Dinny is a wigger
*** kronix was kicked by jark (Unallowed word/phrase - wigger [#38492])

#186807 +(922)- [X]

<Comatosis> wow this room is empty! we have it all to ourselves :-p
<Alain> yup, just you and me :-)
* Comatosis gets naked
<Alain> uh, my mom is sitting here next to me, i dont want her to think i chat with perverts
* Comatosis put his clothes back on
<Comatosis> sorry

#203571 +(523)- [X]

FFVI: I once told a friend to shoot me if I ever passed 3000 posts on AT. Total Posts Made - 8000...wow :/ 
arctic pirate: you once had a friend?
FFVI: One. But then his parents got a restraining order when I showed up for his kindergarten graduation.

#239106 +(300)- [X]

[zekester] who the hell likes siliconed up tits
[DreadQ] any tit is better than no tit
[DreadQ] except them ones you pay some ho 10 bucks in the park to flash
[zekester] 10 bucks to flash?
[zekester] you can get a baseball bat for 10 bucks and that'll get you more than a flash

#394279 +(-48)- [X]

(long conversation about a problem goes here)
<Yttak> So, what you want me to do now ? It still doesnt work !!!
<TheMTZ> ok - i got the ultimate solution for you now - it will solve it 100 pct.
<Yttak> Cool, tell me !
<TheMTZ> Unplug all the cords, put the PC back into the box and bring it back to where you bought it.
<Yttak> You mean its broken ? What should i tell them when they ask ?
<TheMTZ> Tell them you are too god damn stupid to own a computer and get the money back.
* Quits: Yttak (Yttak@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)

#401323 +(-868)- [X]

<@Kouji_Minamoto> A cucumber, a pickle, and a penis were all sitting around one day talking about how much their lives sucked. The cucumber said, "Man, my life sucks. Whenever I get big, fat, and juicy, someone cuts me up and puts me in a salad." So the pickle looks at him and says, "You think you have it bad? Whenever I get big, fat, and juicy, someone puts me in vinegar, puts spices on me, and sticks me in a jar." The penis glared at them both and said, "You guys think you have it rough? Whenever I get big, fat, and juicy, they put a rubber tarp over my head, stick me in a dark room, and bang my head against the wall until i throw up and pass out."
<orangebear289> XD
<+Soundwave> lol
<@kris> lol

#428416 +(399)- [X]

<MO-Pantsu> dentist gave me a temp crown and a HUGE lump of filling to hold it on. now I can feel the pain starting as the painkiller wears off and my jaw don't sit straight. In fact the temp crown is like sharp and shitty and I could bite my tongue off with it.
<karaipantsu> Why?  Linkin Park's music is awesome.  Their Lyrics leave a lot to be desired, but I don't put much stock in lyrics
<Cidsa> yeah
<Cidsa> i like the music a lot
<Cidsa> the guitar
<karaipantsu> I like their reliance on more non-rock related instruments.
<karaipantsu> Like Pro audio and piano
<Cidsa> yea
<Chimerasame> i just got my conversations crossed
<Chimerasame> i'm like "what the how does dentistry involve Pro audio"
<Chimerasame> i guess they can blast your plaque off with sound
<Cidsa> yeah
<Cidsa> they use a air blaster thing too
* MO-Pantsu whimpers
<Chimerasame> <dentist> "CRAAAAAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIIIIIIN" <tartar> well fuck this, i'm leaving

#450905 +(651)- [X]

EpiPhony3693: I want to get a shirt that syas "Marriage is for fags."

#544722 +(482)- [X]

<%Justin> lol
<%Justin> I've always wanted to ask a girl for a cron job and see what they would say.
<+Steph> probably, WTF
<%Justin> hmm
<%Justin> Steph, will you give me a cronjob.
<%Justin> Everynight @ 2

#659223 +(235)- [X]

[GOD]Smithereens> Condoms are VERY good if you don't have any water balloons near you
[GOD]Smithereens> Don't EVER try the other way around though.
Xyranius> It's not fun>_<

#695450 +(1430)- [X]

<Apollyon> I was at a store and some little kid comes in and says "Do you buy Pokemon cards?"
<Apollyon> The owner looks at them, he responds "No, but I'll take them as trade. Would you like anything in particular?"
<Apollyon> And the little kid goes "Money?"

#707911 +(1323)- [X]

<jaban> IRC channels are like houses...
<jaban> You can kick your friends out of your house for any reason you want, even if you're being stupid and unreasonable. You can even kick them out for no reason at all. It's YOUR house.
<jaban> Now imagine if 3-year-olds owned all the houses.
<jaban> That's IRC.

#714553 +(329)- [X]

<Chad> Seriously, I should kick your nuts so hard that they shoot to the roof of your mouth
<Chad> That should be a familiar taste for you!

#737114 +(279)- [X]

<JeighEighm> Tauren, why don't you just sniff the packets and find out?
<Tauren> how do i DO THAT?
<Tauren> how  do I sniff packets
<JeighEighm> Tauren, okay. It's easy. Get your network cable.
<Tauren> How do I sniff?
<JeighEighm> Hold it to your nose.
<JeighEighm> Inhale.
<JeighEighm> Smell those packets.

#831674 +(3266)- [X]

<JayQue> britneys sister is pregnant
<madbox> orly?
<Quazgaa> vaginally, would be my guess

#880081 +(930)- [X]

<Ndi> i have a local lan at work
<Ndi> and it has a nat
<Ndi> and it nats to the net
<Ndi> and the net is at home
<Ndi> and I have a vpm that vpns over the net to the lan at work which is natted
<Ndi> and I have a VM here that has the ability to NAT into my real home lan
<Ndi> that can be output to the net
<Ndi> so I defined the NAT there
<Ndi> so then I have access to work
<Ndi> so the packet, you see, from to is output, and then gets routed to, then 88.1, then my IP, then to my gateway, then net, then the work gateway then to the VPN device, then to the local gateway, then to the target pc.
<Ndi> i wonder if I can get tech support for this.

#896406 +(1400)- [X]

Marshall: A friend of mine knows a band from his hometown who played on one of the ferries that go between Finland and Sweden. When they were about to board in Stockholm, the Swedish equivalent of the DEA shows up with dogs and everything, so the guys in the band freak out 'cause they've (obviously) got their dope with them. After a few minutes of "fuck maaaan, what're we gonna do maaaaan!?", one of them goes to a Wal-Mart type store and buys a little remote-controlled helicopter. They proceed to plant the stash on it, leave it on the quay, board the boat and then use the remote to fly the drugs onto the ship

#945148 +(24)- [X]

gstridg: When I die, you are allowed to make all sorts fun about it, because I will be dead and I will not mind, so long as you do it in a manner that does not upset my surviving family.
gstridg: That said.

#948541 +(1388)- [X]

<drunkill> fuck printers
<drunkill> I should name mine Bob Marley
<drunkill> Because its always jammin'

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