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#579 +(749)- [X]

[06:26pm] <shmoo> did you know if you deleate stuff you get your giggabytes back?

#1535 +(811)- [X]

<JDigital> Speaking of which, did you know that Slashdot.org just changed its name to Gullible?
<HoJu> Really?

#3456 +(354)- [X]

<jstepka-w> she said to me 'we need a few months off'
<Flav> "a few months?  sweet, that'll let me run through the bitches on my TODO list"

#4471 +(321)- [X]

<the_Speed_Bump> I can't imagine a conversation that covers both philosophy and shit without being terribly disjointed.
<the_Speed_Bump> "So, what do you think of God?" "I just took the hugest shit ever!"

#4838 +(414)- [X]

<Twingy> almost as annoying as you dal, except your hear longer
<DAL9000> that would be almost insulting if it were grammatically correct

#5304 +(3024)- [X]

<pdksh> jesus h christ
<pdksh> 'i got tired of that screensaver on that other computer so i turned it off'
<pdksh> my sister hard-shutdown my bsd box.
<pdksh> in the middle of a kernel compile.
<pdksh> not to mention that the little blinky light on the hub was annoying her
<pdksh> so she pulled out that wire too
<pdksh> ...
<pdksh> and she managed to rip a wire pair out of the wire.
<pdksh> yet she wants to be a cs major in college.
<dmaster-> I would beat her into a coma
<pdksh> dmaster-: im about to. either that or change her aim password so she jumps off a bridge.
<bob354> pdksh: haha a cs major?
<pdksh> bob354: yeah... 'i like to surf the internet and chat on aim to all my friends all the time so im good with computers and im good at that microsoft wordart. mom said i should go to computer school like you!'

#6954 +(495)- [X]

<glasnost> i just talked to some girls on this hall.
<glasnost> they're like, female and stuff.

#7057 +(631)- [X]

<Lazarus> Anyone care to guess my sign?
<DocWebstr> "Keep Off"?
<Lazarus> Wrong Way.
<Beki> this end up? :)
<K`shandra> "Thank You - Come Again." ;-)

#7118 +(81)- [X]

<HowLeTT> if my back seat smells like pussy tomorrow, im going to be furious
<HowLeTT> seriously

#13664 +(663)- [X]

<Mack_Salmon> do you ever listen to Meat Loaf?
<Flirbnic> No.
<Mack_Salmon> he's food....
<Mack_Salmon> er!
<Mack_Salmon> he's good
<Mack_Salmon> whoops

#16678 +(383)- [X]

<extrasupreme> This one time, i scored this chick at the pub...in the TOILETS !
<dunnakin> no you didnt you lying fuckhead
<extrasupreme> ok, i made it up
<extrasupreme> damn.

#21123 +(468)- [X]

<DrStrangelove> Yeah, save your money, man.
<DrStrangelove> It's not too late.
<[DMK]Relvox> im 16
<[DMK]Relvox> its kinda too late
<DrStrangelove> Else you'll end up like the rest of the population.
<DrStrangelove> Poor and broken.
<DrStrangelove> And ignorant.
<[DMK]Relvox> what is ignorant?

#22429 +(147)- [X]

<ImotepReturns[WoA]> since this is a room full of whom i suspect are adaults
<ImotepReturns[WoA]> whats the best advice everyone has?
<ImotepReturns[WoA]> in life that is
<Caedar[SOT]> Uh.... "Don't try and write good code at 4 in the morning."
<Caedar[SOT]> ;)
<AnthraX101> Or, as it applies to IR: try and write good code.

#22454 +(537)- [X]

{ava}> A WORM
<{ava}> JUST
<_enzo> o m f g
* {ava} dies.

#22859 +(415)- [X]

<@Iceman> OW i just stabbed myself in the eye with a mechanical pencil
<@Iceman> was trying to get it to stick in my ceiling, it fell in my eye

#22899 +(575)- [X]

<@freak> i now have a 'HEERZ WUT IM LISTANEN 2' plugin so i can piss everyone off
* @freak listens to PUDDLE OF MUDD - BLURRY
<@freak> not even a kick? :(
<@freak> fine
<@freak> i'll do it
*** freak was kicked by freak (NO FAGS IN #WTF ASSHOLE)

#28175 +(269)- [X]

<clay> my car is immobile
<ryanwrk> doesnt that go against the whole point of a car existing
<clay> i can push it around

#30196 +(153)- [X]

<sam> people seem to fear toilet seats like the damned plague these days
<Ishap> They're staging rebellions
<MEEKS> If you had to put up with all that ass, wouldn't you?

#31781 +(-192)- [X]

<blake> they used to play this game called pheonix
*** Satan-\\\ has joined #doctors
<blake> where they dress up like orcs and shit
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v Satan-\\\
<stx-tyler> these people at college last yr always played magic....they were like total fags
*** Murder|away| is now known as LoD|MurdeR
<blake> and run around in the woods
<stx-tyler> i think they were seriouslly homo :/
<blake> and hit each other with styrofoam swords
*** [WS]n00b is now known as [WS]Arutha-Drinking
<^TV^SinSemilla> lol

#33835 +(232)- [X]

<pagan> dude youll be talking about that still when were 60 years old
<jstepka-w> i know
<jstepka-w> because it's the triumph of my life
<jstepka-w> two bitches at once
<jstepka-w> and i didn't pay

#34437 +(310)- [X]

<slashed24> who? -P
<slashed24> dammit...my emoticon is blind

#35754 +(194)- [X]

<usunoro> it's not small it's just more efficient

#37136 +(414)- [X]

<bloop> that's a moot point
<SLing> your mom's a moot point
<bloop> you're cats a moot point
<SLing> your spelling is a mott point
<SLing> ...damn

#41097 +(362)- [X]

<jre|away> * Hitler , circa 1933 | <Hitler> WHAT DO YOU CALL A FARTING JEW?  GASSED! | * Audience is silent | <Hitler> FUCK YOU ALL, IN 10 YEARS THAT'lL BE HILARIOUS

#42388 +(37)- [X]

<ZeroHour> that NYLUG looked decent
<ZeroHour> if we did a Mississippi LUG
<ZeroHour> it would be a buncha grungy ass rednecks
<ZeroHour> with ghetoo laptops and paintless rides
<ZeroHour> rides where the paint peeled off
<ZeroHour> rides with different colors on each panel of the body of the vehicle

#45112 +(412)- [X]

<`KArmA> and now, an Ode to Redhat 8, in free verse
<`KArmA> I heard that you were cool
<`KArmA> I read the reviews which said you were
<`KArmA> I downloaded your isos and burned you to CD
<`KArmA> The install was beautiful
<`KArmA> You loaded just fine
<`KArmA> But your network configuration sucked and you lied to me about my soundcard
<`KArmA> Then you wouldn't update your software like you said you would
<`KArmA> you lied repeatedly to me about my kerberos 5 libraries
<`KArmA> the sound still won't work despite your assurances
<`KArmA> and I'm left rage hating you, your company, the development community that spawned you and Linus Torvalds himself
<`KArmA> Fuck you Red Hat 8, if you are the example of what Linux Desktops are supposed to bbe
<`KArmA> then I will continue to use OpenBSD
<`KArmA> . . .
<`KArmA> thank you
* JaG cheers
<phr0work> hehe
<phr0work> that was pretty nice karma
<DesScorp> ha ha ha ha
<`KArmA> see? poetry does not suck r0b
<`KArmA> it just has to hit you in the right spot
<phr0work> hehe
<`KArmA> and if anyone posts that to bash.org I'm going to jam my Redhat 8 install CDs up your ass sideways
<DesScorp> you could've just done a Haiku......"Red Hat sucks my cock......OpenBSD rolls over the penguin......As I shave Linus Torvald's Mother's back"

#46112 +(704)- [X]

<ErinJane78> I wouldn't ever piss in a men's room... have you SEEN them?
<Blaxthos> yea... I usually try to contribute to the vileness
<Blaxthos> i remember in middle school, at the gym
<Blaxthos> i got in the habit of going into the men's room and pissing on the toilet paper
<Blaxthos> after a few rounds the P.E. coaches put the men's room on 24 hr lockdown
<Blaxthos> so i took to pissing in P.E. lockers during classes
<Blaxthos> they tried like hell to catch me, but i was too slick
<Blaxthos> so they finally got tired of it and re-opened the men's room
<Blaxthos> so i could return to pissin on the paper towels/asswipe

#50296 +(-931)- [X]

<linux> "So... my girlfriend told me she thought i was a pedophile the other day."
<linux> "so i says to her, that's an awfully big word coming from a 12 year old."

#61809 +(453)- [X]

<+me0w> the guy arrested for being involved with cutting up those bodies in london is wearing a cyberdog tshirt in that pic!
<+me0w> there was a serial killer, forget which one, he used to chop up kids and cook them
<+me0w> but he said he tried a kid's dick
<+me0w> and it was too chewy
<+me0w> so he tossed it into the toilet
Tresnar (Thefreak__@dhcp160160225.columbus.rr.com) has joined.
<Aniki> thats what the guy here said too. first they wanted to eat the penis raw, but it was too chewy, so they had to cook it
<Tresnar> ... What the heck did I wander into?

#62798 +(1084)- [X]

<looooly> hello , I have a problem and i need help
<looooly> ?
<voidnull> ok. don't ask your question, though. 'cause we can read your mind.
<looooly> really .so whats my problem <voidnull> ???
<voidnull> I think your problem is you're having difficulties understanding sarcasm.

#67938 +(794)- [X]

<viro|work> i remember my birth
<viro|work> it sucked :(
<regener8ed> i remember your conception
<regener8ed> it rocked

#71981 +(37)- [X]

<Tommy^> anybody know if u can download win98 second edition for free if you allready own 98
<Tommy^> cant seem to find it on microsoft site

#80921 +(1819)- [X]

TwilightKnight: all i do is wait for Desert crisis 1.5 and play counter-strike all day
Dr SpaZZo: Heh.
Dr SpaZZo: Which, by definition, means I have more of a life than you
Dr SpaZZo: Pity
TwilightKnight: well i was making out with a girl today
Dr SpaZZo: Liar
Dr SpaZZo: Theres no such thing as a "girl"
TwilightKnight: yes it is true!
TwilightKnight: they arent the tales and ledgends we thought them to be
TwilightKnight: they exist and live on the outside!
TwilightKnight: In the daylight!
Dr SpaZZo: Outside? Daylight? Now you're just making words up.

#81246 +(7)- [X]

<[BCorp]Atropos> and if you don't give me 12 dollars i'm going to plunge them into the center of the earth
<[BCorp]Atropos> with those dinosaurs and cave men and shit that got trapped down there
<[BCorp]Atropos> and then they will be severely discomforted
<[BCorp]Atropos> and who will be laughing then?
<[BCorp]Atropos> not you, that's who!
<[BCorp]Atropos> hahahahahahahaaahhahahaha
<[BCorp]Sleight> oh and Washington, cut down on the damn coffee stands
<[BCorp]Atropos> oh, for that remark i'm plunging them anyway
<[BCorp]Sleight> heh I don't care about my dad's side, have your way
<[BCorp]Atropos> i'll be back in a second, gotta pull the "plunge" lever
<[BCorp]Sleight> tell them goodbye for me
<[BCorp]Atropos> no
<[BCorp]Atropos> i'll tell them you said they were fat
<[BCorp]Sleight> cruel
<[BCorp]Atropos> mwamwamwamwamwa
<[BCorp]Sleight> while you are at it, plunge the whole town of Rochester
<[BCorp]Sleight> get rid of those damn neighbors who keep saying pop
<[BCorp]Atropos> alright... but just this once
<[BCorp]Atropos> i'm not a plunging service you know

#84837 +(144)- [X]

[redbeard ] fuck I feel like shit
[invertiga] stores close soon, might be a bit hard to pick up some :p

#98024 +(172)- [X]

-|- mode/#pwot [+u Snoof] by ChanServ
<Umaro> * ChanServ sets mode: +fu Snoof
<Snoof> :'(
<Umaro> sorry =/
<Snoof> that's the most action i've seen all week

#102113 +(315)- [X]

<Has_Bean> And very soon, they shall have an aisle in the toy store devoted to it
<Has_Bean> Aisle 6...the sims expansion pack aisle

#105634 +(269)- [X]

<hermione-> I'm not a common street hooker! I am a self employed roadside massage therapist

#106358 +(1020)- [X]

<Pizza|> anyone know of some good mp rpgs
<kessel> RL is good
<Pizza|> whats rl ?
<kessel> Real Life
<Pizza|> link ?

#113367 +(29)- [X]

[2:22p] quits.. YT[Ping timeout]
[2:24p] joins.. YT
[2:24p] (Orion) wb
[2:24p] (Phae) wb
[2:24p] (YT) you know when you get real excited and accidentally pull out a plug?
[2:24p] (Phae) haha
[2:24p] (YT) with your toe
[2:24p] (Phae) yeah

#123859 +(836)- [X]

Whiskey: u know that chick that u said was stalking u or somethign like a while ago?
XAsHeSX: hmm
XAsHeSX: no
XAsHeSX: i forget
Whiskey: u sent me a naked picture of her
Whiskey: cuz she was sending them to u
XAsHeSX: oh yea
Whiskeyinmy: i saw her today at walmart lol
XAsHeSX: i was in walmart today :-/

#429307 +(2366)- [X]

KabeDerlin05: Bring it on. I have a level 19 Weapon Master that can kick your ass
KradenTalcaria: ...
KradenTalcaria: brb
KabeDerlin05: Yeah that's right! Run Away! Just like your mother did when she saw my huge dick!
Auto response from KradenTalcaria: Mom's using the computer. Be back in a few.

#484887 +(717)- [X]

<Sorak> is the server still down?
<Sklar> fraid so
<Sorak> omg i fucking hate blizzard
<Sklar> i know i should be angy too, but this is the only time when i can get other stuff done
<Sklar> for example
<Sklar> did u know that uni started?
<Sklar> i didnt :(
<Sklar> gotta re-enrol

#522882 +(-98)- [X]

<Kitoshi> XD at the end of Ep 3, when they\'re showing Padme\'s funeral
<Kitoshi> my friend Hampton said \"Look! Her stomach\'s big again! They must\'ve stuffed something back in there after the births!\"
<Heath> xD
<Kitoshi> and without a second thought, I respond \"Where do you think Yoda went into hiding?\"

#612687 +(1255)- [X]

<K|O|G|I> -- boss just gave me a list of things to do...
<K|O|G|I> #2) service computers (clean, oil, etc)

#640051 +(199)- [X]

<OMFG> Aw man, i'm almost at my download limit...i dont wanna get shaped to 64k :(
<OMFG> Do you think I could like, ration out 24MB
<OMFG> To last 6 days?

#696554 +(1833)- [X]

<BiG_D> Every girl who has ever been attracted to me is a vegetarian!
<BiG_D> Try to explain that!
<WolfLord> you have no meat
<WolfLord> hehe
<BiG_D> hmmm
<BiG_D> fuck
<BiG_D> I did not see that coming
<BiG_D> Last time I tell that story!

#699245 +(1042)- [X]

<anaemic> i like the word inflamable, because its like throwing a curveball at the foreigners in a very dangerous and potentially entertaining way

#701105 +(1171)- [X]

<tC-CS|royce> man
<tC-CS|royce> the guy at mcdonalds didnt react at all when i ordered fillet o fish, no fish, no cheese, extra tartar sauce
<tC-CS|royce> and i gotta tell you
<tC-CS|royce> this thing is disgusting.

#819212 +(405)- [X]

swansonmarpalum: I dunno
swansonmarpalum: I do not think I would hang around someone who could not get hard and fuck me
Sigma X: Wait
swansonmarpalum: I mean if I was a chick.

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