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#413 +(439)- [X]

<Dr_DOS> i'd go straight into the army if they allowed IRC on weekends.

#538 +(766)- [X]

<MadHatter> what you know about people and the way things work I could comfortably pass through the hole in my penis

#3753 +(339)- [X]

<CoMBo> how do you learn new words and puts it in your everyday talking?

#5793 +(211)- [X]

<]SpIkE[> HELP ME!!! my 120 chipset monitor 17 inch with Gforce 4 doesn't support the internet!

#7532 +(163)- [X]

<|rein|> Robitussin is like Jello man, there's always room for more

#7845 +(461)- [X]

....  I love the way Microsoft follows standards.  In much the same manner
that fish follow migrating caribou.
  -- Paul Tomblin, alt.sysadmin.recovery

#8752 +(446)- [X]

<Linguica> do you even know what facetious means
<pickle_hammer> yeah I am facetious
<pickle_hammer> all the way
<pickle_hammer> I go to facetious parades and stuff

#8764 +(79)- [X]

<Finno> Elton Johns tribute toJohn Denver, he reworded Johns Classic, Annies song - "You Fill Up My Cessna"

#9943 +(419)- [X]

<Kwyjibo> the vector keeps throwing an exception when using std::vector<Texture*>
<Kwyjibo> when i insert ()
<hanzwurst> throw it back ;)
<Kwyjibo> hey
<Kwyjibo> this would a add a new meaning to the word "class struggle" ;)

#10461 +(224)- [X]

<melanarchy> I mean I don't want to be too mean
<melanarchy> but there are levels of acceptable IRC stupidity

#10749 +(138)- [X]

<davidc> we will set you up a refuse where you can make PHP5 if you ever have to flee the country!
<[Rizz]> start a fund "bring zeev to the UK"
<@Zeev> I'd rather die than make PHP 5.0, thank you :)

#11721 +(321)- [X]

<]AoV[Virus|OGC> anyone know an altanative to napster?
<TIK|wombat> Walmart
<]AoV[Virus|OGC> can ya dcc it?

#15792 +(118)- [X]

<Dante> Removing the HD isn't a good idea. No guarantee I can put it back in...And no she has no idea where my pr0n is (Stashed at my grandmother's next door)

#17843 +(32)- [X]

<Halo_Four> hm, I never knew that
<DiViL`> no offence but what you don't know could fill a warehouse
<DiViL`> :P
<KnightOwl> hahah
<DiViL`> I could fill an oil tanker

#26968 +(235)- [X]

<LilGCube740-> im not an idiot i just dont like things that are too comlicated

#33591 +(68)- [X]

<Sketchee> Ok.  How does the game connection work?
<Grandalf> im guessing tcp/ip
<Grandalf> though it dosen't say anywhere
<Grandalf> but we both have ipx installed so we can play atomic bomberman, so that shoulden't be the problem either
<Sketchee> Okay, and then when you two try to connect together ... ?
<Grandalf> on the "find game" screen it dosen't find crap.
<Grandalf> though there are games running
<Grandalf> and yes, we have the same version
<Grandalf> it's a mystery ;P
<Sketchee> Is there any documentation for this game?
<Grandalf> probably if i bought it ....

#34529 +(427)- [X]

<BigMilla2> but no I haven't done anything with my cousin
<BigMilla2> except for giving her a hug
<pj325is> and talk to her about sex
<Cruzn15> was that an arrousing hug?
<BigMilla2> oh yes!!!
<BigMilla2> I popped a 12 incher
<BigMilla2> and then we had sex in the trailer
<BigMilla2> and my sister got in on it too
<StealthBuddha> hell yeah
<Cruzn15> Now entering Alabama.

#40121 +(226)- [X]

<Durand:#depressed> Nobody's talking to me. I'm moving to #suicide

#40914 +(434)- [X]

* Praetorian is back: filling my tum tum after 17mins 11secs
<mil-soldat> Praetorian: you have the wierdest reasons in your script
<Praetorian> yep :-) ta
<milenko> what do you say when you go off with your gf for a bit of action?
<milenko> * Praetorian is back: filling my girlfriends tum tum  after 1mins 12secs

#42376 +(1)- [X]

<Daedalus> But you cannot, however, suck human excrement out of spaghetti, no matter how hard you try.

#43476 +(283)- [X]

<Jezabel-n-hell> im in a size 7 jeans now
<TheMusclesFromBrussels> no you're not.
<Jezabel-n-hell> my ass looks bangin
<TheMusclesFromBrussels> no it isn't
<Jezabel-n-hell> i stopped traffic today
<TheMusclesFromBrussels> Jezabel-n-hell: it was probably near a red light

#47316 +(283)- [X]

<ryda> <Skitzo> hold alt and press F+A+X for mirc fax mode
<ryda> lol im not that stupid
<milenko> nah
<milenko> you dont have to hold alt
<milenko> just press alt then type fax,  its for dccing files, not faxing
<ryda> pressing alt f a x quits mirc, you n00b
<milenko> no it dosent
<milenko> it brings up the dcc window
*** ryda has quit IRC
<milenko> whos the n00b now?

#48292 +(47)- [X]

<Pikaben> I find it eerie that Renegadellf knows that I'm left-handed.
<Pikaben> He says that it's because I take forever to masturbate.
<Pikaben> Then he said something about using right-hand masturbating techniques.

#48924 +(220)- [X]

<Beerman> My dick is so big its population had a revolution. its now known as the democratic republic of my dick.

#49259 +(42)- [X]

<MindGamez> omg that commercial would have been so funny if the little girl had asked santa for a 7 and a quarter inch penis instead of a stereo system or whatever

#51537 +(235)- [X]

<eqnox> I need ddr to unlease my full power
<kingBooze> ddr?
<eqnox> dance dance revolution
<kingBooze> I've never played
<kingBooze> is it as fun as everyone says it is?
<bennid> no
<bennid> just gay
<DSmooth> kingBooze: ddr is for ghetto kids
<DSmooth> at the arcade
<DSmooth> and their white trash girlfirends watch them play
<DSmooth> until they've had enough
<DSmooth> then they take them home and beat them

#70505 +(413)- [X]

<s0ul> all i know is, i know where the chloroform is in the lab now..... i'll have a date one way or the other for Valentine's Day

#72635 +(488)- [X]

<KiloStar> I could probably get away with making $usedesign = $sidebar for the moment
<KiloStar> heh
<ShyAway> $usedesign=false :O
<KiloStar> that would screw it up a bit
<KiloStar> unless I made it if (!$usedesign) $usedesign = "default"
<KiloStar> and then youd be pwned
<ShyAway> $usedesign="incorrectvalue"
<KiloStar> if (!file_exists("$pathtokajar$usedesign")) $usedesign = "default"
<KiloStar> mwahaha
<ShyAway> $usedesign=default
<DartHomework> wow, it's like the Dueling Banjos of nerds

#73571 +(1460)- [X]

*** Quits: <Saruman> (Excess Flood)

#74094 +(234)- [X]

<Abstract> wb
<Wolf> thanks
<Wolf> I'm jelous of my computer
<Abstract> why?
<Wolf> It gets more fucked up than i do

#138625 +(462)- [X]

<+cX`KEm1KaL`ns> lol i came up to one of those domain names that arent registered
<+cX`KEm1KaL`ns> here are the top 5 searches performed
<+cX`KEm1KaL`ns> 1. naked
<+cX`KEm1KaL`ns> 2. boobs
<+cX`KEm1KaL`ns> 3. big boobs
<+cX`KEm1KaL`ns> 4. vagina
<+cX`KEm1KaL`ns> 5. yu-gi-oh

#163333 +(1616)- [X]

<ignatios> synchronised swimming mang
<Schatten> ok
<ignatios> _o>
<Schatten> _o>
<ignatios> <o_
<paranoid> <o_
<Schatten> <o_
<ignatios> o/
<paranoid> o/
<Schatten> o/
<ignatios> <o>
<paranoid> <o>
<paranoid> ~~~~~~~~~~~<o/~~~~~~~~ HOLY SHIT I CAN'T SWIM
<ignatios> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~/~~~~~~~~~
<ignatios> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

#165870 +(547)- [X]

<VolteFace> heh, an idiot in my art class today tried to stab someone with a pencil
<VolteFace> so he grabbed the guys arm
<VolteFace> and swings

#201594 +(206)- [X]

<SykoFreud> i need the medical term for the inside part of the woman where the egg is
<holgie> BOX
<shuriken> omg
<holgie> haha
<holgie> the answer is: BUTTHOLE
<SykoFreud> you stupid fucks!
<holgie> sorry, I'm not familar with words like that in english
<holgie> :)
<holgie> I know the most important words so it's all good
<SykoFreud> It's ok, man. I will use "pussy" then.

#218182 +(1742)- [X]

<WickedClown> well one night after sex i was lazy and left the condom on the floor till morning
<WickedClown> her dog ate it
<WickedClown> and her dad found it hanging from the dogs butt the next day

#222295 +(331)- [X]

<Budgie> Opencanvas is a free-for-30-days-and-then-it-breaks program for windows.
<Budgie> unless you pay :(
<RabbitGod> well I think I'll stick to my photoshop 7 with the kazza lite discount

#239973 +(961)- [X]

* Joins: kewty (sunkloto@vw4936.iprimus.net.au)
<kewty> wat av i mist?
<chopsuey> english class

#271540 +(873)- [X]

<Seigfried> In other random news, there's a movie based on I, Robot by Issac Asimov coming out starring Will Smith.
<Seigfried> I hear it starts with a 5-minute montage of the cast and crew of the film peeing on Asimov's grave. :P

#283358 +(-952)- [X]

<prairiePirate> well there was a kid on the news that was born without eyelids
<prairiePirate> they had to use the skin from his circumcision to make them
<prairiePirate> they say he's ok, just a little cock-eyed

#374277 +(288)- [X]

Demonic: .............  Whoah, this conversation just took the offramp into Pervert Pike, going a good 80 mph even.
Demonic: Not that I'm entirely against such a happening.
YRS: niehter am I
YRS: lol
YRS: I could go for a good hentai right about now
Demonic: Good ole hentai, glossing over Japan's major social problems since 1946.

#393641 +(422)- [X]

isotec: so my dad decides to be nice and put a chocolate on top of my LCD monitor (its one of thoes ones with booze in it
isotec: so i come by l8r and im like cool
isotec: i pick it up as as i do so it starts to drip on the top of the monitor and some booze leaks out
isotec: im thinking well that was totaly smart dad now i have whisky or somthing and chocolate oozing around up there
isotec: but im like hey cant let that chocolate go to waste
isotec: i start to lick up the tasty mess and when im in mid lick my dad walks in and is like "Jesus son, i know you many like your computer but this is just rediculous!"

#482620 +(767)- [X]

sigmaflare: So there's this app for my phone called 'torch'
sigmaflare: It just makes the screen white so you can use it as a flashlight.
sigmaflare: And that got me thinking... I wonder why nobody has made an app that just makes the phone constantly vibrate.

#527027 +(357)- [X]

hbkshowstopper75: For only 15 grand, we could have our own music veriety show. it could be revolutionary televison even it its on at 2am
hbkshowstopper75: i was just pondering the idea today
ianepson: need 15k first
ianepson: and if we saved that much up i can think of much better uses
hbkshowstopper75: it\'s only one thousand 500 dollars
ianepson: uh
ianepson: yea u could buy urself a calculator with whats left over

#628880 +(1158)- [X]

<Fenris> Man..
<Fenris> I need to get a monitor
<W1N9Zr0> yeah, stop guessing what's on the screen

#715270 +(-220)- [X]

Thomas says:
Why do annoying people not realise how fuxing annoying they are, yet are the first ones to complain about stuff  :|
Roland says:
ie Thomas
brett says:
I think you have just answered your own question thomas
Thomas says:
Thomas says:
whats the point
  Thomas has left the conversation.

#732443 +(578)- [X]

TheLegendofMouse> You know when you drive by those amusement parks, sometimes they have those slides shaped like the titanic?
TsunamiNoAi> Thats kind of macabre isnt it?
TheLegendofMouse> Let me find a picture of one
TsunamiNoAi> does this mean in 100 years there will be a WTC: The Ride bungee jumping?

#737318 +(964)- [X]

<Python> Did you fall from a shooting star?
<silly_girlie> hehe
<silly_girlie> ahh sure why not
<GLT23> because your face looks like it slammed into earth at 1500 mph? is that the end of the pickup line?

#818471 +(508)- [X]

<BluECliQ> My uncle from South Carolina is visiting for the week.
<BluECliQ> I haven't seen this guy in 10 years and we have nothing in common, but I have to make small talk for another 5 hours until my mom gets home.
<champlor> what kinda stuff is he into?
<BluECliQ> He hunts, fishes, drinks and works for a cable company.
<champlor> your uncle is larry the cable guy?
<BluECliQ> If he says 'git er done', I'm leaving my house.

#820787 +(1295)- [X]

(Andrzej) I had a waking dream about a tsunami once
(Andrzej) except the tsunami was made out of clowns.
(Andrzej) and I was 5
(Andrzej) I didn't sleep that night

#901989 +(-96)- [X]

Bkblood: Im such an idiot.  There was a quote on bash of someone asking a stupid question and i looked for 30 minutes trying to reply to it :/

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