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#204 +(811)- [X]

(|Chris) i felt boobies tonight!
(McMoo) did they belong to a womang?

#943 +(488)- [X]

<SysErr0r> i'm gonna eat a box of chocolate covered strawberries then jerk off
<SysErr0r> hows THAT for romance
<hypr> only romance if you are going to caress your penis with the strawberries

#1040 +(47)- [X]

<Lou_Ferrigno> I gain $100.000, per month, and i have a z3 im my garage. And im bigger than you, you are subnutrition , hacker stupid

#1680 +(1199)- [X]

<timmo> if i were to take a stab in the dark as to what orion is pissed about
<timmo> i would have to say its women troubles
<orion> next time you take a stab at something, aim for your eye

#1703 +(232)- [X]

<Rapture> i need to hit someone
<Rapture> a guy from work just came online
<Rapture> can we smurf him

#2375 +(485)- [X]

(moimau) my net would make your net reverse compile itself, tar.gz itself
(moimau) and upload it back to the server it came from.
(moimau) so sit down.

#2854 +(527)- [X]

<Strafer> If you get collisions on a wireless LAN, do you see sparks in mid-air?

#3388 +(581)- [X]

<Ponder> He found a better job, got a new gf.
<Ponder> All because he stopped smoking
<tragic> i need to start smoking, so then i can quit and all sorta good shit will happen to me

#3509 +(274)- [X]

<Rasputin> Episode 1 rocked!!!!!
<Rasputin> Let me rephrase.
<Rasputin> The trailer for Episode 1 ROCKED!!!!

#5693 +(386)- [X]

<uglykaka> uhhh AF is making thongs for 6-10 yr olds
<shaan> thongs?
<pagan> ya i saw that on the news, pretty funny shit eh
<_neil> jeez
<uglykaka> thats just wrong
<_neil> that's just wrong
<shaan> shake your pre puebescent groove thing
<shaan> they should market it as a "training thong"

#6759 +(301)- [X]

<Superf0Rk> you're cute.. i'd do you :D
<Superf0Rk> i'd do my bed if it had a hole in it too but anyways..

#7039 +(723)- [X]

<DocWebstr> *cough*BULLSHIT*cough*
<Lazarus> Doc, you really gotta quit inhaling all that bullshit; it's not good for you.

#7918 +(301)- [X]

<Thru^Me^Cool> you don't know cool until you've played the tuba!!

#9497 +(1048)- [X]

@eliaz`medal): i have broken two of my erm
(@eliaz`medal): foot things
(@eliaz`medal): extensions
(@eliaz`medal): those little thigns on ur feet (@eliaz`medal): 5 on each :: (@eliaz`medal): :/
(@eliaz`medal): dunno name
(@Ched): toes?

#10509 +(9)- [X]

<Acheron> Don't hpb's brag about their l33t skillz and high ping when
they're winning?
<Xaotika> you think i have 1337 skills? HAHAHAHSAHASHAHAHAFA
<Xaotika> they rest of you just suck :)

#13395 +(216)- [X]

(akerom) anyone gota picture of a fat naked stomach?
(akerom) or a fat naked girl
(akerom) im making a comic of last night

#14936 +(193)- [X]

<LILGUYGATO> are one handed people offended when cops say put your hands up

#16269 +(720)- [X]

<jasn> dad woke me up like 'your brother cut himself with a knife he's bleeding everywhere i gotta take him to the hospital'
<jasn> im like  'can you get me some mcdonalds breakfast'

#21202 +(703)- [X]

e l i t e m r p: http://www.worldpowers.net/canada/
reverend ine: 404
e l i t e m r p: yea =)

#22707 +(784)- [X]

<burrahobbit> "Hi, my name is Tyson Vandagriff and, I am going to be your roommate next year at OU."
<burrahobbit> AND COMMA

#22899 +(567)- [X]

<@freak> i now have a 'HEERZ WUT IM LISTANEN 2' plugin so i can piss everyone off
* @freak listens to PUDDLE OF MUDD - BLURRY
<@freak> not even a kick? :(
<@freak> fine
<@freak> i'll do it
*** freak was kicked by freak (NO FAGS IN #WTF ASSHOLE)

#30514 +(320)- [X]

<Phyresis> I keep getting linked to websites I've seen months ago, for something completely differnet
<Phyresis> it's like it's some sort of web, or a network
<ZS> is it called "the internet"?

#35417 +(260)- [X]

<Delirium> AFK, tornado
*** Delirium quit irc: (no route to house)

#36584 +(28)- [X]

<RexExitium> "I miss you, Luke."
<RexExitium> "I miss you too, Amidala."
<Tenek> luke?
<LordChaos-AFK> lol
<Relnereth> Luke and amidala?
<RexExitium> "I love you very much, Amidala. I cannot live without you. Not one second. Not one second."
<Tenek> Anakin, Rex.
<Sir_silver> HOO HA
<Relnereth> incest!!
<RexExitium> "I feel the same way about you, Anakin."
<RexExitium> haha oops.

#37084 +(195)- [X]

*** Thraken has quit IRC (Quit: When you put 'THE' and 'IRS' together, it forms 'THEIRS'.)

#40559 +(883)- [X]

<Kevyn> Man, I'd fuck Mary-Kate so hard that Ashley would get pregnant.

#42586 +(426)- [X]

<Codek> The next time you're having a bad day, imagine this:
<Codek> You're a Siamese twin. Your brother is gay and you're not.
<Codek> But you only have the one ass.

#46550 +(1352)- [X]

<BlazeHedgehog> Cripes. ANYTHING is innuendo nowadays
<BlazeHedgehog> "I had a glass of milk." "WHOA GOOD JOB, HOW WAS SHE?"
<BlazeHedgehog> "No. I mean, I poured milk into a glass and drank it." "You sure did!"

#48650 +(311)- [X]

<+ariana_> good perl code is indistinguishable from line noise

#50069 +(241)- [X]

<KennyUnaeze> My dad useto beat the hell outta me
<Coco13> Unfortunatley, he stoppped

#51234 +(421)- [X]

*** Martin has joined #Lostones
<Martin> word
<roy> indeed
<roy> but the question is
<roy> WHICH word?
<roy> her word?
<roy> My word?
<roy> HIS WORD?
<roy> it all depends...
<roy> on whose word.
*** Martin has quit IRC

#54223 +(540)- [X]

DibbLe: ive come to a realization
Daemonite: ?
DibbLe: violent games like cs, bf1942 and quake DO influence kids to shoot people and commit violent acts
DibbLe: but not because theyre imitating the game, its because everyone who plays them acts SO FUCKING STUPID YOU HOPE THEY ALL DIE

#59595 +(313)- [X]

<chris> i have one guy arguing that init.d scripts need to support mixed-case arguments
<chris> "My first suggestion is to modify the way you match 'start' and 'stop' in
<chris> your case statement.  While technically, there is nothing wrong with the
<chris> way you match it, I prefer [Ss][Tt][Aa][Rr][Tt] and [Ss][Tt][Oo][Pp].  Using
<chris> this method, the matching is now case insensitive."
<reflector> I'd email him back: "[sS][hH][uU][tT] [tT][hH][eE] [fF][uU][cC][kK] [uU][Pp]"
<reflector> match that, asshole.

#61085 +(236)- [X]

<Oolong> <Mansion_Maniac> 3 types of people on the internet = convinced they're ugly, convinced they're life has no meaning, and convinced they could kick your ass despite they don't know jack about you
<Oolong> he forgot convinced they're japanese
<Oolong> "aya, Britney Spears no kawaii desu nyo! ^O^^^O^O^^O^"

#76881 +(105)- [X]

#81957 +(27)- [X]

-:- SignOff SdBlAiNe2K3: #diradio (Quit: I am in shape. Round is a shape.)

#87022 +(1159)- [X]

<chodapp> Girls don't have penises, xooz98
<xooz98> chodapp - i thought that too UNTIL I GOT KAZAA

#87577 +(129)- [X]

<shok> what is the average life expectancy of a Saddam look alike ?

#90209 +(259)- [X]

<pinkeh> females are too confusing :/ theres no where where you can hold it and press "quick save" incase something goes wrong :/

#98113 +(109)- [X]

<kw> I associate Chanel 5 with old women, my grandma used to wear it
<kw> (so, needless to say.. I find it quite erotic)

#251614 +(0)- [X]

<strlen> i know someone who was half german half korean
<strlen> i asked him if he makes soap out of his dog

#361677 +(842)- [X]

<morphine_monkey> dude, my hair is getting so long
<spaceman_spiff> sweet, pretty soon it'll get as long as your penis
<morphine_monkey> STFU, my hair is longer than an inch

#573929 +(1005)- [X]

<sithmaster> hmm i got a cut on my finger, not sure where it came from
<DarkBlueTornado> i got multiple cuts down my arm...not sure where those came from either
<RawBeef> Maybe you've been sleep emoing

#651293 +(1341)- [X]

<Vanion> where is everybody from in here?
<NemoMac> Indiana
<Vanion> am I the only american?
<NemoMac> Last time I checked, Indiana was in the USA..
<Vanion> wtf?

#664308 +(387)- [X]

<ratSrdnaW> One time.. I went to the store and got some clothes.. and went to the changing room to try them on.. get the key from the lil attendant lady.. then I shouted out.. "oh man! we're out of toilet paper in here!"

#701390 +(190)- [X]

<Snurks> holy god they're making a The Little Mermaid III
<MessedRawker> featuring a dead horse as a new co-star right?

#715525 +(1206)- [X]

Matt-0375> hear about the people getting sore from playing the wii controllers?
thx-1192> Yeah, fatasses should get up and move more often
Matt-0375> I'm just waiting for the headlines: "why does it burn when you wii?"

#770519 +(491)- [X]

Allan: incidentally, my house is Zombie resistant.
Crysm: how so?
Allan: I wonder why that is
Allan: elevated first floor, strong steel doors.
Allan: the windows are out of reach, basically.
Crysm: it's next to a graveyard, man
Crysm: the planners had to think ahead
Allan: good point
Allan: ...dear god, I gave my house a zombie proofing assessment.
Allan: That's... a whole new level of something.

#805322 +(259)- [X]

<Kortney> Well, you know, if you're wearing heathen sandals then I have an obligation to save their soles.

#856153 +(742)- [X]

<Kin68ling>   :-pd-:
<Kin68ling> two girls making out
<sadoomed> how do u know its not 2 men?
<Kin68ling> because i still have some faith left in the world

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