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#10075 +(1497)- [X]

<Vic> You there X?
<X> no
<X> fuck

#10084 +(313)- [X]

<X> come cover the desk so i can pizza, darrell :)
<Zero> I need to wait for the landlord's dwarves to arrive and forge a new thermostat

#10101 +(-15)- [X]

*** [ED]znapz` (~znappe@enslaved.nu) has joined #dead-presidents
<[ED]znapz`> but..
<[ED]znapz`> I want @
<[ED]znapz`> suck cock
*** [ED]znapz` (~znappe@enslaved.nu) has left #dead-presidents

#10110 +(2134)- [X]

<kinijima> why do they keep programming labs so fucking cold?
<aalti> so the computers don't get over heated?
<kinijima> so what the fuck did  the people do back when there was no air conditioning?
<aalti> you're a fucking idiot.

#10116 +(834)- [X]

Greg um...: west is that way.. --->
juggalett_chick: no thats north here
Greg um...: not my fault your monitor is facing the wrong way...

#10117 +(360)- [X]

<Guilty> I had lilo and stitch all along
<Mass> you have it ?
<Guilty> I just didnt realize its 1 fucking CD
<Mass> ohh dood send
<var> ill pretend both of you didnt just say that
<var> and we can still be friends

#10128 +(167)- [X]

<hh> have u ever fucked nickelodean gak?
<hh> i have
<hh> its awesome
<hh> i call it masturbation goo

#10131 +(300)- [X]

<!5_DeR> you didnt just read what one guy on a forum said  and accepted it as truth 
<NoDamage> yes i have 

<NoDamage> i find the internet to be pretty reliable

#10135 +(855)- [X]

<Starchild> !define PCMCIA
<CCU-Bot> 2 entries found for PCMCIA.
<CCU-Bot> Entry 1/2:
<CCU-Bot>  <body, standard> Personal Computer Memory Card International
<CCU-Bot>  Association. (Or People Can't Memorise Computer Industry
<CCU-Bot>  Acronyms).
<CCU-Bot> DONE - PCMCIA (Entry 1/2)
<Starchild> hey, fuck you

#10141 +(46)- [X]

<Mr_CAD> let's try a different encoding..
<Mr_CAD> hehe ANSI
<Mr_CAD> !translate en_zh test
<CCU-Bot>  BABEL&nbsp;FISH&nbsp;&nbsp; The Web is full of suprises. Questions? Check out our FAQs.
<Mr_CAD> lol
<Mr_CAD> well, obviously it doesn't take ANSI :)

#10145 +(32)- [X]

<luczzid> kinda funny that the corporate facist assholes at disney are using commy
software like linux.  fucking assholes

#10158 +(513)- [X]

<vegetaandnappa> nothing, just pissed at my GAY mouse
<shqua> Your mouth has a sexual preference?
<shqua> Err...
<shqua> Mouse.
shqua (~shqua@net47-206.fhsu.edu) is now known as DrFreud
<DrFreud> Oh, my...

#10159 +(198)- [X]

<etc> so tempting to release a product called 'nicotine' and wait for the patches.
<etc> then i would have a reason to only apply one patch a day. otherwise, i'm going against medical advise.

#10162 +(387)- [X]

<Gygaxis> hitler: NO FAIR!!! ENGLANDS WALLHACKING!!!!1

#10165 +(622)- [X]

BeHeMoTh101 : dude, this one time in school i was looking at this advertisement to a christian club
BeHeMoTh101 : and on the poster it said "who carries your load? jesus does."
BeHeMoTh101 : and i was like, wtf it's the scrotum

#10171 +(723)- [X]

DeusXMac: sex?
themole: unzip;strip;touch;grep;grep;finger;mount;fsck;more;yes;fsck;fsck;fsck;umount;sleep (Core dumped) general protection fault... core dumped.

#10185 +(515)- [X]

<Mike_McCormick> how do you change your name? i tried /nick Mike but it won't work
<Mike> that's because I have that one dingleberry

#10186 +(271)- [X]

]-eX-[Mad^AfK is x0z@prefers.linux.and.never.uses.progs.from.m-i-c-r-o-s-0-f-t.de * nfwuor
[]-eX-[Mad^AfK VERSION reply]: mIRC32 v6.0 + dEfCoN oNe v0.74.65 by Ecronika

#10197 +(595)- [X]

<Trendarth> wb
<Yamatto> ta
<Trendarth> np
<@antix> why does everyone talk in two letters these days...
<Trendarth> dk
<Trendarth> because our society promotes slothenly behaviour
<@antix> ok

#10199 +(245)- [X]

*** Vor sets mode: -b *!*f@*.ipt.aol.com
*** Vor (disposable@=Uun814-ye4.cvx1-a.lei.dial.ntli.net) Quit (nexus.ca.us.webchat.org sauron.ca.us.webchat.org)
<Yates> thats what you get for unbanning aol.

#10203 +(911)- [X]

<DIguana> Canada: Home of the largest French population never to surrender to Germany.

#10204 +(392)- [X]

<Mr_Grinch> i just burned my nose hair
<Mr_Grinch> by trying to smell the flame of my lighter

#10208 +(200)- [X]

<lo-d0gg> man.. these quotes are funny as!
<Ho-Train> what server/channel are you on?
<lo-d0gg> uhm, no channels.. www.geekissues.org
<Ho-Train> dammit! i can't connect..
<Ho-Train> [12:03:15am] *** Connecting to geekissues.org (6667)
<Ho-Train> [12:03:24am] *** Connection attempt timed out
<Ho-Train> [12:03:27am] *** Connect retry #1 geekissues.org (6667)
<Ho-Train> [12:03:36am] *** Connection attempt timed out

#10213 +(1171)- [X]

<Blaxthos> any fat bitches with inner beauty wanna chat ?

#10217 +(867)- [X]

<NK|Snipe>^Shark Attack :)

#10223 +(47)- [X]

<luminosity> No wait... I can do better than that. they should develop a
             neural connection so I can sit here and not even have to move.
<martinb> sure. Can it write this requirements spec I'm working on, too?
<luminosity> Why the hell not?
<luminosity> While it's at it it can do my homework so I can concentrate on
             fun stuff.
<martinb> so get working on it!
<martinb> no, wait, recusion
<martinb> damn

#10226 +(611)- [X]

<True_Blue> You ever buy ribbed condoms?
<True_Blue> I always turn them inside out, I'm selfish

#10229 +(59)- [X]

<bin\girl> im evolved from elephants
<Pioenz> i can see that :-)

#10236 +(177)- [X]

<etch:#unix> i don't like unix or any of you either

#10260 +(792)- [X]

2(SilentSniper): I took my ps2 to florida, and the airport security bomb checker dude wouldnt stop asking me questions... "Did you get it when it was $200 or $300? Should I get an XBox or a PS2? I heard that a Ps3 is coming out? What is the best game?"
14(OuT-4-BlooD): haha

#10261 +(386)- [X]

<mindran> ok i'm going to be fired
<mindran> i made some thing generate random passwords for this app i just made
<mindran> and sent it out
<mindran> and some of them are horrible :(
<mindran> i dont want to be the person who's password is now "hard14long"
<mindran> or "like10come"

#10262 +(568)- [X]

<MoonFog> Accept my send!!
<spark-> are you behind a firewall?
<MoonFog> Yes. but i can send
<spark-> Please consult your network administrator
<MoonFog> I am, and i know it works
<spark-> Please insult your network administrator

#10264 +(412)- [X]

<lungfish> your job like involved relocation AND gay sex
<Rottencrotch> wuts ur point
<LuftWaffle-away> he didnt want to relocate

#10279 +(171)- [X]

<eller> my kids will be breast fed by Cat5

#10280 +(1725)- [X]

<Jesse> hello, I am Jesse, male, 28 years old, caucasian, and am looking for friends to chat with. I hope to see you online

#10284 +(1174)- [X]

<AnalInvasion> my dick is so big it has feet
<NinjaInThePants> my dick is so big popcorn now comes in small, medium, large, and my dick.

#10288 +(324)- [X]

* kaori hugs Corey as a friend.
<Surago> how else do you hug someone?
<kaori> There are
<kaori> different ways
<kaori> to hug people
<Surago> A very friendly hug consists of you hugging my legs while you suck my penis?

#10289 +(195)- [X]

<purr> nah, i'm gonna wait for him to come to me
<Sorcerer> the scene from Gladiator comes to mind
<Sorcerer> "I caught wind of a fish that waits on the bottom of the ocean for it's prey to take a nibble"
<Sorcerer> "The prey nibbles more and yet, the fish does nothing..."
<purr> Oh well, as long as I end up eaten in the end ;p

#10305 +(221)- [X]

<OmegaWeapon> no i believe you but i aslo think you are lying

#10339 +(264)- [X]

<Gorilla> aye. they didnt have any Dogs Bollocks in sainsburys, so i took a customer comment's card, and expressed my disappointment with them not stocking Dog's Bollocks on their shelves.
<Gorilla> tey sent me back a letter saying that they do not stock chinese delicacies. i think they thought i meant the actual testicles.

#10345 +(554)- [X]

<AceAway> well later bitches of to the hospital
<SForce> that sounds promising
<AceAway> not really spend half my life going to them all part of being stuck in this damn wheelchair
<SForce> unfortunate
<SForce> makes me want to stand up

#10350 +(1138)- [X]

<ignatz> You are carrying one half-empty Anchor Steam beer, a GameBoy, and an angst-filled heart.  You are in a clearing in the woods near a technology company.
<zebulon_y> w
<ignatz> You fall into the Pacific Ocean.
<zebulon_y> e
<ignatz> You are in a clearing in the woods near a technology company. There is a dwarf here with a hat that says "QA" on it.
<zebulon_y> drink beer
<ignatz> glug.
<zebulon_y> say hello to dwarf
<ignatz> FUCK YOU, THAT'S MARKETING'S JOB says the dwarf. He hits you with a memo and you die.

#10360 +(300)- [X]

<Fentom> great, I'm spending my saturday nights on the computer looking at pictures of dildos
<Fentom> trekkies look down on me and call me sad

#10361 +(363)- [X]

<AsylumXKP> And it hard to hit on the German chicks thanks to the thick language barrier.
<Erdrick> just pull it out and point to it

#10362 +(530)- [X]

Skyraider: you might be surprised how black clouds can be :)
MrPumpernickel: rgb: 0,0,0?

#10372 +(6592)- [X]

<Charlesowns> Man i was surfin porn and like "normal" surfin at the same time, so my mom comes in and i quick as hell  tab down the porn. So now im looking at a SWAT vest and an Mp5 submachinegun trying to hide the giant penis in my pants. Then all of a sudden this realy gay male voice speaks out realy loud goin "i want to suck your big dick ans swallow your hot sperm" then like 100 popups open up all consisting of hardcore fetish gayporn.
<Charlesowns> man my mom started crying and now she thinks im gay... it owns

#10380 +(174)- [X]

<@cloudchild> if i wanted to drink the blood from a horned creature, i would've went after bob dole
<@DarkDread> I just thought those were really large ears.
<@cloudchild> nope horns.  and he hides his tail well...but you can see his hoofed feet if the camera angle is right
<@cloudchild> "I'm bob dole!  i kill virgins and drink the blood of the pope!"
<@DarkDread> what's so bad about that?
<@cloudchild> nothin.

#10396 +(313)- [X]

[S+Z] Signoff: Atlaz_ (.)
<Joke> Why does Atlaz always quit with just one tit?

#10399 +(197)- [X]

<Toast> I prefer to op softly and carry a big kline

#10401 +(218)- [X]

<DaveCBio> Man, if drama could be harnassed as a power source the world
would be lit up forever

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