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#8248 +(944)- [X]

<EK> What if the war in Afghanistan was fought with midgets!
<Jei> With midgets as infantry, or as ammunition?

#8249 +(401)- [X]

* IllIIIllI (yujnfr@ has joined #suicide
<IllIIIllI> any slut attention whores here need a man to make themselves feel important let me know i can be that guy if you aren't ugly/fat
* IllIIIllI (yujnfr@ has left #suicide

#8250 +(656)- [X]

<Amenace> so your a fifteen year old girl that thinks my wife is hot, hang on while i have a wank

#8251 +(386)- [X]

<AnneRobinson^> Do Canadians really like fart jokes for entertainment???
<shagman> fart jokes rock
<shagman> take this classic canadian joke for example
* shagman farts on IEatChildren

#8252 +(663)- [X]

<HomerHendelBergenHeinzel> ur so mean :L
<q> is that the frowning face of a stroke victim?

#8253 +(331)- [X]

<Hamsters> is there any tips that i can pass my writen test?
<shagman> hamsters, learn english

#8254 +(139)- [X]

<Hamsters> i'm trying to get me self one at downtown BUT they got those stickers on the glasses and said that i need to be 19 older
<shagman> only for tobacco
<shagman> not pipes and papers and crap
* Owyn blinks
<Owyn> Shag: smaller sentences
<Owyn> You'll break his brain.

#8255 +(321)- [X]

<shagman> k, keep words like cock and fuck out of here
* Runnigan fucks shagman with his cock

#8256 +(295)- [X]

<BounceWithMe> Shagman... 8==o  suck it.
<@shagman> BounceWithMe... ())========D choke on it.

#8257 +(477)- [X]

<+Incantation> shag's 100% let you cry on his shoulder and make you think he cares so that he can manipulate you into sucking his cock
<+Julie42> HOLY SHIT! Good. Because here I was thinking I had to think of things to cry about, just so I could suck on his cock.

#8259 +(362)- [X]

<akumapan> yous ound like poopoo
<andy> You type like poop.
<andy> and your mother was suspicious that it took her nine whole months to take a crap, so she named it just in case.

#8260 +(224)- [X]

<JBB> I'm looking for a laptop that I can just use on the net. Something below $300.
<BondOO7> You'd have better luck shoving your cock into a telephone jack for the internet.

#8262 +(361)- [X]

<jeer> I have to move to mississippi soon..I wish I had a sister or cousin there.
<jeer> who am I going to date?

#8264 +(1122)- [X]

* fo0bar has silverware now
<jk> is that a new kind of heatsink?
<jk> :D
<fo0bar> no, it's a metal-based bio-nutritional transport system
<jk> the thing... you use to... dig... food.
<jwz> it's more of a food shim.
<fo0bar> appearantly the technology has been around for awhile, but I haven't been able to afford the genuine metal equipment...  I've had to use the plastic replicas
<fo0bar> though proper transport systems are appearantly a requirement when an xx chromosome pair is introduced into xy's atmosphere

#8265 +(650)- [X]

* The_Paco went to the GE appliance store today, crouch-walked up to one of the large black super-fridges, ran my hand over it while humming the theme to 2001, stood up, and smacked my bud... they threw us out shortly thereafter.

#8268 +(196)- [X]

<Grinderwald> my dick is hard
<moo|cow> always a bowl of wisdom grinder
<Grinderwald> :D

#8269 +(470)- [X]

<xTaVx> im bored
<EvilChatOp> you're aways bored
<EvilChatOp> go masterbate or somethign
<xTaVx> brb

#8271 +(1202)- [X]

*** Haggis has quit IRC (Quit: Sometimes I try to masturbate long words into a conversation. Even if I dont know what they mean.)

#8273 +(214)- [X]

(caraKATT): great, i found ready whip in the fridge and I wanted to put it in my coffee, but I think my roomate huffed it, cause it won't foam

#8277 +(56)- [X]

(Moose_): what's your language of choice ?
(rich): english?

#8278 +(278)- [X]

<the__man> does anyone know if any brothel is open at this hour? i need some action right away
<+Octane> the__man: you've been blessed with two hands and ten fingers. go figure it out.

#8282 +(581)- [X]

<sum1tolded2medatvirtrghey> i thought you did music?
<baygledawg> oh i wish
<baygledawg> that would be my second dream job
<sum1tolded2medatvirtrghey> what's your first? professional sperm producer?
<baygledawg> ok, writing music would be my third dream job

#8283 +(441)- [X]

<Silent|Study> These Christian rock ads on tv are so pathetic
<Silent|Study> Its like they assume people are going to suddenly think "OMG! JESUS! I never knew!

#8284 +(163)- [X]

marmor: Mutru: i am trying to compile an an simple example .. that works fine, but all i get when i run the program is a window that is all black ..
Aprogas: is your monitor on ?

#8285 +(943)- [X]

<Weirdo_God_of_Insanity> Communism is like Spandex. Good idea, but then real people started using it. Things got real ugly from there.

#8287 +(480)- [X]

<Adiemus-Away> [GleebAway] Adiemus has returned from doing the dishes (Away for 1day 15hrs 23mins 39secs)
*** Adiemus-Away is now known as Adiemus
<Adiemus> damn that's a lot of dishes =

#8289 +(230)- [X]

<Vegeta> I would go through anything for you
<Vegeta> Lets start with your bank account

#8290 +(826)- [X]

<Vegeta> I would go to the end of the earth for you
<Girl> Yes, but would you stay there?

#8291 +(591)- [X]

<darkness> anyone heard about the new startrek movie yet?
<darkness> ...did he just say what I think he said?
<questie> I believe he just admitted to being russian, but I'm not quite sure...

#8293 +(144)- [X]

<sarahlee> got hooked on those stupid video chatrooms
<deepcut> the kind where you see old guys jacking off into a sock and stuff ? :\

#8294 +(232)- [X]

<tytyt> the--kav if you were not a man I'd hug you
<deepcut> but as it is, he's too afraid of his own latent homosexuality to dare
<tytyt> there are support group for that
<deepcut> tytyt: I was referring to you

#8296 +(450)- [X]

Under the fence: if your mom were a farm animal, she'd be a sloth
Hobbes659: a sloth isn't a farm animal
Under the fence: damn it, theres gotta be a sloth farm somewhere around here

#8297 +(192)- [X]

<BadAndy> leechers wanna stop leeching for a bit?
<frankster|kickme> that's like asking them to stop breathing for a bit

#8300 +(1290)- [X]

<kat-moffobsessing> why do dongs always gain length when played live?
<kat-moffobsessing> SONGS!

#8305 +(1380)- [X]

<Saber> just when I manage to convince myself I'm a superior being, I walk into a door

#8307 +(285)- [X]

<Saber> ow damnit
<Saber> HA
<Saber> That'll teach you
<Saber> damn gummy bears
<c_thur> Saber: i can relate...i think

#8309 +(410)- [X]

<Xunil96> because i have a metric ass-ton of perl to write
<Dr_V> would a metric ass have 10 cheeks?

#8310 +(282)- [X]

<kat-write> disturb me and suffer castration
<Doppelganger> that almost sounded interesting till I remembered what that meant

#8311 +(439)- [X]

* Anderlan raises a cheek off the chair
<Anderlan> farting is offensive, but raising a cheek in preparation is even more so
<gears> it's a good way to show people "I am not interested in what you have to say.  Leave my cubicle at your soonest convenience."

#8315 +(368)- [X]

<Offline> i still cant bleave people dont know what a fudgepacker is
<Log> I do, Zack
<Log> my friend's fiancee is a fudgepacker :o
<`Zerp> they work at candy factoryies right log
* Offline pounds his head on his desk

#8317 +(557)- [X]

<cov\sick> Solitarie almost never crashes. They should employ the person who wrote it to head the WinNT team.

#8320 +(1285)- [X]


#8322 +(285)- [X]

<ac> just messaged this girl I use to know back home with "Welcome back hottie"
<ac> The response was "This is katie's mother"
<ac> ...
<ac> not a good thing

#8323 +(170)- [X]

<dt--> womb- im a big proponent of enviroment conditioning the youth
<wombrood> dt: 'environment,' for future reference
<djthrush> also, believing that something is true does not make you a
<djthrush> 'proponent' is closer in meaning to 'advocate'
<dt--> im aware of its meaning
<dt--> but thanks webster
<djthrush> i don't think you are! since you used it wrong and all
<dt--> how did i use it wrong?
<djthrush> i just explained it to you
<djthrush> are you some sort of illiterate fag?
<djthrush> are you a homeless boozer who just wandered into an internet
  cafe? what?
<djthrush> i mean, really

#8324 +(28)- [X]

<Phettachu> cherry coke - letters at the end = herry cok  LOL LOL LOL
<Phettachu> GET IT HERRY COK?!?  HAIRY COCK?!?!
<Phettachu> LOL
<Phettachu> maybe only gays get it

#8327 +(882)- [X]

knobsthebear: How the hell did Korea find time between StarCraft and Diablo II to make it this far into the World Cup?

#8329 +(354)- [X]

<a> i wish i had some vr goggles or something
<Loc-Dog> a: for porn?
<a> so nobody could tell i was playing games
<a> games being interactive porn
<Loc-Dog> a: they'd be able to tell when you pulled out the "joystick" to manuever your "character" in the "first person shooter"
<a> Loc-Dog: i use the keyboard.

#8330 +(343)- [X]

<AgntBukk> I played grand theft auto 3 the other day.
<spacetwin> how was it!
<AgntBukk> I beat up some chick.
<AgntBukk> and then I kicked her repeatedly in the head until she died.
<spacetwin> haha
<AgntBukk> so, all in all, I was happy with the experience.

#8335 +(406)- [X]

<Gorilla> all the other kids got cool sutff like "Air!" "Earth!" "Fire!" and the poor little Indian kid kinda sheepishly whimpered at the end "....heart...."
<neored13> They should've given him Metal.
<GKSetzer> he could be like a glam rocker
<Zephy> oh yeah. then he'd have been gary glitter.

#8336 +(620)- [X]

<Sanji> I eat people.
<Sanji> I'm a humanitarian

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