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#8016 +(309)- [X]

<Pi> GMT is the best
<Pi> coslike
<Pi> everyone else is wrong

#8017 +(229)- [X]

<Antarius> Say 'silk' 5 times, now spell 'silk': What do cows Drink?
<kruqnut> milk?

#8018 +(390)- [X]

<syncretic> whats the best program for capping tv
<JtHM> Handgun v2.4b

#8023 +(3)- [X]

<kt> i need a job, badly.
<kt> maybe i should hang out with some black people
<kt> i mean go to the unemployment office.

#8024 +(134)- [X]

<Antarius> Are you a dork if you can read digdug.cx/quotes and recognize people regularly?

#8025 +(61)- [X]

<steveac> tough to do when you type with 1 finger on the keyboard and yoyur dick in your other hand

#8031 +(230)- [X]

<iggypop> licking my own sweaty balls > quicktime

#8032 +(37)- [X]

<Empathy> I wanna crap, but my mother's in bed and dropping logs'd wake her up

#8042 +(63)- [X]

<cryterion> have you ever noticed that if you stretch your nutsack out, it looks like silk?

#8046 +(41)- [X]

<norab> id fuck your leg to cryt but i havent read how to do actions yet

#8050 +(150)- [X]

<sammy1812> try puting cocaine on a bullet and shoting yourself in the head, the ultimate high i tell you

#8051 +(234)- [X]

<Opio-> theres a mexican restaurant around here.. after you're done eating they give you mints that are called "Spi C mints"

#8052 +(28)- [X]

<CactusJac> The only good thing the French gave the world was syphilis.

#8055 +(55)- [X]

<synnur> i think the koreans are on pcp
<synnur> they run at the end of games like it's the begining
<synnur> unlike the chinese, they don't use msg
<synnur> they use pcp
<[LW]Scoundrel> wc3 is better than pcp

#8056 +(146)- [X]

<evilbob> then you must not be gay!
<evilbob> because if you were, you'd be all over my ass like butter over hot rolls.
<McGrue> Is your ass *that* hot?
<evilbob> no, but it has its own atmosphere.

#8057 +(549)- [X]

<Esk> Quit XP bashing! It's a better OS than you'll ever make! :D
<evilbob> I doubt I could construct a gremlin, but I'm not about to start driving one.

#8058 +(163)- [X]

<Praetor> bob: even so, if I don't have to write it and it works then what the hell do I care?
<evilbob> you care because I opened my mouth and talked to you, bitch. and I didn't even get a thank you.

#8059 +(689)- [X]

<Electroly> kurros has a l33t ass projector, I saw a picture of it just once
              and I've been drooling ever since
<T-ball> nice...
<T-ball> I don't have room for a projector... :/
<Brazilian> I have a monkey who draws on my wall really fast

#8060 +(202)- [X]

<Floach> It's pretty well known that your brain continues to function for quite a bit after decapitation
<Bitstorm> the mame board is proof of that

#8063 +(56)- [X]

<HotelManager> plz com in avatar
<Avatar> no
<HotelManager> fine then youtr baned but when you want to get on the channell come and get me and i will unban you

#8064 +(97)- [X]

<Embercide> i'm just waiting to hear someone say "omg minkus was trying to chat this chick up at a party and he told her that he's a GM Sexpert"
<minkus> Embercide i don't think so :) i'd be more witty and go "I have GM animal Taming and I allways wanted a babe like you"

#8065 +(934)- [X]

<biatch> who the hell are you gnostic
<gnostic> i am your god damn nemesis
<gnostic> any other questions?
<Madeleine> what are you wearing?

#8066 +(152)- [X]

<ItaLiaNStaLLioN> hey i deleted internet explorer by accident and now i need a browser asap, could some1 send me it plz

#8067 +(316)- [X]

<Embercide> i was doing 3 things at once, went to take the smoke out and it must have stuck to my lip and flipped up
<Embercide> i must have just closed my eye in time cause the eye itself isnt damaged
<Avatar> who'd've thought a cigarette could be so dangerous?
<Scourge> Not only do they cause numerous cancers and other lung problems but they can also burn your eyes.

#8069 +(979)- [X]

<FaNtAcIgYrL> ello
<jeff> Do you realise that you have spelt both the words "fantasy" and "girl" incorrectly ? By doing this, are you displaying a vain attempt at what some may refer to as "coolness" ? Or is it that you can not spell ? If the former, I suggest you rethink your stance on social status and its implications. The later, perhaps you should start attending school.

#8070 +(270)- [X]

<whippy-X> Max Payne (the game) looks cool, but Max Payne (the character) looks like he's taking a perpetual shit
<whippy-X> and it's a bit of a ghey name too eh? Max Payne. get it? Max PAIN. very lame. how about he just calls himself Action Man.

#8072 +(218)- [X]

*** LiL^EbBiE was kicked by Avatar (it's rude to not reply when someone's talking to you)
<Avatar> i'm gonna be a great father
<arturo> sif
<arturo> you'll just gaffer tape them up when they say rude words and kick them out of the room every time they play up

#8073 +(871)- [X]

<Avatar> how much do dishwashers cost
<krissle> haha
<krissle> you dont buy a dishwasher
<krissle> you marry one

#8074 +(364)- [X]

<Q-Ball> Average Ejaculatory Speed
<Q-Ball> 28 miles per hour (45 km/hr).
<Q-Ball> you could kill a small mammal with that

#8075 +(489)- [X]

<minkus> ohh my god these pies taste great
<minkus> if only i could fuck them
<minkus> WAIT! I CAN

#8076 +(460)- [X]

<Embercide> lol i just tried to RP for the first time
<Embercide> some guy was like "greetings" so i said "hail"
<Embercide> he asked "how art thee"
<Embercide> and i didnt know wtf to say so i made it look like i logged out

#8077 +(283)- [X]

<z_evil1> does _anyone_ on IRC update the topic field of a channel to suit the actual topic of conversation?
*** Madeleine changes topic to 'fuck all, as usual'
<Madeleine> set that to keeptopic, forever

#8080 +(425)- [X]

<z_evil1> what would be the good of a 3m dong? apart from the fact that you could only use the tip of it, not even that if it was in proportion, it would be reeeeal easy to get damaged, you'd have lag problems with sensations along it's length, and it would make you pass out upon erection :P
<z_evil1> mind you, you might be able to hang yourself with a 3m dong
<z_evil1> imagine that for a front page headline
<Bug> tie it round.. get an erection.. it'll do all the work..
<z_evil1> "IRC addicted freak hangs self with genitals"

#8081 +(370)- [X]

<Nelyx> DilleMMa: thomas edison went through 3000 experiments before he perfected the light bulb
<DilleMMa> wow
<DilleMMa> another geek prevails
<Nelyx> show me someone successful who ISNT a geek
<DilleMMa> britney spears?
<DilleMMa> christina agerlia
<DilleMMa> mandy moore
<Nelyx> whore <> successful

#8083 +(263)- [X]

<DilleMMa> im off to maccas now
<DilleMMa> any requests?:)
<Nelyx> some motivation with a side order of dignity
<DilleMMa> and a large compassion
<Nelyx> and no, i would not like fries with that
<DilleMMa> i should get myself a "medium why do i even bother"
<DilleMMa> toodles
<Nelyx> they stopped serving those last year

#8085 +(446)- [X]

<biatch> he tells me how he's cheated on two of his gfs
<biatch> then when i email him telling him i'm back with luke
<biatch> he's all disappointed
<biatch> and he's like
<biatch> "i told you about the girls i cheated on because i wanted you to TRUST me"

#8086 +(272)- [X]

<DilleMMa> heyyyy eyyyy baby ouuu ahhh i wanna knowwww (oooowwww) if youll be my girl
<Iceman> DilleMMa: sure, i'll be your girl
<Iceman> DilleMMa: what do I have to do?
<DilleMMa> wear a skirt, shave your legs, paint your nails and get your period everymonth

#8087 +(431)- [X]

<Aussiedog> guess what?? i actually get a cd in my eye just now
<Iceman> how?
<Aussiedog> i am chewing a cd
<Aussiedog> and iput it in my hand and it flicked into my eye
<Iceman> Aussiedog: you know cd tops are toxic? :P
<Aussiedog> HOLY SHIT
<Aussiedog> ok i spat is otu
<Aussiedog> how toxic?
<Aussiedog> coz my mouth is burning a little

#8093 +(431)- [X]

<LR|seksiwidow-> why the hell not?
<Hazim> i dunno.. they thought i wouldn't return them on time?

#8094 +(628)- [X]

<Perforatorzzz> my grandma was going thru my room today for some ungodly reason and found some of my gf's clothes she "accidently" left here.
<Perforatorzzz> i'm all, "i like to wear black panties, DAMNIT"

#8100 +(668)- [X]

<meta> blegh
<meta> the internet is bad
<meta> bad bad bad
<meta> I tried to talk to a woman
<meta> but she sent me nude pics instead
<meta> I didn't want them
<meta> but I took them out of courtesy

#8101 +(661)- [X]

<Paeyl> why did i just have a sudden image of a penis with tentacles at the tip
<alayna> cthulhuitis
<Paeyl> is there an antibiotic for that?
<Paeyl> "doc, i have a problem." "what?" "it's my.. penis.. it .. " "yes?" "it can.. write its own name."
<geo> That's not a problem, son...that's a potential career.

#8102 +(11093)- [X]

<glome> Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?!
<content> glome stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
<glome> Who me?!
<content> Yes you!
<glome> Couldn't be!
<content> Then WHO?!!
<glome> Woody stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
*** glome has been kicked by DrWoody (fuck you i didn't touch the motherfucking cookie, bitch)

#8104 +(247)- [X]

<mrfy> "If you're a technology early adopter, but you're not in the first wave of 'bleeding edge' users, then you're on the scabby edge (where the bleeding edge has crusted over, but it's still raw)."
<Rascal> this is why johnny come latelies get picked on

#8105 +(191)- [X]

<frail> there are places that should never be scraped
<frail> "get your hand out of my pants and use an emory board you son of a bitch!
<flee> ok, if you want an emory board on your genitals, sure.
<adric> i think id prefer nails to an emory board..
<adric> granted id want them to be short, clean and smooth..
<flee> I like my men short, clean and smooth.
<adric> damn i have the short and clean down.. but i think im all corners..
<flee> not that type of smooth
<flee> smooth like a razor blade you don't notice in the shotglass of gin
<bob> shaven, not stirred

#8106 +(504)- [X]

<flee> for some reason it never occurred to me until now how odd it is for elmer fudd to be singing about his "spear and magic helmet" while bugs cross-dresses.
<6> I know, it makes so much sense until the cross dressing
<midi> you can say that about lots of things.

#8111 +(231)- [X]

<@IS2> play it again, dugy
<@Dugy> oooooooo ah ooooo da da de da dooo
<@Dugy> oooooooo ah ooooo daaaaa da daaa
<@Dugy> oooooooo ah ooooo da da de da dooo
<@IS2> ahhh, what a classic
* IS2 saves it to his mp3 collection
<@Dugy> :(

#8112 +(287)- [X]

<Palindrome80> (oh.  my.  god.  josh just showed me pornographic harry potter fan fiction.)
<thedreya> (I REFUSE to read the porno harry potter fanfic. I stick to gay A-team fanfic)

#8113 +(993)- [X]

<q> well, not really. i don't like wearing clothes because i really just rather be baked.
<q> and by baked, and mean, naked.
<q> and by "and mean", i mean "i mean"

#8116 +(394)- [X]

<egypt> bejeweled is hypnotic.
<zebra> omg bejeweled is like crack.
<egypt> i'm convinced this is an attempt at world domination.
<egypt> i can't stop playing this.
<Allan> What's bejeweled?
<egypt> its like, tetris for the mentally challenged.
<zebra> omg I HATE that noise it makes when you lose.
<egypt> omg i KNOW
<egypt> it makes me feel like such a FAILURE
<zebra> it makes the baby jesus cry.
<egypt> "you have no friends. please find a disease and crawl into bed with it, thanks."
<zebra> That *GAME* makes me feel like a failure.
* zebra falls over laughing

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