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#7327 +(387)- [X]

<ILLSKILLZ00> what would having a computer in my pool acomplish?
<sKratch zEro> potential death to people swimming in it

#7329 +(383)- [X]

<fiXie> me have black eye :(
<ArioZ`> from whats?
<heartz> hah, inept cocksucking of course

#7330 +(388)- [X]

<Elenkis> so we're still at +3 huh?
<Domino> guess so...
<Elenkis> man, this is sadder than checking hotornot.com to see if my rating has gone up

#7331 +(304)- [X]

*** Double0 has quit IRC (Penguins are Fat, Slow, and Dumb,... Windows are Rigid, Fragile, and Breakable .)
<Pingu> Hey!
<Pingu> Im a penguin!

#7332 +(255)- [X]

<AshiFoo> I just need a life now
<AshiFoo> and a faster 'net connection

#7333 +(175)- [X]

<RoboGum> mmmm, porn
<doublezero> i'd rather have a life than watch porn
<RoboGum> all you need to do is shave, get a hair cut, and loose the gut
<doublezero> shave? naah.. hair cut? never!
<RoboGum> there's only one thing you can do then
<RoboGum> dress all in rubber and goto an "alternative" party

#7334 +(497)- [X]

<NihiMetal> I saw my first porno when I ws 11
<NihiMetal> It had tons of lesbian sex and stuff
<NihiMetal> I use to think that women did that shit with each other all the time
<NihiMetal> You never look at your mother and the preachers wife the same after that

#7339 +(170)- [X]

<NeSSa`> yeah but he isnt fucking him?
<[ben]> not to my knowledge...jason was walkin a little funny tonight though

#7342 +(325)- [X]

<skankuhz> I work my bung muscles every night, just in case i have to go to jail, I'll rip off a mans tip if he tries to ass fuck me!

#7343 +(147)- [X]

<tenk> I added a turbo kit to my penis to increase my wrist torque and overall sack horsepower

#7344 +(448)- [X]

<[werk]chin> i think its wrong for elderly people to be openly sexual at all
<[werk]chin> they need to be these asexual funnels of christmas money and bad driving

#7345 +(44)- [X]

<chin> i got a solution, lets shoot homeless at the missles
<chin> that way the system pays for itself

#7348 +(200)- [X]

<trance> pj eats little kids for breakfast
<pUrPLe_jArGOn> I used to trance, but I cracked a tooth on a thighbone and the doctor told me I should move to more conventional foods

#7352 +(188)- [X]

<@[ben]> youd be suprised how many pancakes that mouth has masticated
<@[ben]> and yes, i spelt the last word right

#7355 +(576)- [X]

<whyerhead> hrm. I couldn't get laid in a womens prison with a fist full of pardons

#7356 +(330)- [X]

<zeitgeist> bobs car is now known as scomobile :)
<lsd> hehehe
<lsd> does that make bob 'scoman'?
<lsd> nananananananana
<lsd> SCOMAN!
<zeitgeist> lol
<lsd> quick scoman! into the scomobole!
<zeitgeist> holy floating point exception errors scoman!

#7357 +(211)- [X]

<zeitgeist> or you could stick in some crap sendmail and root that
<zeitgeist> so many ways to get a shell dude :)
<lsd> hehe
<zeitgeist> and they arent illegal if its your box :P
<Fryboy> hehe
<Fryboy> "..and its not cheating cos its YOUR DOG"
<lsd> lol
<zeitgeist> and its not homosexual incest cause its YOUR stepbrother
<Fryboy> O_O
<Fryboy> and its not trespass to property, cos it was running SCO
<zeitgeist> lol

#7358 +(241)- [X]

<HrdwrBoB> alchohol
<HrdwrBoB> is
<HrdwrBoB> teh drink of teh godz
<Fryboy>   er
<Fryboy>   thought that was necter
<HrdwrBoB> nah
<HrdwrBoB> nectar is for fags

#7359 +(213)- [X]

* stormo is potentially cosplaying at manifest this year
<DannyS> stormo: you'll still lose all respect
<DannyS> i mean, it's like voluntarily going out in front of traffic and ramming a set of computer speakers up your arse
<DannyS> except the latter gets you more friends and respect

#7361 +(237)- [X]

<devilgrl> qwasz: im a rocket technician for the govt.
<devilgrl> i used to be a unix admin
<pagan> sure have alot of exp for being 21...
<devilgrl> pagan: i dropped outta school and started working fulltime when I was 17
<pagan> then the .gov picked you up to work on rockets?
<devilgrl> my friend works for the company, he got me an interview
<pagan> and they saw your stunning education record, and hired you right?
<pagan> of course your full of shit, your a girl
<devilgrl> exactly

#7369 +(162)- [X]

<NaNaMagic> he is never too busy to answer our prayers
<qux> satan or god? you're confusing me now?
<NaNaMagic> he has extensions on his ears
<qux> like Mr Spock?
<NaNaMagic> yes  jesus has ears for all

#7374 +(524)- [X]

<[[tom]]> this game is damn addictive...
<xcon6> minesweeper?
<[[tom]]> final fantasy x
<xcon6> same thing

#7375 +(265)- [X]

<Philgone> also what is wrong with keeping your penis in a woman
* Philgone strokes his cabbage patch doll
<Philgone> toasty warm
<BFG> is her name cynthia veronica picklesbury?
<Philgone> no.. roland

#7376 +(1061)- [X]

<herman> its easy as abxc

#7383 +(257)- [X]

<Pho> the only fun Ive had with linux was formatting it

#7384 +(147)- [X]

<Malicious> This NEC machine they're advertising... a 300 mhz P2 with 32 megs SDRAM and a 4.3 gig IDE harddrive
<Kythorn> thats like the same as a ferrari with no seats and a v2
<Malicious> Kyth: One that has a tendancy to overheat, mind you *P

#7386 +(139)- [X]

<Markus_> I can't wait until I get something to fiddle with in my hands...

#7391 +(500)- [X]

<Kaff> the biker from the Village People died.
<Kaff> he died of lung cancer.
<Kaff> which just proves that getting a coq up the date will kill you in mysterious ways.
<Dane> kaff: no. you just misunderstood when the report said that he'd had too many fags.
<Kaff> haha

#7392 +(830)- [X]

<Dane> i picked ryk up one night when he was completely trashed
<Dane> and he was looking like spewing
<Dane> so i reminded him of my car spew rule
<Tippytoes> which is?
<Dane> "if you hurl you pay me $150 and you have to clean it up"
<KKKBitch> heh
<Dane> and he looked in his pocket
<Dane> and goes
<Dane> "I can cover that"
<Dane> "lets go get curry"

#7395 +(82)- [X]

<@BondAway> i better get to work
<@IceWizard> heh
<@BondAway> i need someone o administer me an hourly dose of cocaine at work, but i dont know any secretaries, and i dont know if my boss would buy 'its sinus medicine
<@BondAway> and then drive me home

#7408 +(199)- [X]

*** Radz has quit IRC (Quit: Pure | Bitches | No, Fuck You)
* KeeperS tries to make sense of Radz's quit message

#7412 +(367)- [X]

<cromicus> they're all like "everytime you say the word 'sex', jesus cries and floods a town in a third-world country"

#7418 +(415)- [X]

<[KoG]^Deeshay> I'll beat you when I get a modem that isnt controlled by a rat in a wheel

#7419 +(623)- [X]

<elite_chaR> butcher im sitting like right behind you at lanwar :D
<elite_chaR> NO WEIRD NOISES
<elite_chaR> NO WEIRD SMELLS
<butcher> dude, too late, I just f4rt3d
<butcher> that's a wierd noise, a weird smell, and a weird spelling.

#7420 +(296)- [X]

<firebrand> damn, i cannot spell today
<A|exander> you just did.
<firebrand> fuck you ;)

#7421 +(213)- [X]

<WargasM> i like chocolate
<WargasM> it makes me think of boobies
<WargasM> i wonder if you could make a woman lactate chocolate milk, if the DNA was just right

#7422 +(529)- [X]

<|VenoMtv|> my dad called me up to wish me a happy birthday
<|VenoMtv|> he said, happy 22 birthday, and i replied, dad, i'm 23
<|VenoMtv|> and he said, but i thought u started to drink last year
<|VenoMtv|> i said, no, i started in high school =x

#7423 +(316)- [X]

<Vada> is it bad when you are at work and someone that is being rude says something to you and you all of a sudden see YOU FRAGGED SOANDSO about their head?

#7425 +(335)- [X]

<UllerSkewl> metric system is better anyways
<stx-suicidal> werd
<stx-suicidal> inches are gay
<puto> your just mad cause you dont have many of them nick

#7426 +(511)- [X]

<glasnost> i was pasting it for everyone else -[
<glasnost> err
<glasnost> =]
<glasnost> fucking sad cyclops instead of happy 2-eyes

#7427 +(727)- [X]

<xetlain> 376 lines of code so far I think
<xetlain> and that took me like 3 hours, lots of yelling, two packets of cigs, 4 liters of coke, and three wanks to get done.

#7428 +(445)- [X]

<Phuser> my fan club has a member
<Phuser> my member has a fan club

#7429 +(250)- [X]

<@a> i should get "butt plug" tattooed on my cock

#7431 +(1039)- [X]

*** MathAngel has left #vancouver
<Phuser> math angel?
<bv3> wtf is a math angel
<Phuser> that is the worst nick i've ever seen
*** Phuser is now known as SocialStudiesWizard
<SocialStudiesWizard> i damn thee

#7432 +(786)- [X]

<Orz> How old are you jennjenn?
<Orz> 12 right?
<jennjenn> 12??
<Orz> Yeah, comes after 13.
<Orz> Idiot.

#7433 +(410)- [X]

<Undine> To celebrate football fan twattishness, Birmingham will once again shut down.
<Undine> Because of the fracas of the last match, twats climbing onto bus roofs as they waited in traffic.
<Undine> The routes around the major bars will be shut.
* Hawx imagines Birmingham "shutting down"...
<Hawx> Like Christmas lights going off...
<Hawx> "It is now safe to turn off your Birmingham"

#7435 +(521)- [X]

<Owyn> I can't double click on a folder to open it.
<Owyn> THat's not a good thing.
<Phuser> keep the chat running man JUST KEEP THE CHAT RUNNING!
*** Owyn has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Phuser> damn
* Phuser throws his hands in the air
<Phuser> WHY GOD, WHY?!

#7436 +(311)- [X]

<DangerousBeauty> do u seeing me giving two fucks?
<Phuser> i see you giving everyone fucks

#7437 +(153)- [X]

<Loc-Dog> which is probably a good indication that he likes gaynal sex
<SantaClaws> i'll stick with the bitches part, thanks
<Loc-Dog> SantaClaws: sweet! ahmed's ass was getting loose anyway
<Loc-Dog> a: you no longer have to play the bitches part.... SantaClaws volunteered
*** SantaClaws curses not thinking before he speaks

#7439 +(212)- [X]

<Alpino> why dont the little ray of sunshine come ova here
<PuffTheMagickBongPipe> ova.. something Alpino's sperm will NEVER see

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