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#7227 +(427)- [X]

<Prophet_Tenebrae> i am to porn what pot noodle is to snacks.
<Wesley> an insult?

#7229 +(550)- [X]

asjk] !list
[asjk] anyone know a good open ftp?
[asjk] need a userid/pw
[bluerose] oh come on give him the good account
[ck1] :)
[bluerose] l: hax0r
[bluerose] p: 31337
[asjk] thx

#7230 +(319)- [X]

[ace_kevi] heh, i didn't know there was a programming language called
[buz-] goes by "MIPS assembler" also

#7231 +(241)- [X]

<dietz> Computers, the internet, it's just a large scale version of Knott's Berry Farm.
<dietz> Oh, and instead of Snoopy, there's porn. Yeah.

#7235 +(569)- [X]

<OneEyedJack> Someone tell me why everyone lists one of their hobbies as either "hanging out" or "partying"?
<Qtechie> I like to hang out while I party... but chicks are always grossed out by it, and guys tend to beat me up for it

#7239 +(565)- [X]

<fo0bar> fuck, how do I contact the IRS?
<egon> cheat on your taxes... they'll contact you.

#7244 +(431)- [X]

<Grum_Trivia> shithead1 has won 50 in a row!! Total Points this WEEK: 22347 & this MONTH: 34899
<Shithead1> I am fucking tired of trivia
<Grumman> imagine that

#7245 +(397)- [X]

<Mike_3486> i wonder if i could smother somebody using the CO2 from a Coke can <Sock_Monkee> shrug
<Mike_3486> nobody knows...if i asked how to make a bong from a wiffle ball, some duct tape, and a rubber band i'd get 10 different answers

#7247 +(184)- [X]

<sylwia> I'm drawing black people
<sylwia> for a poster for my english class
<sylwia> I think I made tham too black
<sylwia> you can't really see their faces

#7248 +(37)- [X]

<BBKahuna> shae, my ejaculation was increased by 300%!!!!

#7250 +(449)- [X]

<yunicus> god has so many stalkers

#7252 +(53)- [X]

<sylwia> I was considering plugging a smiley sometime =( just for the sake of sticking good E up my ass

#7255 +(134)- [X]

<Hedge> yeah, loud music during sex really works. it's easy to keep the motion to a beat
<Kharnifex> mmmm yeah, but i'd have to get more fit to have sex again
<TRIPtych> «WinAmp» Now Playing: Funker Vogt - Word of Power (High Speed Mix)
<TRIPtych> id like to see u keep up to this hedge =p
<Kharnifex> *gets rectinol*
<TRIPtych> d00f d00f d00f
<Kharnifex> and the slapping noise of testical against ass
<Hedge> i think i saw the How To video of that
<Kharnifex> i just dloaded the pdf file

#7259 +(580)- [X]

<Jay> how do u spell nebour
<nc> neighbour
<nc> haha
<Jay> kthx
<Jay> how do u spell ritch
<nc> rich u moron
<DX> rofl
<Jay> well
<DX> u dum cunt jay
<Jay> so what if i cant spell
<Jay> i type it in spell check
<Jay> and im still so wrong it goes what the fuck no suggestions
<nc> MS never reckoned on Jay

#7263 +(604)- [X]

<|nqbuss> i have no problem deciding what to do. if i'm hungry, i eat. if i'm tired, i sleep, if i need to user the bathroom, i use the bathroom, if none of the above, i sit in front of the computer

#7264 +(365)- [X]

<Tigrrr> I cook food in my oven.
<Tigrrr> i like food.
<edoc> I gas puppies in mine
<Tigrrr> mmmmmm puppies

#7265 +(47)- [X]

<Daemon_> thak you for  replying   I dont know  what is daemon or who is daemon explain
<Daemon_> to me  who is or what is...sometimes Inotice you are the one who  return the
<Daemon_> mail for some reasons.....I want to know who or what daemon is..thak you

#7268 +(61)- [X]

( `46and2   ) i've learnt alot about getting a woman off... it's not that hard. i even convinced my friend to show me where the effing g spot is... i tried it on my g/f and all this clear shit came out

#7269 +(210)- [X]

(bern) i have a feeling gf's gonna call during the game
(bern) what do i do if that happens?
(bern) bit busy darling, killing a sentry gun!

#7270 +(635)- [X]

( Lev       ) i got to taste pre-mixed coca-cola concentrate from McDOnalds!
( Lev       ) BEFORE THE WATER!

#7272 +(299)- [X]

( Fuzzy     ) jBalls: go get all asian on them and start bargining
( jBalls    ) haha i lack that crucial gene
( jBalls    ) i cant bargain my way out of a cardboard box
( Lev       ) but you ddr like a motherfucker

#7273 +(540)- [X]

( CraNDaWG  ) i just watched like 6 ddr videos and i must say
( CraNDaWG  ) that is the _gayest_ bullshit i have ever seen
( Lev       ) you know, real men who rustle cows and weld stuff prolly think us playing computer games and giggling at each others gayness on irc is the _gayest_ bullshit

#7275 +(425)- [X]

[Leviath] I have a funny tingle in my nose. At 3:30pm I ate some Kettle Chilli chips and went into this coughing/snorting fit and coughed a small piece of chilli chip up my nose and snorted it out. It burned like HELL and I in turn created a scene being the 27 year old crying gayboy with a bag of chips in one hand and some printer paper I used to blow my nose on in the other :(((

#7276 +(672)- [X]

( Fuzzy     ) like flicking through his images dir
( Lev       ) oh i thought you said "licking"
( Lev       ) how peculiar
( Teddy     ) Lev: is there something on your mind?
( Teddy     ) you seem a little pre-occupied...
( Lev       ) wouldn't you lick to find out

#7278 +(297)- [X]

( Loony-Stud) pretty ass?
( Lev       ) possibly....everytime i check i get dizzy from turning and fall down

#7280 +(579)- [X]

( Lev       ) have you SEEN the people who wear the I LOVE LINUX T-shirts....that does more damage to the OS than a billion microsoft blue-screens

#7282 +(632)- [X]

( Fuzzy     ) i love the internet
( Fuzzy     ) i just found a resturant, checked the menu, read two reviews, made a booking and found out exactly where it is
( Fuzzy     ) i'd confidently say that the internet is going to get me laid tonight
( Fuzzy     ) thoroughly laid
( `46and2   ) wow... and here i was just using it for pr0n

#7283 +(372)- [X]

( TheFlyingP) i've got a pronoucement : school is bad for your health
( noip-work ) thats an ANnouncement, f00l :)
( Fuzzy     ) you need to pay more attention at school

#7284 +(430)- [X]

( Fuzzy     ) this one chick could type 80wpm at 95% acc
( Fuzzy     ) i'm watching her type going "i bet she'd give nice hand jobs"

#7285 +(531)- [X]

( Judge`ZzzZ) fmita Khorne-
( Khorne-   ) fmita?
( Khorne-   ) whats fmita short for? =)
( Khorne-   ) "fuck me in the ass?" .p
( Judge`ZzzZ) looks like it
( Fuzzy     ) you say it that often you need an acronym for it?

#7286 +(272)- [X]

( Comatose  ) play dough is the food of kings
( Chino     ) play dough is too salty
( Comatose  ) but its not as crunchy as crayons

#7288 +(671)- [X]

<PovRayMan> that was a weird dream I had last night
<PovRayMan> I was about to have sex with this hot chick
<PovRayMan> and I started peeing all over her
<PovRayMan> and she started gargling it too... damn weird
<PovRayMan> I think I know what caused it too
<PovRayMan> I went to the bathroom about 5 times last night ot pee
<PovRayMan> and a friend of mine was showing me pics he took of this girl on his campus he wants to be with
<Floach> and 3), you have a pee fetish
<gridbug> Yep.
<PovRayMan> I don't have a pee fetish.
<PovRayMan> I was trying to fuck her damnit
<PovRayMan> but I couldn't stop peeing on her

#7291 +(324)- [X]

<Iced> the IDE cable from the COM2 to the port is fsked
<Iced> it must be that
<NepCHooN> ide cable?
<NepCHooN> your com2 hooks into your hard drive?
<NepCHooN> i ph33r your pc!!

#7292 +(232)- [X]

<bytraper> man get a set of mags for your car
<bytraper> dude.... steal a set if you have to
<bytraper> they really make the car
<bytraper> especially going a large 16" rim and low profile tyres
<Lord-Data> im too fat to do illegal stuff, i can't run away :)

#7293 +(186)- [X]

<bytraper> being spoiled like I am you get sick of it and you get urges to go to the fridge to get your own beer... but then you sit a while longer  and the urge goes away so you call her to bring you beer

#7294 +(862)- [X]

<parox> man near killed myself carrying a 60kg UPS today!!!
<parox> had to carry it up some steps, put the back out I think
<bytraper> 60kg's?? I know how you feel dude... I once carried that weight in each arm once while I was running
<parox> what the hell were you doing carring that sort of weight while you were running??? you in training or something?
<bytraper> no I was stealing the stuff and somebody saw me...

#7297 +(38)- [X]

<Lord-Data> even tho im a fat guy, i dont want a fat chick .. been there .. done that .. and no offence to her coz shes a great person .. but .. id rather not again :)
<OutLore> hehe
<OutLore> agreed
<bytraper> hahahaha
<bytraper> like rocking a car on the edge of a cliff
<OutLore> 3 votes, the motion is hereby passed

#7299 +(149)- [X]

<bytraper> hmm these persoals actually look ok
<Lord-Data> lol
<Lord-Data> till you find the penis

#7300 +(285)- [X]

<bytraper> well.. you know what they say
<bytraper> if you drink and drive your a bloody idiot, if you make it home, your a fuckin legend

#7301 +(244)- [X]

<HA|MI-Edam> I read about this guy, and he was having sex with a girl, and his, you-know-what sorta like, spontaniously combusted
<EvilMonkey> ...
<DrWoody> Started on FIRE?
<MI-Edam> no, exploded
<MI-Edam> They say it was under so much pressure or something
<EvilMonkey> wt im never having sex!
<Suzie> your missing out
<EvilMonkey> missing out on having my mangina explode?
<EvilMonkey> no thanks

#7302 +(434)- [X]

<DarkEra> Tolkan, you must be the dumbest person on the planet
<Tolkan> im smark...
<Tolkan> smart.

#7304 +(159)- [X]

<@Tezz[a]> My Daddy got a paper shredder for Father's Day
<@Tezz[a]> Guess what's happening to all my school notes? >:D
<@Giess> We got ours a barbecue.

#7308 +(243)- [X]

<DarkImportGrey> god there's nothing greater than using people to your advantage
<DarkImportGrey> well... bowel movements are quite rewarding...
<DarkImportGrey> but it's close
<DarkImportGrey> manipulation vs. dumping
<DarkImportGrey> i guess i'd have to do both at once to see which would win

#7309 +(238)- [X]

<RaVeNX> shut it you pig fucker :)
<Knight> it's horses you twat.. horses

#7312 +(308)- [X]

<aegis> my penis fits in electrical sockets!

#7316 +(59)- [X]

<alisia> I'm fat
<dave> you're not fat you fat ass

#7318 +(62)- [X]

<dae> "my dixie wrecked" say it slowly now

#7322 +(281)- [X]

<chris> Spit or Swallow?
<holly> both, I spit and let you swallow

#7323 +(508)- [X]

<Kisa> Don&#8217;t laugh, but every once in a while I try to check if I by any chance have superpowers.  For some reason I always try telekinesis.
<Kisa> I look at something for a while, and try to move it with my mind.
<Kisa> and when I fail, I feel really stupid.
<Kisa> I was just wondering if anyone else does something like that?
<Kojedub> Yeah.
<Kojedub> I feel really stupid too.
* Kisa feels glad that he is not alone
<Kojedub> Not in relation to telekinesis.
<Kojedub> Just, you know.
<Kojedub> Stupid.

#7326 +(159)- [X]

<JtHM> chick + tat = filthy
<JtHM> any girl who has a tat is a whore. if I've learnt anything from pron, that'd be it

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