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#4818 +(158)- [X]

<vvortex3> hey, the isp i work for, cwnet has a legal copy of microsoft visual studio, but we cant find the cd, can someone please email me deruntime.dll so i can fix a bug in one of our machines?
<Cyrix> what.
<jim4> vv: no
<Cyrix> get a new cd
<Cyrix> or go to #mypersonalfileserver
*** vvortex3 (vvortex3@arena.cwnet.com) has left #C++
<snibril> we don't support warez, and neither incomptent isps
*** vvortex3 (vvortex3@arena.cwnet.com) has joined #c++
<vvortex3> jerk
<Cyrix> vvortex3 on @#mypersonalfileserver

#4819 +(238)- [X]

*** Topic is 'Current IQ is, make no mistake, 0120 (your IQ is subtantially higher, if you know what that is in decimal)'
<DuneBoy> fr0zen: it looked like base 3 to me, which would mean it was 25 isn;t it??? 0(3^3) + 1(3^3) + 2(2^3) + 1?

#4825 +(369)- [X]

*** Toramo has joined #---------
<Toramo> It's a full house tonight!!!
<Illuvatar> Can I be uncle Joey?

#4827 +(601)- [X]

<Luney> i dunno i took an icq test and it said 180

#4828 +(1049)- [X]

<mov> DAL: u seen 2001 - A space odyssey?
<DAL9000> that has to be the stupidest question i've ever heard

#4835 +(279)- [X]

<JeyK> 7) I wanted to see if my penis would fit through the CD.  It did, but the firemen and rescue squad had to break the CD to free me.

#4837 +(696)- [X]

<KeeperS> one of the questions on there is "HOW MANY SIDES DOES A TRIANGLE HAVE?"
<KeeperS> and it has a picture of a triangle
<KeeperS> and then 4 answer choices
<KeeperS> how do you get that wrong?

#4838 +(405)- [X]

<Twingy> almost as annoying as you dal, except your hear longer
<DAL9000> that would be almost insulting if it were grammatically correct

#4839 +(467)- [X]

<Soronel> Just so everyone knows, if a life suddenly appears, I have dibs
<Soronel> I'm not likely to get one otherwise

#4840 +(892)- [X]

* DuneBoy wonders why his code won't compile
<DuneBoy> missing ) my ass
<ZorbaTHut> "Ironically, however, his ass was indeed missing its right cheek."

#4842 +(74)- [X]

<Cyrix_> everytime you take a crap, you design the unique cracks and lines in your terds, and sometimes decorate them with peanuts or corn
<Cyrix_> and occasionally, you tint the shade. thats all designing

#4843 +(437)- [X]

<GiRLiE-> ur cruel.. but funny
<bytraper> and you have a beuatiful mind... but you're fat

#4844 +(202)- [X]

<jjz_> One point I had a MS Agent reading IRC windows while I'd play halflife

#4847 +(337)- [X]

<Gersh> wow
<Gersh> I rule
<Gersh> I made one of my ex's cry over aim
<Gersh> dammit I wish she had a webcam

#4848 +(8540)- [X]

<ohm> damn
<ohm> FUCK
<ohm> DAMN
<ohm> i was just in an AIM convo with a chick, and my grandmother's window pops up
<ohm> FUCK
<ohm> i go like this to her
<ohm> "i want to suck on your clit"
<ohm> FUCK

#4849 +(109)- [X]

<thinkmad> who made these stupid ass tutorials?
<thinkmad> one of them should be
<thinkmad> how to be fucking stupid

#4850 +(952)- [X]

<TittiesMcEarmuffs> ( . )^_^( . )

#4852 +(346)- [X]

<ryo-ohki> and it would be an understatement to say I AM FUCKING BAKED OUT OF MY MIND
<DCBastard> lol - what else is new?
<DCBastard> one day you should come into the channel and go "WOW - I AM TOTALLY FUCKING STRAIGHT" - we'd all be like "holy shit! that is amazing!"

#4858 +(318)- [X]

<Puff-working> I play the banjo..never learned fiddle..but I might someday.
<Puff-working> and I can make a harmonica sing.
<Unfor|Work> I play the CD player

#4860 +(672)- [X]

<cheerio> i like computers better than chicks cuz they will willingly accept my 3.5" floppy

#4861 +(529)- [X]

<Merlin3> It was my grandmother's dying wish that I receive some dave matthews bootlegs... if you have any mp3ed (not from the 4 CDs) please msg me or just go and DCC it to me... thank you for your concern. with everyone's help, I think I will be able to make it through these difficult times.

#4865 +(1670)- [X]

<iHaveAids> Anyone want to talk to a 17 / f?

#4866 +(297)- [X]

<fagx> in order to maintain our status as high-ranking officials in #lost we have a maximum of 1 offline friend each

#4867 +(257)- [X]

<reuben> i'm going to name my kid with elite capitalization
<langdon> my kid will be all caps.

#4869 +(90)- [X]

<l0wkey> im getting hemorrhoids
<l0wkey> from sitting on my butt all day ircing
<l0wkey> i should sue Khaled

#4871 +(358)- [X]

<reuben> my dad claims that he got his first piece of ass from a cow.
<reuben> i had a great upbringing

#4872 +(389)- [X]

<nost> whered iban go
<langdon> home
<nost> this is his home

#4874 +(962)- [X]

<gee-> i stole a 5 dollar pen from officemax and it didnt work
<homieC> your dad stole a 5 dollar condom from a 7-11 and it didnt work

#4875 +(253)- [X]

<pimp> im going to go play with my toys now
<RiP> that means hes going to play with himself right
<pimp> no, im going to go play with my X-Men action figures

#4877 +(479)- [X]

<cade> zzz, you wanna kill yourself or something?
<zZz-> cade, I've attempted so many times and failed, it's not even funny..
<zZz-> Accually, it is kinda funny.

#4878 +(310)- [X]

<l0wkey> usually if someone pisses me off i punch their girlfriend in the mouth and scram

#4879 +(359)- [X]

<gee> i made $52 at busch gardens saturday
<iban> in a bathroom stall?

#4880 +(298)- [X]

<l0wkey> do any of you wonder why pubic hair doesnt get as long as normal hair

#4881 +(285)- [X]

<reuben> send me a picture of you.
<{Elmo}> no scanner
<reuben> get one.
<{Elmo}> no $$
<ryano> in other words reub, you probably dont want to see her

#4882 +(300)- [X]

<l0wkey> i am in a jam...it is my old roommates 21st birthday tonight, no school tomorrow, a few movies i want to see, Simpsons and X-Files...what to do?
<l0wkey> I KNOW...STAY ON IRC

#4886 +(632)- [X]

<chris--> now i have to tell the coach that i can't play because my wrist hurts
<chris--> and he asks me how i injuried it
<chris--> and i say swinging a bat
<chris--> and it sounds stupid.
<chris--> it has 'masturbation injury' written all over it

#4892 +(435)- [X]

<lewZer> Man, translating 2 pages of non-spaced, non-punctuated, instructions for making lsd is awful rough on a 9th grade dropout

#4895 +(97)- [X]

<Spudge> if my mother was on right now i would kb her ass so quick

#4896 +(326)- [X]

<clay> prostitution is illegal in the united states of america
<ryano> not in nevada
<clay> were you conceived in nevada

#4899 +(836)- [X]

<l0wkey> if i see something so fucking cute, like another rugrats movie or babe movie, im going on a spree
<sabbat> a killing spree i hope
<l0wkey> i was thinking along the lines of shopping spree, but suggestion noted

#4900 +(61)- [X]

<tsal> my dick is so big it's got its own dick

#4901 +(325)- [X]

<intuit> hmm maybe sumtime next week i will go outside

#4902 +(522)- [X]

<iban> in 5 years irc will be obsolite
<ryano> so will spelling

#4905 +(222)- [X]

<l0wkey> the women in porn spread so much all i can see are kidneys

#4909 +(650)- [X]

<langdon> *** Unable to resolve
<langdon> how do i get that IP?
<langdon> is that like.
<langdon> when the internet is full?

#4913 +(267)- [X]

<Conjure> closed minded idiots
<Conjure> playing with feces owns

#4914 +(374)- [X]

<clay> and i raped your mother %your.age years ago

#4916 +(7148)- [X]

<Polytope> tetris is so unrealistic

#4917 +(344)- [X]

<clay> math is for kids who cant get by on looks and trench coats alone

#4918 +(945)- [X]

<joey`> mcdonalds fired me for trying to install irc on the teleprompter

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