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#417081 +(716)- [X]

mojo: oh my god that was the greatest ever
mojo: UPS guy was at my door delivering some stuff to me
mojo: and this guy from across the street was on the sidewalk talking to him about a cell phone delivery or some nonsense
mojo: and the UPS guy says "crazy foreigner from across the street keeps bothering me, i don't even think he has a house"
mojo: "he probably drives a taxi because he can't get a real job"
mojo: and i smiled at him and said "yea. nothing at all like driving a UPS truck." *SLAM*

#417089 +(327)- [X]

<blanco> chicks dig ignorance
<blanco> but only as long as do it with an accent

#417106 +(793)- [X]

<janelle> i hate guys
<PacerX> hey, people can piss me off too, but i don't write off their whole gnder
<PacerX> that would make me a feminist

#417107 +(3071)- [X]

<PacerX> i made a kid stop crying today
<bemyfreak> awww, how sweet
<PacerX> i knocked him unconcious
<bemyfreak> WHAT

#417139 +(1427)- [X]

* Now talking in #crimehackerz
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<snoldak> im so lonely

#417147 +(621)- [X]

<doom-> i never seen a canadian battleship
<[C1RCA]> cuz we STEALTH NUGGA!'

#417153 +(112)- [X]

(Deranged): I wanna get a job in a candy store putting fudge into boxes.
(Deranged): That way, when people ask what I do for a living, I can say I'm a fudge packer.

#417254 +(324)- [X]

<Mark_Ryan> those of you using mIRC, for a neat trick, hold down shift and click the "#wikipedia" button up the top
<Slowking_Man> I'm betting that closes it.
<Mark_Ryan> nah it does a 3D animation
* Parts: neilc (~neilc@
* Parts: squash- (~squash-@051.b.005.mel.iprimus.net.au) ("Leaving")
* Joins: squash- (~squash-@051.b.005.mel.iprimus.net.au)
<squash-> it works on xchat too

#417265 +(306)- [X]

<Dave_A> Raping Secial Ed Kids is Fucking Retarded.

#417362 +(322)- [X]

<Deepsy`SilentHill4> my ex came with BitchX internally intergrated.

#417967 +(491)- [X]

<@asym> I bet rob zombie would win the election if he came on TV and said "elect me or I will open the gates of hell."

#418422 +(1645)- [X]

<AnGeLcAkE-14fFA>wanna cyber?
<AnGeLcAkE-14fFA>ok, i move close to u
<AnGeLcAkE-14fFA>i start rubbin your chest and unbutton your pants
<shiroi>hmm? oh..er. Yea cool.
<AnGeLcAkE-14fFA>u suck at this
<shiroi>I suck? You're the one signing on to irc with your asl in your nick looking for a lovelife. You suck at life.
<shiroi> You're probably not even a girl.
AnGeLcAkE-14fFA has quit IRC. (Quit)
<shiroi>Damnit, I'll never get a net gf at this rate :(

#418770 +(-222)- [X]

MynameisTim <Joins>
MynameisTim:  Oh my fucking god, I was just whacking off and I have these crazy lumps on my coozer I think they are warts, anyway I'm sitting there ALMOST at climax when BOOM! one pops and coats my face with pus
MynameisTim:  so what are you guys up to?

#418773 +(190)- [X]

<sticker> Scientists have recently dicsovered that most women will, at some time in their life, contain small amounts of intelligent DNA.
<sticker> Unfortunately for a large majority of females, this is only a temporary state, as over 95% of them will SPIT IT OUT!!!
<sticker> lmao
<ShadowHunter> rofl
<MrSupreme> rofl, good one
<CouldItBe> lmao nice one sticker

#418790 +(1532)- [X]

<@drift_nax> i had 2 options
<@drift_nax> close the porn
<@drift_nax> or pull up my pants

#419629 +(600)- [X]

<@Kamui> whats a flamewar without music?
<@Kamui> xD
<Br0thershin> Religion.

#419730 +(95)- [X]

<Cheese> I'm going to Visit Canada one day anyway :/
<microburn> Cheese, we'll go drinking.
<Cheese> microburn, not until I'm like 23/24 ;s
<Cheese> What would be funny is
<Cheese> if we all still talk
<microburn> Cheese, : That would be sad if stayed on IRC for 8 more years talking to you all.
<Cheese> :s
* microburn commits suicide.
<Cheese> 8?
<microburn> I have 8.
<microburn> I'm 16.
<Cheese> microburn, I can't see a day when we still don't come on IRC
<Cheese> we might have graphics then
<microburn> Graphics?
<muert0> yeah me dancin naked in a box to your left
* microburn quits IRC, now.

#419733 +(831)- [X]

Rain Complex: That was depressing Drew
Rain Complex: Please hold while I stab myself to death
BLUeTalon24: ok
BLUeTalon24: hurry back
Rain Complex: Okay, I'm back
BLUeTalon24: wb!
Rain Complex: I went to Hell ):
BLUeTalon24: that musta sucked
Rain Complex: Thank you
Rain Complex: Yes
Rain Complex: Well I'm still there
Rain Complex: They have computers!
BLUeTalon24: they have AIM too?
Rain Complex: They're 133s running only WinNT and AOL
BLUeTalon24: with spyware galore
Rain Complex: And pop-up makers
Rain Complex: Bootlegged Britney Spears WMAs playing in fast forward 24/7
BLUeTalon24: haha WMA is evil
Rain Complex: Linux users are crying everywhere
Rain Complex: And all the Mac people jumped into the pit of fire and sulfur
Rain Complex: The keyboards are DVORAK
BLUeTalon24: hahaha
Rain Complex: They only have trackballs
Rain Complex: And tape-drives
Rain Complex: 4.25 floppy drives that don't work
BLUeTalon24: left handed single click dirty rolling ball mice with no scroll wheel.
Rain Complex: No scroll wheels for thousands of miles, my friend

#419746 +(37)- [X]

<worstazn> yo i need to find a new bitch..
<mejmanyme> k i have a plan
<mejmanyme> you running windows or linux?
<worstazn> winxp....
<mejmanyme> k, hit start and then "run"
<mejmanyme> type in "cmd"
<mejmanyme> after commandprompt opens
<mejmanyme> type currentbitch /release
<mejmanyme> then currentbitch /renew
<mejmanyme> now type currentbitch /all and send the results

#419747 +(816)- [X]

cpufreak04: Fun fact.
cpufreak04: Take 'HAL' from 2001: A Space Odyssey
cpufreak04: And move every letter one letter forward (Y=Z, X=Y)
cpufreak04: What do you get?
MavAntagonist: g_k
cpufreak04: FORWARD.
MavAntagonist: oh....IBM!
MavAntagonist: OMG!

#419832 +(2133)- [X]

<cbatoday> my friend walked in on me having sex on his bed last night
<Nemoso> was he pissed?
<cbatoday> well yea, it was with his girlfriend :

#419930 +(-839)- [X]

<Bilbo>: Pac Man time!
<Bilbo>: < ............. M
<Bilbo>: < ........ M
<Bilbo>: < . M
<Bilbo>: ^
<Bilbo>: Oops. I died.

#420169 +(708)- [X]

<lh> oh shit
<lh> started pickin my nose
<lh> then realised i got like my webcam on to 7 ppl

#420181 +(2108)- [X]

<sic1> so you tried to go home
<sic1> and it wouldn't start?
<sp4nk> Indeed.
<sp4nk> I wish I knew a thing or two about cars.
<sp4nk> I wonder if there's a troubleshooter online that's like Microsoft's thing.
<sp4nk> Problem: My car will not start.
<sic1> HAHAHA
<sp4nk> Suggestion: Have you tried turning the key?
<sp4nk> [ ] Yes, this solved the problem.
<sp4nk> [x] No, the car still will not start.
<sp4nk> This troubleshooter is unable to solve your problem.

#420275 +(1947)- [X]

<ColdRage687> do you like psychiatry
<Avs4Cup2K3> my mom's a psychiatrist
<ColdRage687> i dont
<ColdRage687> i used to think the brain was the most fascinating part of the body
<ColdRage687> but then i realized
<ColdRage687> pssssh
<ColdRage687> look whats telling me that

#420391 +(1654)- [X]

<Cyb> heh this guy I knew in high school forgot to write an english paper until like the day before it was due and it was supposed to be a work of fiction a couple pages long
<Cyb> so he wrote down the half-life sp story
<Cyb> and stretched it out as much as he could
<Cyb> and got an A

#420439 +(374)- [X]

<@Casper> Girl from work and I went to the pool hall
<@Casper> I asked her if she wanted to start talking
<@Casper> She said we would talk about it tomorrow
<@Casper> She has a nice looking sister too
<@cypher> start talking about what?
<@Casper> going out
<@cypher> people _plan_ relationship status?
<Vehementi> not only do they plan relationship status, they plan *talking* about relationship status.
<Vehementi> later in the relationship this is more commonly known as the "Let's talk about our relationship" trap
<@cypher> Vehementi: <3
<sh> $relationship->discuss();
<sh> new Relationship;

#420517 +(647)- [X]

<Managore> Heh.. All I ever drink is cock and fanta.
<Managore> FUCK
<Apocalypse> !!!ROFLMAO!!! ..Freudian slip eh??
<Managore> NO
<Managore> FUCK
<Managore> SHIT
<Managore> FUCK
<Managore> FUCK

#420589 +(2102)- [X]

<@dawoker> my manager dropped by and told me to stop using things like "my president is an assclown" in string testing for some of our code.

#420634 +(406)- [X]

<SnowBlind> We need to get that professor who mutated Oranges to have THC, so that Bacon has THC.
<^goat^> mmmmm potbacon
<LynchHung> lol
<SnowBlind> We'll call it JAMAICAN BACON!
<Gazoo> Oranges have THC?

#420685 +(2317)- [X]

<tadpoleofdeath> Why do so many math majors confuse Halloween and Christmas?
<elfking> why?
<tadpoleofdeath> Because Oct 31 is Dec 25

#420839 +(2019)- [X]

<Siege>: Omg theres this really hot girl at my school.
<WarHawk>: Aww. Siegebear is in wuv.
<Siege>:Everytime she smiles i wanna cum all over her face.
<WarHawk>: Whoa

#420855 +(9331)- [X]

gentoogod: omg dude
gentoogod: today i might the stupidest 3 people i ever met
gentoogod: thier 3 brains combined couldnt solve the dilemma they faced today
siral21: what was it
gentoogod: ok before i say this
gentoogod: 100% true, not one second of a lie
gentoogod: this lady went into mcdonalds today and ordered a big mac for her
gentoogod: and ordered 2 mcgrittles one for each kid. one had bacon one without
gentoogod: her sons are around 18 or 19 so not infants
gentoogod: she went to the counter furious cause the son that wanted bacon has no bacon on his and the one that didnt want bacon has bacon on his
gentoogod: i fell on the floor beside her and couldnt stop laughing
gentoogod: so i finally stood up and asked her to repeat, thinking maybe shes drunk
gentoogod: i swear to god she looked at me straight faced and repeated it. and her 2 sons were beside her mad that they didnt get the order they wanted

#420926 +(1277)- [X]

<WooWoo> i was walking through goodwill with my daughter to look for costume ideas and there was this stuffed trout adn i gave it to her, adn literally, she smacked me with it and laughed
<WooWoo> and i'm like.
<WooWoo> omfg
<WooWoo> she just trout slapped me
<WooWoo> wtf
<WooWoo> she's not on irc
<WooWoo> it was all big too
<WooWoo> like 3 feet long

#420954 +(304)- [X]

<JonnyCash> man i was having this bad dream about driving piss drunk but then i woke up from it
<JonnyCash> well i had to because the light turned green

#420967 +(747)- [X]

<whitay> i just wanna kill mysql
<whitay> myself*
<heaika> that's an odd warning..
<whitay> mmm stupid reflex typing

#421080 +(741)- [X]

<seekm> this was a call someone had that i was helping them with
<seekm> "is you caps lock key on?"
<seekm> "i think so, the keyboard is in all capital letters"

#421163 +(916)- [X]

< [Syntax]> woah, I just cracked open my fortune cookie and it was dead on..
< Feenyx> how so?
< jonnyv> "you will eat a cookie"?

#421385 +(2104)- [X]

<SKS> Hey, type lana backwards.
<LadyGrace> SKS, anal?
<SKS> Yes, please.
<WhoaOutOfControl> Hey SKS, type cips backwards.
<SKS> spic
* SKS was kicked by Anubis- (Racist language detected (4 hour ban) -- (207 served))
<WhoaOutOfControl> Teehee
<rancid_alan> What an ass.

#421516 +(1394)- [X]

<konfuzed> i'm at this lan party...
<konfuzed> most of the others are downstairs, drinking.
<konfuzed> now they've all got goatse as their background image.

#421526 +(-54)- [X]

<r0y_g3rb1l> police stations are clubs for thick-skulled short dicked racist gun-nuts that took every civil-ass test they could because no one else hires people that put "former nigger beater" on their resume.

#421528 +(808)- [X]

<GaronSemi> The media players of the future will -kill you- if you associate their filetypes with another program.

#421551 +(163)- [X]

<LegCow> he's about as funny as aids

#421559 +(82)- [X]

<TorpedoDog> well whats your take on the whole refugee bit then?
<MalcomX> sailings not the fastest way to get places

#421667 +(2116)- [X]

<adidasdood> anyone smallville 403 yet?
<spacerat> verbs, dude, verbs
<spacerat> that sentence clearly requires a verb

#421788 +(1267)- [X]

*** DickHead5 was kicked by TJ32 (3.80265176 10^-09 millenia long ban. (394 Served.))
TJ32 sets mode: +b *!*java@*.cos2.cable.ntl.com
<@DrLavaGoddess> LMAO
<@DrLavaGoddess> Now that's funny
<WhoaOutOfControl> Haha
<WhoaOutOfControl> how long is that ban
<@TJ32> 2 minutes.

#421793 +(-166)- [X]

<Casualty-> i did weed once, fuck that shit
<Casualty-> and pot once
<CAL-bf|Russ> Weed was amazing
<eI|Katie> casualty...
<eI|Katie> weed = pot
* emolithic|Icon_class has joined #gxl
<Casualty-> err
<Casualty-> not pot
<Casualty-> cocaine
<Meta474> hahaha
<Meta474> Nerd.

#421829 +(298)- [X]

<d-dog> know any thing that stops acne oh great kurty
<kurty> uh yeah
<kurty> finishing puberty

#422419 +(1452)- [X]

<leif> well I used to go to a "special" school for troubled kids, so our classes were really easy and pretty dumb. One of them was "work study" and I remember one day a few kids were playing jenga on the main "study" table, and i got the most exellent idea to grab a small model plane from the teachers desk, throw it at the blocks, then after they fell over I shouted " HEY GUESS WHO I AM?!?!".... 
<leif> That's why i'm home schooled now :-(

#422720 +(776)- [X]

<RedLeader> So you like ju-jitsu tonight?
<Cigz> Yea, it was fun but I prefer my judo
<RedLeader> why, you think all of that throwing people around is cooler?
<Cigz> Ya damn right, the laddies love that stuff
<RedLeader> ...
<Cigz> shit, LADIES
<Cigz> look, let's just keep this our little secret, alright?
<RedLeader> Sure dude, don't worry about it ;)
<Cigz> you bastard....

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