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#2441 +(299)- [X]

<shadyk> i think ill go insert some animals in my rectum and drink some of my own urine and take the purity test again

#2444 +(26)- [X]

<Essex> philly close to chicago?
<saotome> Starting From: Arriving At: Distance: Approximate Travel Time:
<saotome> Chicago, IL
<saotome> Philadelphia, PA
<saotome> 758.1 miles 13 hours 51 mins

#2446 +(375)- [X]

*** blahblahb (Dingdong@h24-207-55-238.dlt.dccnet.com) has joined #gamedev
<blahblahb> !list
*** blahblahb (Dingdong@h24-207-55-238.dlt.dccnet.com) has left #gamedev
<DAL9000> it was a driveby !list'ing

#2451 +(1294)- [X]

<toot> Y2K isn't untill 2048
<toot> 1K = 1024

#2452 +(595)- [X]

<|Z|e|N|> A nick name is like a wife. You get bored with it but cant really change it, and if anyone else nicks it then theyre dead

#2456 +(4946)- [X]

<M3rlin-> what is the legal age to buy alcoholic in england ?
<p5Ds13a06> you cant buy alcoholics
<p5Ds13a06> but if you wink the right way, some of them will follow you home for free

#2457 +(202)- [X]

<l0wkey> im getting hemorrhoids, from sitting on my butt all day ircing... i should sue Khaled

#2460 +(606)- [X]

<Ortem> You see...My penis is very much like a sherbert dib dab
<Graeme> short, thin, soft and often in children's mouths.

#2461 +(592)- [X]

<pSa007> what is the difference between nintendo64 and commodore64?

#2464 +(832)- [X]

<NetShadow> this is going to sound pitiful... but can you tell me how to use a washing machine?

#2465 +(224)- [X]

* bobf says his nick really means battery operated boyfriend

#2467 +(428)- [X]

<FaceDown8> if i wanted any lip from you i'd undo my zipper

#2468 +(344)- [X]

<god4ever> I had sex before, just never with a person

#2469 +(592)- [X]

<conceited> i cant sleep till i know im using up half of the neighborhood bandwidth

#2470 +(1766)- [X]

<Fade_> heh, truent, you have a big fat dick up my ass 
<Fade_> err your ass

#2471 +(281)- [X]

<dfd> can someone tell me how fast is a k-line?

#2472 +(543)- [X]

<ArAgOn__> Dyckert: If your parents got divorced, would they still be cousins?

#2473 +(655)- [X]

<ringy> my mom says shed date me if she was my age

#2474 +(299)- [X]

<Server_X> i need to take my modem out tonight 
<Server_X> is it true that you have to wax your modem if it is a 56k once every month?

#2478 +(279)- [X]

<Mave> packetmonkey has a whole different meaning in jail :/

#2479 +(822)- [X]

<Screwy> I went on a 30-day diet
<Screwy> and lost 30 days

#2481 +(448)- [X]

<MattsGirl> my surname gets pronounced many ways
<NixsGirl> what the right way to say it?
<MattsGirl> Bee-at-ch

#2482 +(429)- [X]

<althea> i was fucked on tranquilizers
<althea> fucked up i mean

#2483 +(340)- [X]

<jason> life is like a rental car, you fuck it up, and give it back.

#2485 +(77)- [X]

<Luco13> If we lose Napster...I will lose my mp3's??"

#2486 +(287)- [X]

<R`:#heroin> Is this for recovery or indulgence?

#2489 +(522)- [X]

<pesert> Command line?
<pesert> Is that like a special cable?

#2491 +(426)- [X]

<Frisky> my oldest was 34.. when I was 17.. was my mums best mate.. had an affair with her for 3 months heh.. she learnt me quite a lot..
<Pie-Man> Frisky: she learnt you quite a lot? obviously not grammar

#2495 +(408)- [X]

<CompGod> If crime doesn't pay, is my job illegal?

#2496 +(694)- [X]

<Carisear> Ever since i put the "Tires by Firestone" bumper sticker on my car, no one seems to tailgate me anymore.

#2497 +(320)- [X]

<PurplHaze> marriage doesn't mean you own me
<CaptCavmn> no, just the genitals

#2498 +(1545)- [X]

<puppet> a woman can fake an orgasm, but it takes a man to fake an entire relationship

#2499 +(1105)- [X]

<Fly_kEaT> ok so what time now in russia?
<amsea_> 17:06
<Fly_kEaT> am or pm?

#2500 +(704)- [X]

<Dekon> Florida is holding the election hostage until we quit sending old people

#2501 +(687)- [X]

<FuseGirl> life is like a toilet roll, when it's near the end, you panic

#2502 +(76)- [X]

<cercoaiut> hi, I'm 17 years old what  must I do to became a programmer?

#2504 +(352)- [X]

<iRalph> i'm not a cunt
<iRalph> although...
<iRalph> you are what you eat

#2506 +(388)- [X]

<Dracon> weird.. seems like no matter what i do, cpu usage never shows 0.0%.

#2507 +(1337)- [X]

<briansex> i am sliding my hand up your leg what do u do?
<sully> I tell you I'm a guy?

#2508 +(194)- [X]

<regulatin> I would'nt touch a girl who would do an uncut guy
<regulatin> thats disgusting
<regulatin> did u see the pic of the dildo in my ass

#2512 +(1201)- [X]

<`michael> pink floyd - wish you were here is the best goddamn song
<w3nisT> i disagree while it is a very good song I think the donkey kong theme song is better

#2514 +(206)- [X]

<steve|zzz> i had this dream
<steve|zzz> i was beating off
<steve|zzz> and my penis was circumsised
<steve|zzz> and it was so big i could use 2 hands
<steve|zzz> best dream i ever had

#2515 +(1325)- [X]

<ckx> hrm does anybody else ever think "yep... the internet... vast information and opportunities at my disposal..."
<ckx> and then just sit at the search engine
<ckx> :/

#2516 +(387)- [X]

<rewben> we are not perverts ;p
<akiron> speak for youself ;)

#2517 +(305)- [X]

<hye> sex caffeine and computing power
<tia> hehe
<hye> the trinity

#2522 +(653)- [X]

<orion> back to starcraft editing

#2523 +(962)- [X]

<berzerk0r> i wrote a rap about my ex girlfriend ready:
<berzerk0r> You're a cunt.
<merkaba> thats pretty good berz
<berzerk0r> i like it
<MadHatter> it doesn't even rhyme

#2525 +(213)- [X]

<FifthFactor> he said he's sell it if you want
<Wolf4dk> For a buck?
<Wolf4dk> That's all I got
<FifthFactor> hah. no.... a little more
<Wolf4dk> what does he want for it?
<OneVerySickpuppy> 2 bucks!
<FifthFactor> without the engine i think he wants $2500 canadian
<OneVerySickpuppy> ack.. thats like 10$ american, too much

#2535 +(276)- [X]

<gloone> seriously, i can watch porn for like 500 hours straight and still not get bored..
<gloone> without jax0ring or anything..
<gloone> there's something wrong with me :|

#2538 +(3209)- [X]

<Bizzy> say Y
<DAL9000> Y
<DAL9000> easy to say
<DAL9000> f00
<DAL9000> say that.
<DAL9000> now that
<DAL9000> now say this:
<DAL9000> |ZZ | е/\/\ߪ
<Bizzy> |ZZ | е/\/\ߪ
<DAL9000> bahahaha
<Bizzy> what?
<Bizzy> damnit

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