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#90331 +(355)- [X]

<Nuke|Hmm> i want nothing
<Nuke|Hmm> except your love
<Nuke|Hmm> and maybe a hot pocket

#90835 +(2513)- [X]

( PovRayMan ) In one of the bathrooms on campus, someone wrote: "The Americans are the Nazis of the 20th Century."
( PovRayMan ) Below it, another person followed up: "The Nazis are the Nazis of the 20th Century, you fuckwit."

#91014 +(178)- [X]

<MuadDib> To a certain degree I am, come on its the internet I can be whatever I want
<Thalamasa> Except, apparently, a person of intellect
<Thalamasa> <.<

#91041 +(681)- [X]

<Nor> i found my 1st grey pubic hair the other day :(
<Nor> It was in a BigMac

#91303 +(802)- [X]

<mustafa12>Ya, in 9th grade I was reading some background history on a poem out loud to the class and the poem was written in 1337, me being the cool social butterfly that I am, I read it as "leet"

#91381 +(199)- [X]

<fusionrock> art school. (n.) a "school" for those who suck at math, history, and english :|

#91406 +(1046)- [X]

<One-> A good friend will bail you out of jail, but your best friend will be the one sitting next to you saying "That was fucking awesome!"

#91453 +(501)- [X]

(jsmonet) how the fuck do you kill black widows
(PackRat) Take away their food stamps?

#91656 +(151)- [X]

(FDSA): Someone once told me to dance like I fight...
(FDSA): all graceful and shit...
(FDSA): I almost had it...
(FDSA): Then I dropped my girlfriend on her head

#91807 +(832)- [X]

<Kukyona> how is hacking like sex? gets better with practice?
<m4tt-3> ehh
<m4tt-3> 'get in, get out, hope you dont leave anything behind that can be traced to you

#91826 +(22)- [X]

<REDkryptonite> i wish g bush would wage war on fat chix

#91863 +(297)- [X]

<Looney> fucking alterego, cant end a sentence without a smiley

#91896 +(157)- [X]

[ LeftRight]: Her ass has been bitten soo many times doctors use it to identify dead people

#91968 +(655)- [X]

<cae> i wonder what sales calls will be like with video phones
<DarthBong> at least then you'll be able to flip them off
<DarthBong> or hang up a porn picture over the camera
<cae> hehe...print out goatse.cx pictures and flash them to unsuspecting sales people
<DarthBong> hehe
<keetz> hahaha
<DarthBong> "hang on a sec, i can't remember where I left my credit card.... Oh, i left it in.. (goatse.cx guy) HERE"

#92024 +(430)- [X]

<LadyDragon> But I like to think that I have brains over bronze anyhow

#92501 +(819)- [X]

<POon> i just executed an underage camel
<POon> and looted his hump
<uli> wtf? what game is that?
<POon> game?

#92706 +(967)- [X]

<dySanGONE> i asked my mom to leave me some money so i could go to wendy's
<dySanGONE> she left me $40
<Nago> nice
<yotta|w0rk> must have thought wendy was a cheap whore.

#92841 +(36)- [X]

<Zeni> I send in quotes all the time and they go "HURR DURR, WE R BASH, LETS REFUSE HUMOUR BECAUSE WE'RE FRENCH"

#92941 +(571)- [X]

<Kaptain_Kakakaway> six string samurai is the most crazy movie ever concieved
<Kaptain_Kakakaway> Only one man could kill this many Russians.
<BrotherData> stalin ?

#93196 +(747)- [X]

<Q> i need a remote control, and when you press a button on it, it makes your female friends stop being weird
<Lestat> I have one of those.
<Lestat> It's called a gun.

#93296 +(198)- [X]

<Kavalier> Bill Gates should build a 100 story skyscraper in Manhattan for his private home.
<Seppel> Then crash an XBox into it.

#93534 +(634)- [X]

<rockape> "i take my coffee black..... like my men"
<Khel> do you take your coffee in your ass too?

#93745 +(136)- [X]

<mef> Systematic Asian Removal Service

#93815 +(464)- [X]

<tps^snoogans> haha
<tps^snoogans> i just went into the kitchen
<tps^snoogans> and picked up this boneless buffalo wing
<tps^snoogans> and said "why didnt i eat this this morning?"
<tps^snoogans> so i ate it
<tps^snoogans> and then i was like "oh yeah i dropped it on the ground outside"
<tps^snoogans> i'm a fucking retard

#93832 +(382)- [X]

<Treen> did you hear?  hillary rosen, the lady from the RIAA will be writing Iraq's new copyright law.
<+Antiarc> Yeah
<Treen> god help those poor fuckers.
<+Antiarc> No kidding
<AshPlissken> Are you shitting us?
<Treen> nope.
<+Antiarc> You know...
<+Antiarc> Actually, that's brilliant.
<+Antiarc> Bush is a freaking genius.
<+Antiarc> See...
<+Antiarc> ...he lets Rosen goes in...
<+Antiarc> ...she sets up copyright law...
<+Antiarc> ...Bush bombs her to free the Iraqi people from another oppressive dictator.

#93834 +(1061)- [X]

<GPF> i have your ip i will get my friend to hack you ahahahahah
<CommanderStab> Muahaha you have fallen into my evil trap, do you know what IP stands for?!
<CommanderStab> I stands for "Internet Police" and if you try to hack into it you will be arrested by the Internet Police!!!
<GPF> thats not true
<GPF> is it??
<GPF> shit i better tell my friend not to hack into the other ips i gave him
-!- GPF gpf@vw-18934.iinet.net.au has left #lobby
<CommanderStab> Stupidity - the ONLY effective anti-hacker method.
<tryon> lol

#93845 +(161)- [X]

[Decept404] i like smiling brightly, shaking a girl's hand going "hi, i enjoy misogynistic violent sex acts!"

#93846 +(113)- [X]

<poo_al> A friend of mine once went to a public toilet for a dump and found to his horror that the last person in there had wiped their arse with the toilet paper while still leaving it attached to the roll and then wound it back up out of sight. So as well as getting it on his hand, my friend accidentally wiped his arse with someone else's shit GROSS!

#93856 +(1198)- [X]

( PuffinFreshWog ) I gOT a NeW wINAmP Vis, it MAKEs my KeYbOaRd liGHTS FLaSH IN bEAt WIth tHe MUsIc... TOo Bad IT ActUAllY effecTs tHe CapS LoCk :O(

#93884 +(693)- [X]

<@Pyroman> Cidsa, I have a crack, but it's for a two year old virgin
<@Pyroman> version

#93938 +(95)- [X]

<copland> some prefer masturbate than meeting with girls... xvid vs cinema is the same in my eyes :)

#93944 +(150)- [X]

(doggie^): i went shopping earlier and bought lots of heavy stuff, so when i packed all the stuff i made sure all the bags weighed the same
(doggie^): then when i went to leave i realised i'd packed three bags
(doggie^): :(

#94035 +(299)- [X]

<MWGemini> theres a chemical release in ur body after sex that induces sleep
<fAEt> its the bodys natural defense, to keep from talkin to the girl ;)

#94038 +(341)- [X]

<Babyxic> have fun in ur wrestling outfit
<KestrelM1> its not wrestling!
<KestrelM1> its rowing!
<KestrelM1> they're rowing troughs!
<KestrelM1> and i dont grope other males
<KestrelM1> just... long poles...

#94046 +(466)- [X]

<pcline> ugh, i'm 2nd guessing all of my own decisions today :
<maff> haha paul i do that all the time
<maff> ...or do I...

#94047 +(621)- [X]

* kenny has joined #php
* kenny quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<tractor> omg peer killed kenny
<therealpro> that bastard

#94094 +(625)- [X]

<Doodleheimer> To all the girls here: What's it like having boobs?
<Doodleheimer> I just have some questions about them.
<Peter_Griffin> Doodle wants to know if he scans his hand and sends to you and you rub it on your chest if it still counts as getting to second base.

#94101 +(334)- [X]

<DrBoris> oh well, when I get rich and famous, I will promote games that hold the ideals of creativity and gameplay over mindless violence
<Yutz> And go bankrupt.

#94123 +(160)- [X]

<FHL> oh shit
<FHL> i was just jacking off and my dad was walking on the deck <FHL> i hope he didn't look down through the window :(
<FHL> the bad part was, after i saw him in the corner of my eye on the deck, he came back in and asked if i wanted kielbasa for dinner

#94125 +(492)- [X]

<Manda> i want a bf
<Manda> i am lame and desperit
<Jamie> desperate
<Redalien> no
<Redalien> desperit
<Redalien> from the latin
<Jamie> wtf
<Redalien> deperitus
<Redalien> meaning easy

#94177 +(333)- [X]

<Darth-Phenom> Hmm, good RPG's coming out of Russia
<Squinky> Food Quest 7?

#94211 +(211)- [X]

<NiteHawk> i want hard drives so small i can snort them up like powder and increase my brain capacity

#94221 +(1126)- [X]

<phx\afk> i spent the past hour doing leet network diagnosis
<phx\afk> i flexed every single last one of my skillz
<Diz> to what end?
<phx\afk> i meditated on the problem
<phx\afk> i consulted the big book of hardware
<phx\afk> i consulted oracles, farseers, nearsighted witches and trolls
<phx\afk> what i shouldve done

#94315 +(759)- [X]

<Flora Fairie> - I need some advice about men
<Shadowdean> - Swallow

#94317 +(239)- [X]

<Valker> You know
<Valker> Aside from the wind fucking up my hair
<Valker> Outside really isn't that bad.
<Archer> You really don't have a life, do you?

#94318 +(377)- [X]

<Archer> Of course, the most annoying part
<Archer> Was "My heart will go on" ;_;
<Luger>  all of canada sincerely apologizes for Celine Dion
<Luger> in our defense, she's french

#94375 +(242)- [X]

<J>: Why is there porn all over the place??
<M>: Are you kidding? Ever since my mom moved out, my dad has been throwing that
shit around like confetti.

#94390 +(1323)- [X]


#94588 +(176)- [X]

<@kbx> www.mynx.com he looks like a punk ass muthafucka now, he was teh sexAy.
<+pannenkoeken> he sold his hair and made more money than from daikatana

#94604 +(1020)- [X]

[ Rjx ] either the chocolate in my pocket has melted, or this is something altogether more sinister

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