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#84317 +(-33)- [X]

<Iceblast>: would you enjoy sucking a hot girls clit if it grew to the size of a small penis?
<Iceblast>: and if it grew erect so that the tip was right next to her anus
<Iceblast>: just after she'd had a shit - and some was caught in the butt hairs that she has
<Iceblast>: but remember, aside from that she's the hottest girl in the world
<ankis>: FUCK OFF!
<Iceblast>: hahahahahahha - you know you would

#84321 +(177)- [X]

FyreDefyre> i always take the side off my case so it doesnt overheat
<diStriCt|sleep> really?
<diStriCt|sleep> does that work?
<FyreDefyre> yes
<diStriCt|sleep> wouldnt the stuff fall outta it?

#84325 +(153)- [X]

<loquacious> my sleeping pattern is stochastic, okay? go masticate some waboflex!

#84328 +(128)- [X]

<AnBolb> I know this girl who's really sweet and nice and pretty and everything so yesterday I wrote a story about how I threw her off a balcony for a laugh, but then I felt bad and deleted it. True.

#84331 +(-23)- [X]

<Kel> [kel@purgatory~]% sudo cp ~rick/newshots ~kel/.
<Kel> cp: cannot stat `/home/rick/newshots': No such file or directory
<Kel> [kel@purgatory~]% oh wait
<Rick_Hunter> newshot, not newshots :P
<Kel> typo
<Rick_Hunter> lol.
<Rick_Hunter> [kel@purgatory~]% oh wait
<Rick_Hunter> ^_^
<Kel> huh?
<Kel> you punk, you screen'd my terminal didn'cha? :P
<Rick_Hunter> I what?
<Kel> how'd you know I did that?
<Rick_Hunter> You pasted it. :P
<Kel> I did?
<Kel> oh
<Kel> ha ha ha
<Rick_Hunter> bash.org
<Rick_Hunter> ^_^
<Kel> no!

#84333 +(138)- [X]

* dbzfreak pokes javabie
* javabie fights back by talking javabieish
<@javabie> hy
<@javabie> how r u
<@javabie> asl
<@javabie> ??????????????????/??//?/?????????????
<@javabie> ?
<@javabie> ???????????///
<@dbzfreak> ..*DIES*

#84335 +(70)- [X]

froovgloobular: I SO NEED more holes :-(
froovgloobular: in my ears.

#84373 +(274)- [X]

<slippy> wtf is this shit on bbc1
<slippy> how on earth do you prevent friendly fire?
<slippy> don't fight with the americans?
<slippy> hrhrhr
<doggie^> hahah
<doggie^> maybe if we painted all our military equipment red white and blue
<doggie^> they would be so overcome with patriotism they wouldnt be able to blow us up
<slippy> lol
<slippy> paint golden arches on all the tanks
<slippy> then a little sign under saying "this is not a drive-thru, you dopey obese fools"
<doggie^> hahaha

#84392 +(311)- [X]

<drunkers> u arab?
<Zelbinian> Nope.
<drunkers> good
<Zelbinian> Irish, French, and English.
<drunkers> geez
<drunkers> u moms a whore

#84401 +(288)- [X]

<CaMR0N> why does everyone call me cumron?
<drunkers> probably and honest mistake
<CaMR0N> but everyone?
<drunkers> did you tell them you were gay?
<CaMR0N> yes cause im honest with everyone
<drunkers> maybe its not an honest mistake then

#84402 +(315)- [X]

<drunkers> is your real name gabe?
<Gabe-33> yes
<drunker> ever concider killing your parents with a shovel?
<Gabe-33> no
<drunker> concider it

#84409 +(152)- [X]

<wizards23> anyone get the game madden 2003 from k-mart like me ?
<drunkers> dont ever say that out loud
<wizards23> what that i got madden?
<drunkers> no that you shop at k-mart

#84421 +(810)- [X]

<Killzig> you guys want to hear something fucked up i did at work today, which I blame all of you for -- by the way
<Insane-Lark> sure
<Dan`> ?
<Killzig> I faxed a quote to a client and wrote "K THX BYE" on the bottom

#84440 +(407)- [X]

*** Joins: azninvazn
[mcgruff] [mp3] abba - dancing queen @ 192 kbps
[owner] now playing: geri halliwell - it's rainin' men.mp3
[owner] you  just got one-upped gruff
[azninvazn] i don't know how i mistyped '#513' as '#mp3sforqueers', but i'm getting the fuck out of here
*** Parts: azninvazn
[mcgruff] ^5

#84451 +(1937)- [X]

*** Now talking in #12-15yrz
<Salamander> Hi all!!
<Petri> Hi a/s/l?
<Salamander> 53/m/CA
<Petri> I think ur in the rong place
<Salamander> Oh no, I dont think I am...

#84463 +(1328)- [X]

<BlackJaX> Microsoft: "You've got questions. We've got dancing paperclips"

#84470 +(315)- [X]

<Hackster> oh, i crack me up.
<lophyte> you crack me up too
<lophyte> *snuggles close to Hackster*
<lophyte> ;)
<Hackster> really.
<Hackster> awww. *lick*
<lophyte> yay :D
<p1asm1c> get a dcc chat you two

#84556 +(322)- [X]

cougah66: dude, i am so uber fucked
cougah66: I mean, the uberness, of the fuckage....it boggles the mind

#84582 +(231)- [X]

<MexHammer> I mean, come on, aren't at least 20% of Star Trek episodes ones where they end up going back to Earth circa 1920 - 1945? They have millions of planets and who knows how much time and they have hundreds of episodes with that premise? If Star Trek was a person, it'd be you. And I'd beat it up.

#84661 +(270)- [X]

<CryptoKnight> i was at my girlfriend's house yesterday
<CryptoKnight> and we are having sex
<Hektik_Sniper> ...
<Hektik_Sniper> TMI
<CryptoKnight> and then we hear her mom and her mom's boyfriend in the next room getting started
<Hektik_Sniper> ...
<CryptoKnight> and then they finish
<CryptoKnight> and then i'm still going
<CryptoKnight> and this morning that fuck calls me a "minute man "
<Hektik_Sniper> ...
<CryptoKnight> heh

#84688 +(182)- [X]

<phr0work> I buffer overflowed my penis last night

#84692 +(1684)- [X]

<MillitePress> Yeah, it's about masturbation and stuff. Weird book.
<jamessheen> whats masturbation
<MillitePress> ...
<Kail> ...
<Nikul> ...
<MillitePress> It's a touchy subject

#84696 +(432)- [X]

* slippy drags you upstairs
<ginge> !
<slippy> to bed..
<ginge> !!
<slippy> to sleep!
<ginge> :(
<slippy> after a bit
<ginge> ;)

#84697 +(-17)- [X]

<slope_xb> American one = The Rung
<slope_xb> er
<slope_xb> Ring
<Jeff`> the rung
<slope_xb> woo i kan type f00
<Jeff`> rofl
<Jeff`> that would be an interesting movie
<SwizzleStick> the ladder or death
<slope_xb> the Ring, the Rang, the Rung
<slope_xb> :D
<SwizzleStick> the top rung kills you
<slope_xb> Ring Rang Rung... almost as bad as Ching Chang Chong
<Jeff`> the movie about a boy who climbs a ladder

#84699 +(185)- [X]

<Hanh> my mom aided in the development of the korean deathbox
<K> what is that?
<Hanh> Ford Ka
<Hanh> or anything from Daihatsu
<K> gah
<K> i remember that car.. didn't stick around for too long..
<K> your mom is in the auto industry then?
<Hanh> yes
<Hanh> mainly developing backseats
<Hanh> and breaking them in

#84700 +(842)- [X]

<Iconoplast> why do people insist in distributing things in real audio format?
<cowofdoom> because they love Hitler.
<Iconoplast> that's what i was thinking.

#84702 +(207)- [X]

<@neko|stoned> when i first got into warez, i downloaded shindlers list
<@neko|stoned> i deleted it thinking it was a bad copy
<@neko|stoned> :/

#84705 +(276)- [X]

<Bob> my gf is so cool... 
<zkcerF> yer...corpses can get pretty cold...

#84710 +(246)- [X]

<vortex> Emo lol. The intentionally bad singing of punk with all the angst and whining of a 13 year olds Livejournal

#84711 +(122)- [X]

<@Chimerasame> pancake bukkake :9
<@Chimerasame> it's just syrup from a bunch of aunt jemima bottles

#84725 +(22)- [X]

<SuperVeggie> tubgirl makes me thirsty :\
<SuperVeggie> it looks like some sort of curry flavoured milk

#84729 +(22)- [X]

<Leeide> i found some jewish rap one time
<Leeide> it was pimp
<Leeide> was like......Two Live Jews or soemthing

#84735 +(307)- [X]

<ue-Soul_Chaser> yeah sniper, normally, you can't stick your penis all the way unless you would want to rip her cervix apart
<ue-Soul_Chaser> or, in your case, his rectum

#84743 +(439)- [X]

Ubergamer: I think the idea that good things come to those who wait comes from the fact that, due to probability theory, on a long enough timeline there is a good chance that at least two good things will occur
Ben: or it's a saying started by people who don't wait that want more good things for themselves
Ben: so they tell those who wait to keep waiting
Ubergamer: they should modernize that saying
Ubergamer: hot chicks come to guys who masturbate
Ben: haha
Ben: and said thusly, one can see the absurdity
Ben: we have successfully debunked an aphorism
Ubergamer: yay!

#84756 +(362)- [X]

Sardonyx: what do you do when a girl likes you and you have no like there of
DooD: do what they do to you if the positions were reversed
DooD: string them along forever
DooD: slowly destroying their heart from the inside out
Sardonyx: i don't think i have the patients for that

#84757 +(776)- [X]

<Schismo5000>Did you know Hitler couldn't have kids?
<Schismo5000>Yea, he was anti-semenic
<PeterH>Dude, thats anti semeTic, and it means he hated jews

#84762 +(492)- [X]

*** fluffy` changes topic to 'Anyone have cracked cm4? e-mail xxx@xxx.xxx'
*** Quits: fluffy` (cya)
*** JzY|aw is now known as fluffy`
*** fluffy` changes topic to 'Anyone have Frankie does Carlos 4? e-mail xxx@xxx.xxx'
*** fluffy` is now known as JzY

#84765 +(736)- [X]

[loucura] yummm... french fries and gravy
[Crysanna] you need cheese with that
[loucura] Yeah, but I don't feel like melting any cheese.
[loucura] That, and all I have is american cheese, I'm afraid it'll go to war with my french fries

#84776 +(225)- [X]

<reppy> I made her cum with the cock of fury!
<_bigd_> reppy, she made you buy the Cock of Fury(tm) and use it on her?

#84778 +(260)- [X]

<Supergoad> im about to bid on a damn fine sexy router
<Supergoad> im gonna sleep with it, caress its ports with my tounge
<Supergoad> then im gonna plug my cable into it
<Supergoad> and its LED's are gonna go wild

#84780 +(288)- [X]

<deathazre> don't think this quite applies to twish, but <@neotek> can you imagine how many neck injuries occur each year from camwhores with small tits trying to lick their nipples?
<AngelPHiSH[girl]> *lmao*
<AngelPHiSH[girl]> i cant lick my own nipple :(
<Nemessis> can i?
<AngelPHiSH[girl]> sure ^___^
<neko> i can lick my nipple
<Nemessis> leet
<neko> takes ages sewing it back on though

#84788 +(30)- [X]

<@Kiddy_C> \:=|
<@Kiddy_C> ^ hitlet

#84790 +(374)- [X]

<g3nocide> lol why the fuck would dreamweaver try to open an mp3 file ?
<m0rn> is it made by real? that would explain the sudden determination to be used for everything

#84793 +(247)- [X]

<fmadero> banshee what service starts submission??
<loucura> fmadero: bdsmServ

#84795 +(6)- [X]

<Oki> omg
<Oki> 12:25p ••EnterTheGame •SecurityServices• : We will be validating your network access in a few moments... Please don't be alarmed if you notice a couple connections on your firewall during this scan.
<Oki> I thought it said "Please don't be ashamed if you notice a couple connections on your firewall during this scan."

#84797 +(-421)- [X]

Motorbreath151: i'm gonna grow my hair and beard like sam jackson's in this movie
Motorbreath151: i'm the foot fuckin' master
TheOffspring326: yea
TheOffspring326: you should become black too
Motorbreath151: lemme try
TheOffspring326: just rub shit all over your body
TheOffspring326: haha
Motorbreath151: hahaha
Motorbreath151: man that's wrong on so many levesl
TheOffspring326: then you'll smell AND look like them

#84803 +(1905)- [X]

Reelr123: whats up
k8 z swimmer: who are you?
Reelr123: you dont remember?
k8 z swimmer: nope
Reelr123: i m bummed
k8 z swimmer: clay?
Reelr123: nope
k8 z swimmer: ooool
k8 z swimmer: k
k8 z swimmer: so who the heck are ya
Reelr123: its me
Reelr123: guess
Reelr123: i have admired you for a long time
k8zswimmer: Who are you?
Reelr123: i have known u for a long time
k8zswimmer: way to freak me out yo
Reelr123: I love you more then the world
k8zswimmer: tmi.... WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?!
Reelr123: I know exactly what u r doing as we speak. And you better get to bed right this instant
Reelr123: or u r grounded from the computer
k8zswimmer: MOM?!?

#84805 +(279)- [X]

* jwz has sh0px0red
<ogw-iii> whatcha get for me?
<@jwz> plastic bags
<@jwz> slightly used

#84806 +(633)- [X]

*MulletMan removes his pants
*BobZilla sets mode +pants MulletMan
<MulletMan> fuck you

#84810 +(1000)- [X]

*In private*
<KaaLee> Well, he hasn't said a thing while I've been in here.
<CommanderStab> He must be idling or something. I'll draw him out. Just watch!!

*In the chat room*
[22:10:33] <CommanderStab> Hey guys
[22:11:17] <D-BOY> Fuck off stabb nobody wants to fucking hear what you have to say

*In private*
<CommanderStab> Ta-daaa!! Less than a minute!! That's gotta be a record!!!!!!
<KaaLee> Your skills of annoyance are above us all

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