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#82205 +(-9)- [X]

* @mootlif3 * [Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit] [3205] [4:18/5.91MB/192Kbit]
<khaos> hm
<khaos> new manson?
<@mootlif3> yeh
<%jdp> LOL dumbass
<%jdp> you couldnt notice that from the song title?
<@mootlif3> lol
<khaos> fu lemar

#82209 +(37)- [X]

shoeman: ohhhh Kate Hudson....
shoeman: 0hhhhhh
EvilBanana: eew, bag o' bones
shoeman: oh shush
shoeman: lol
EvilBanana: she is!
shoeman: blah blah blah
EvilBanana: I have zits bigger than her boobs
shoeman: lol
shoeman: and since when are big boobs a big deal?
shoeman: :-P
EvilBanana: neva..but she absolutely lacks in the mammary department
EvilBanana: I'm not even sure she's a  mammal
shoeman: lol

#82212 +(840)- [X]

(while watching live firefight in port city of Umm Qasr on TV)
<eva> omg
<eva> fucking campers

#82217 +(542)- [X]

<supervillain> i just masterbaited so hard my papercut reopened and then I got semen in my papercut.
<[SA]thatdog> i just masturbaited so hard there is semen all over my roommate
<[sa]hack_the> I just masturbated so hard there is semen all over my living room
<[SA]CrazyAchmed> I just masturbated so hard there is semen all over YOUR living room
<[sa]evensevenone> i just masterbated so hard my cock fell off
<[sa]mrpeabody0> i just masturbated so hard my guitar exploded.
<[SA]thatdog> i just masturbaited so hard mrpeabody's cock fell off
<[SA]StupidWhore> i just masturbated
<[sa]evensevenone> stupid: you're behind the curve there tiger

#82218 +(124)- [X]

<astynax> i'm gonna install icq and look for some hoez
<deformated> hoez dont even know what irc is
<deformated> only in other countries do females use it
<astynax> ICQ, not IRC
<deformated> ahh it might help if i read things
<astynax> i heard it helps

#82222 +(421)- [X]

<abcbooze> a patriot missle shot down a british aircraft
<i8> Damn British pilots flying into our missiles...

#82223 +(-97)- [X]

* Robzy spins round in his chair
* Robzy falls off...
* Robzy hurts his head
<Robzy> ouch.
* Robzy obviously needs sleep...
<Robzy> Neways....

#82226 +(287)- [X]

<a_passerby> and although she has never given me written consent to check her legs, i most certainly have
<flatface> lol
<Saotome_Ranma> testosterone alert
<Saotome_Ranma> woo woo
<Saotome_Ranma> passerb is becoming horny :o
<a_passerby> testosterone makes the world go round
<a_passerby> estrogen makes the world mad and unfriendly
<Everdraed> Says the person who just went through twenty plus pages of Winnie the Pooh hentai

#82227 +(256)- [X]

<idiot> My penis is like a pringles can :D
<DrunkenMaster> the short stack ones
<Bizznatch> LMAO
<Bizznatch> 0WN3D
<xanax`> hehe
<idiot> bah

#82229 +(255)- [X]

Sugarhigh0307: i spent 9 months of my life tryin 2 get out of a pussy and the rest of it tryin 2 get back in
Sugarhigh0307: thats what this kid just said to me

#82232 +(75)- [X]

* FarmerJoe is the resident pro-war/anti-canada guy
<soopadeop> <--- canadian
<FarmerJoe> aww, sorry...I hate you :P

#82238 +(201)- [X]

* Robzy tries to remember wher goatse ASCII is...
* Robzy wonders why the *ENTIRE* geek community is obsessed with goatse
<Tripwire> Robzy: it's tradition
<Robzy> Has anyone ever spared a thought for the photographer of goatse?!

#82239 +(213)- [X]

<TwiZTid_CoZa> i told me mum to goto goatse
<TwiZTid_CoZa> she banned me off the net for a week

#82642 +(1)- [X]

<Ekstelis> How long did the installation take?  1300+ Hours of labor involved in restoration and install
<Ekstelis> How much fiberglass and resin was used? 42 gallons of fiberglass and resin.
<TK`Devour> it takes me 42 gallons of fiberglass & resin to put my bong back together after i use it too much

#82645 +(240)- [X]

<veruca_girl> wtf?
<veruca_girl> you people make less sense than a david lynch film

#82808 +(784)- [X]

<courtney> GOD! I hate periods!
<ken> yea ending sentences is sooooooo over rated

#82851 +(1104)- [X]

<WHEELJACK> it's against my religion to drink
<bf> what religion is that
<WHEELJACK> poverty

#83045 +(511)- [X]

<CmdrRat|Sick> http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-12276106,00.html
<CmdrRat|Sick> MARINE shot in the head 4 times, helmet saves him
<Toan> wow
<Toan> He should play CS

#83094 +(422)- [X]

<magpie> i bet you just hit a deer with your vehicle
<magpie> and call it "hunting"
<JustNoodle> I drive a saturn, I'd have more of a chance of my car exploding then killing a deer when I hit one

#83095 +(217)- [X]

*** Joins: soundsold (~heldar@host61.wentworth.w.subnet.rcn.com)
<zaps> that is wierd
<zaps> my last name is in that host.
<timmo> WOW
<orion> is your last name 61.w?

#83130 +(279)- [X]

<Wraith> What IP addressing scheme should we use for the new lab?
<Rance> 10.10.220 plus the number...

#83142 +(70)- [X]

<H|TM4N> \msg NickOP@austnet.org id rd9alpz%
<H|TM4N> lol
<zAim|trance> lemme try sumthing
* Quits: H|TM4N (Justin@vw1121.netspace.net.au) (Killed (NickOP (Kill requested by zAim|trance)))

#83176 +(236)- [X]

<EnoC> sex should be like a honda slow obsene and loud enough for the neighbors to hear

#83276 +(181)- [X]

<Slinky3> i made bricks today!
<Slinky3> with my own home-ground flour!
<Apollo> I made some too, but I flushed them when I was finished

#83290 +(472)- [X]

<kingmob> i thought i caught an obscure reference in the last buffy
<kingmob> so i emailed one of the writers and asked him about it
<kingmob> he just responded and told me i was right
<kingmob> i transcend mere dorkiness at this point.

#83298 +(222)- [X]

* @Death-Blade wishes hotmail would be smart enough to block any email addresses with painfully obviously invalid domain names
<@Death-Blade> assadfds@ajkdjsas.ase most certainly qualifies as such
<Sinclair-> oh shit i know that guy!

#83310 +(733)- [X]

(dariball_) n8 all
(jason-) i think it means night.
(jason-) but i'm not leet enough like that.
(Xentac) hehehe
(Xentac) but night ends in ite... and 8 ends in ate...
(Xentac) so he's saying nate
(jason-) i can understand like "i 8 your chicken because it looked at my prost8."
(jason-) that makes more sense
(jason-) well kinda.

#83318 +(140)- [X]

<Tagrineth> You shouldn't hit a girl ;P
<[justin]> i dont consider you a girl
<[justin]> i consider you one of the gays
<[justin]> er
<[justin]> i mean one of the guys

#83322 +(821)- [X]

* jesuschrist (she-christ@ has joined #tool
<@`2L> *** jesuschrist is back (has been gone for 2003 years 3 months, 28 days)

#83326 +(409)- [X]

<Lo-Rez> having sex lowers your immune system
<coalesce> i must be immune to everything then

#83375 +(286)- [X]

<Nexus330> we got this phrase back south
<Nexus330> "Old enough to pee, is old enough for me"
<morbid> well that explains alot

#83445 +(-137)- [X]

[03:25:01] <@holden> damnit i shit myself
[04:04:39] <@holden> god that took forever to clean up
[04:05:08] <@holden> seriously.. shitting yourself at 4 am is gay
[04:05:20] <@holden> i was sitting here minding my own business
[04:05:24] <@holden> and blam!
[04:05:28] <@holden> all this shit comes out..
[04:05:31] <@holden> i was like.. WTF
[04:05:49] <@holden> and its all liquidy and running around my junk
[04:06:01] <@holden> and i'm sitting here like.. well fuck
[04:06:34] <@holden> so i get up.. and its all running down my leg.. so i hobble off to the bathroom, so as not to disjar it anymore
[04:06:40] <@holden> jakdflakjsdf
[04:06:52] <@holden> i can only pray this doesnt happen to someone else
[04:07:54] <@holden> i think it was the pizza i ate last night D:

#83449 +(103)- [X]

<Samah> hmm the one bad thing about seeing cute chicks - it gets me depressed.... T_T
<@toe2toe> /j #suicide

#83455 +(936)- [X]

<aberration> I hear they opened a wal-mart in china.... i can imagine the people who shop there... "Hey I just made that yesterday !"

#83489 +(2692)- [X]

<Luigi30> someone ping flood
<Luigi30> he keeps trying to hack me
<Luigi30> nm
<Floach> This, folks, is why Mario always gets the Princess.

#83510 +(568)- [X]

<corey|sleepin> bush is on tv
<static> wut he sayin corey?
<corey|sleepin> 'all yer oil are belong to us'

#83512 +(234)- [X]

<{R3D}Hurricane> you know your a geek when the highlight of your vacation consisted of spying on people in the Oracle HQ Building with binoculars from your hotel room

#83515 +(907)- [X]

<Starfleet> I'm playin America's Army Online
<Starfleet> My task is to provide Friendly Fire

#83518 +(273)- [X]

<Raine> Loggy, you ever hear of Escape Velocity?
*** Loggy has been kicked off channel #mooniverse by Raine (jerk)
<Raine> LMAO
*** Loggy (~Loggy@ has joined channel #mooniverse
<Loggy> damn AT&T...
*** Loggy has been kicked off channel #mooniverse by Al (You go to hell and you die!)
<Raine> ROFL
<Al> hehe
*** Loggy (~Loggy@ has joined channel #mooniverse
<Loggy> better give them a call..

#83538 +(157)- [X]

<Oli> i havent got my email yet.
<Rossell> Oli: That the police found your gay card?
<Reid> You need a CARD now?
<Reid> Where do I, umm, obtain one?
<Rossell> Parliament

#83546 +(456)- [X]

<ascii_phil> And if you ever need something to scare children with[0], I'll
             describe the tenant cycle implementation.
<ascii_phil> [0] Well, database-knowledgable geek children.
  * daveious is scared enough by the implementation of footnotes in IRC,

#83557 +(865)- [X]

wildcanary55: go away
xzet27: why?
wildcanary55: I'm working
xzet27: this is ur boyfriend
wildcanary55: this is your girlfriend's mother!
xzet27: o
xzet27: sry

#83567 +(307)- [X]

<MuerteDeAngeles> Ironic how shit works out...my theory is this...no matter how much life wants to fuck me in the ass, things always turn out somewhat good
<MuerteDeAngeles> Like a metaphorical reach-around, if you will

#83592 +(314)- [X]

<EvilNekoSpork> You know, it's a bad sign when you hear a loud crash and the build process you were watching take place via SSH on another machine abruptly stops... and the other SSH session freezes... brb.

#83595 +(186)- [X]

* Treiben has bargainname.com
Azi: how much are they?
Treiben: 8.95
Azi: same as godaddy then
Azi: actually, i'd register for a decade to take care of the next 10 years at a cut rate
Azi: but i don't want to pay for 10 years and then have the human race obliterate itself in 5
Azi: that would be just my luck

#83602 +(1432)- [X]

(@Wheelman56) 37.  What does the average person do approximately 15 times a day?
(@Wheelman56) Answer: _____
(@]D2D[Scratch) masturbate
(+ep`andro`shower) masturbate
(+TD|Canuckistan) masturbate

#83613 +(30)- [X]

<Flashfire> 'bad mouth' - a mouth which is evil and wants to take over the universe

#83616 +(24)- [X]

<%quickman> i cant remember these chinese names for my history test
<%quickman> they were probably just named by their parents throwing a bunch of pots and pans down the stairs

#83621 +(992)- [X]

jeremy rockz: im slowly unbuttoning your blouse, then i rip off your bra, and start to suck on one of your nipples while fondling the other, im getting hard now, and start to unzip my pants
jeremy rockz: shit
jeremy rockz: wrong window
KrazeGuy04: omg! too late! keep going!
jeremy rockz: wow'

#83627 +(10526)- [X]

<scirDSL> I hated going to weddings. All the grandmas would poke me saying "You're next". They stopped that when I started doing it to them at funerals.

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