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#78835 +(385)- [X]

<+MrCuban-> File Server Online Trigger: @ILOVETHECOCK Sends:0 Queues:0/15 MOTD: -= over 75gig of gay porn !!! =- I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n
<@Ostritch-> @ILOVETHECOCK
<scissors> Hahaha your a gay lover
Ostritch- ?
Ostritch- no i wanted to erm
Ostritch- download porn
Ostritch- for a friend of a friend
Ostritch- who has a gay
Ostritch- cousin
<scissors> LOL

#78844 +(-7)- [X]

<Mohammad> ever wonder why zelda *always* needs rescuing? link should realize she's pretty high-maintenance
<lawnchair> Mohammad, yea but she's so damn hot! i bet that pussy is nice and tight too

#78858 +(268)- [X]

<Kaneda> im downloading furniture for my sims, they have more of life then I do.

#78873 +(236)- [X]

<[NSGuide]Greedo386> I'm American.  I respect the Bill of Rights.  Freedom of Speech is one of the greatest parts of being American.  That being said, you have no rights in here, whatsoever.

#78874 +(549)- [X]

EchelonOverlord: Jeni's gonna come watch Usual Suspects now.
Morwen K: ooh! has she seen it before?
EchelonOverlord: Nope.
Morwen K: coooool
EchelonOverlord: Oh yeah.
Morwen K: i'd invite myself along but i'm sure this is your together-time, so i won't intrude ;)
Morwen K: plus i'd probably blurt out "it's kevin spacey!!!" like halfway through
EchelonOverlord: What?!  Kevin Spacey?!!
Morwen K: ..
Morwen K: fuck

#78877 +(1390)- [X]

<Miliwen> Alucard, how the hell do you make a city in SimCity4?
<Alucard_the_Kook> Making a city is ... a lot like making love to a beautiful woman.
<Alucard_the_Kook> First you need to check her out, get the lay of the land.
<Alucard_the_Kook> Next, you need to tease her a little.  Make trails over her body, allowing you to move freely.
<Alucard_the_Kook> Then you fiddle with the zones.
<Alucard_the_Kook> Finally...
<Alucard_the_Kook> You give the bitch all your money.

#78885 +(128)- [X]

<Moonpie> For some reason I always associate Denver with Colorado :(

#78893 +(21)- [X]

<MikeyPain> A car in front of me
<MikeyPain> There were two heads at the drivers seat
<MikeyPain> one bobbing
<Psyderman> this one time i gave my mom head in a car
<MikeyPain> the car started to veer a shitload
<MikeyPain> and then the other head went to the passengers side
<@PK59> they were just holding hands and talking about jesus

#78912 +(179)- [X]

<leokitty> ok who wants to come over and help me find all the underwear that i've scattered around my room? i need to get it all into the laundry bag.
<DrTrevorkian> todd, you start searching.  i'll make the ebay seller account.

#78918 +(313)- [X]

Gig103: on the BMW 745i, you can get "Active front seats with gentle massage action"
Gig103: for $74000 i should get a blowjob every time i get in the car
moe99j5: yeah but you'd ruin the leather upholstery
Gig103: no for $74000 she would swallow it all

#78935 +(527)- [X]

* @K3nSh1n plays with the keyboard
<@Steve> I named mine, too.
<@K3nSh1n> lol
<@K3nSh1n> winkey?
<@Steve> "Womb Stretcher, the Magnificent"
<@K3nSh1n> ahhh
<@Steve> Most girls call it "Bahahahahah!  Are you asian?"

#78941 +(791)- [X]

<mirv> I sincerely hope this France -> Freedom thing doesn't go on for long.
<Palpz> And in the news today, the United States Congress passed legislation renaming the Country of France to "Freedom".
<DyRE> i'm so glad the people running my country are actually 12-years old. i'm sure it won't be long now before some noted US politician calls Iraq "gay."

#78952 +(1044)- [X]

<Moony> Rasseruu: I bet it can't compare to two sprained ankles, a dislocated bone, and a swollen knee
<MadHAtter> Moony: How the hell did that happen?
<Moony> MadHAtter: I was walking. Then I wasn't.

#78978 +(346)- [X]

<bliP> dammit, why can't the guys next door who don't wear shirts be chicks

#78990 +(128)- [X]

* SexServ (BeerBaron@ZiRC-14FF1408.msns.sm.ptd.net) Quit (Killed (dj4aces (Impersonating services.)))

#79051 +(675)- [X]

<Symantec> HAHAH
<Symantec> my dogs are humping each other, and they are both girls
<Symantec> I should video tape it and put it on Kazaa as "Hot Lesbian Sex"
<LuKe> you sick sick fuck
<Extorted-> shut up Luke, you know we'll all be looking for that clip in a few days.

#79053 +(146)- [X]

<Kalidor> [20:30] * Now talking in #lesbian
<Kalidor> i'm tempted to burst out with "something's fishy in here"
<mebrillo> lol
<mebrillo> we pretended to be lesbians
<mebrillo> they sent us their pictures
<Kalidor> rofl
<Kalidor> and?
<mebrillo> most of them were fucking ugly
<mebrillo> but there were like 2 that were pretty good looking
<mebrillo> one fat chick sent herself naked
<mebrillo> I think that's when I decided to stop going there

#79069 +(37)- [X]

<Astrakhan> What determines the silica content?
<J>The silicon content in the sand/soil/rocks around it XP
<Astrakhan>Ah. XD
<J> technically silica is silicon. only smaller pieces
<Astrakhan> So, if I steal Pamela's implants, put sand in them, and expose them to fire, I can get breast shaped glass?
<J>no no no. SILICON. not silicone
<J> Difference
<Astrakhan> Oh.

#79094 +(82)- [X]

<Mr_Roboto> when we set nagasaki up the bomb

#79131 +(734)- [X]

<@toe2toe> it just really amazes me how fucking dumb george w bush is
<@toe2toe> see the paper yesterday
<@toe2toe> "george bush getting frustrated at UN"

#79171 +(508)- [X]

<Jabberwocky> my best friend has been trying to get me together with one of her friends. And I'm headed over there tonight to -NO INNUENDO HERE- install an ethernet card in her laptop.
<Jabberwocky> "Deirdre, I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time - almost from the day I met you. Would you... You know... Like to... Play some multiplayer games?"

#79175 +(353)- [X]

<Back2Basics> My wife thinks up the strangest reasons to get offline...
<Dralock> ?
<Dralock> Like what?
<Dralock> for her to get offline, or for oyou?
<Back2Basics> she says she's having contractions about 4 min apart or something...
<Dralock> Wow
<Dralock> sounds like she's having a baby
<Back2Basics> Right NOW ... so I have to get offline ... wish us luck...

#79179 +(486)- [X]

<FireThief> Is there a magic word that will make women go away forever, even when said in a nice way?
<pagan> cunt

#79227 +(877)- [X]

<daenonok> like four years ago when that 8 year old brought a gun to school and shot a 9 year old, i was still in high school and this dude in my history class who was in my group asked if the kid was black or white
<daenonok> and one of the girls (who took him seriously) asked what it mattered, and he said 'because if he was white he was crazy, but if he was black he was just taking care of business'
<daenonok> she slapped him so fucking loud the halls echoed, i shit you not

#79607 +(714)- [X]

<konsole> i've seen it before.
<konsole> it's a decent movie.
<MelissA-> i liked it.
<MelissA-> i have a thing for sandra bullock though.
<konsole> me too.
<konsole> it's called a penis.

#79621 +(665)- [X]

<tito> why can't they make longer-lasting laptop batteries? ;[
<jestuh> why can't they make longer-lasting titos?
<tito> whats that supposed to mean
<jestuh> you know

#79625 +(261)- [X]

<Morris> Ahh... alcoholic Jell-O
<reppy> :o
<Morris> Rep, do you understand the excellence?
<reppy> :O

#79660 +(683)- [X]

<Shrike> those lesbians
<Shrike> is there anything they won't do
<Guardian_Latino> fuck men?

#79668 +(1026)- [X]

<snagger> ever noticed at the olympics, black people are good at running, and white people good at shooting?

#79712 +(-61)- [X]

<warpedminds> what do you call a barn full of black men
<warpedminds> -- antique farm equipment

#79727 +(1098)- [X]

<zoweee> i'm holding out til the next election
<zoweee> if it goes against us, i'll seriously begin looking for my cultural fire exits
<zoweee> "There are exts at the front and the rear of american democracy. Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the nearest exit. In the event of a theocratic american hegemony, lights will appear on either end of the aisle, marking the way to your exit for you."
<zoweee> in the unlikely event of the repeal of Ammendments 1-5, your seat cushion may be used to purchase carriage across one of our more porous borders
<zoweee> should there be a  depressurization of america's historical tolerance for diversity, bibles will drop from the overhead compartment. please read your own copy before assisting small children
<zoweee> please do not read pirated versions of the bible, as this may give aid and comfort to terrorist organizations
<qBaz> zow: marry me immediately
<zoweee> we thank you for flying Knee Jerk Republican Contract with America, and hope you'll enjoy your stay in 2003. Or wherever your final destination may be.

#79728 +(271)- [X]

< jv> personally, who the fuck cares either way.
<@phar> baby jesus cares
< jv> baby jesus is a pussy. always with the crying.

#79776 +(808)- [X]

<hajakinXL> brb
<nfinite|p1astik> kk
<hajakinXL> what!? You racist bitch!
<hajakinXL> I know you spelt 'kkk' wrong!
<nfinite|p1astik> wtf
<nfinite|p1astik> you gook motherfucker
<hajakinXL> Fuck you honky!
<nfinite|p1astik> im spic, you retarded fuck
<hajakinXL> Shut it, FOB!!
<nfinite|p1astik> you UNEDUCATED shit trap, i crossed a fucking river, not a big ass ocean
<hajakinXL> You're still a nasty slut
<hajakinXL> Fuck you. I'm outta here
<nfinite|p1astik> you off to talk to manny?
<hajakinXL> Yeah. He was going to help me get Samba up and going.
<nfinite|p1astik> ok, i'll pick you up in about 30?
<hajakinXL> Sounds good.

#79778 +(221)- [X]

<Sev> Come on.  You know that you want to die in a way that inspires people to invent new, flaming drinks.

#79784 +(163)- [X]

< +Jen > I dont want to visit shitcity.com because my parents are around, tell me more about it
< Ad_Libitum > girls eating shit.... literally
< Ad_Libitum > thats all u have to know
< +x_quest > and you get bestiality pop ups
< +Jen > Cool, free?
< +big_mac > yeah
< +Jen > I mean I have videos of that stuff ^_^
< Ad_Libitum > ........
< +big_mac > oh god
< +Dyne_Zears > .........
< ravix > you are seriously disturbed
< +Jen > I like to call it "open minded"

#79786 +(51)- [X]

<randolph> damn .. those girls wont stop me from msging @ face-pic
* randolph ignored www.face-pic.com/wickedgurl21
<randolph> hehehehehehe
* wickedgurl21 slaps randolph around a bit with a large trout

#79794 +(1210)- [X]

<molo> C:>ping god
<molo> Ping request could not find host god. Please check the name and try again.
<molo> it's true, god doesn't exist
<mrmin123> maybe he's just having DNS problems

#79798 +(1824)- [X]

<hamoom> man, this is great, 450 hp, sleek design, sleek interior, this is going to be my new car
<mrmin123> cars have hit points?

#79799 +(118)- [X]

<Seth> lots of folks from Washington in here
<ProfessorEvil> yeah they don't have sheep up there so they log into chat instead

#79825 +(670)- [X]

<Hiryuu> Hey, which is more evil, kicking puppies or tearing those tags off of mattresses?
<Estelle> Puppies heal, matresses don't

#79842 +(184)- [X]

<SaxxonPike> I'm not gonna serve illegal stuff, just some MP3 files I got from Kazaa

#79847 +(714)- [X]

<toe2toe> so i just flew in from AOL
<toe2toe> boy, are my packets tired!
<toe2toe> ...
<toe2toe> tough crowd

#79862 +(1062)- [X]

*** Now talking in #caps

#79881 +(123)- [X]

* Lolita_ (ask@sg-14926.mweb.co.za) has joined #12-15yrz
<Lolita_> hello is everyone from 12 to 15?

#79890 +(212)- [X]

Matreya: I only had one of these coke glasses... *sniff*
Matreya: I have two other ones, but they're not as cool
    gelfie has two coke glasses, though technically they're my brothers
spoob: your brothers are coke glasses?

#79893 +(243)- [X]

<_cobra_> how can i allow right-click on links only while preventing right-click on the rest of a webpage ??
<yossarian> why would you want to prevent right-click anywhere?
<_cobra_> to prevent newbies stealing the html

#79895 +(441)- [X]

* Nordling 's sexual history changes constantly, depending on how much alcohol is imbibed. One drink: yeah, I fucked four girls at once! Three drinks: Hot sex with a model. 7 drinks: Fucked a fat chick. 11 drinks: pathetically masturbated to the chicks in HOT ROD magazine. 15+ drinks: replace said magazine with CAT FANCY.

#79896 +(268)- [X]

(bovril): i realised yesterday
(bovril): that every old lady you walk past in the street probably fancies you
(bovril): :(
(doggie^): yeah
(doggie^): one was checking me out in marks and spencers the other week
(doggie^): then she licked her lips at me
(doggie^): i was weirded out for days
(bovril): if thats not a strong argument for euthenasia i dont know what is

#79901 +(750)- [X]

<@kainashi> im just 2 people short of a threesome

#79905 +(466)- [X]

<VC-Scar> anyone wanna help a complete freakin idiot
<ffejdogg> do you have tits?
<VC-Scar> i have nipples..

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