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#77325 +(116)- [X]

<Volksweasel> how odd...everyone appears to be...DEAD!!
* Volksweasel runs away screaming!
<Corin> hmm thats the way the thriller video turns out isnt it?

#77345 +(156)- [X]

<HackerJoe^Away> hell, don't you guys ever read isonewz or nforce... how did you get in here?
<TheBrax> I used packetne*s (just in case it's a bad word) and xdccspy
*** mfer sets mode: +b *!*@DAABE17B37.addictz.net
*** TheBrax was kicked by mfer (*xdccspy* - word not allowd in #Datavault - 5 mins Ban.)

#77347 +(437)- [X]

<enigma> was talking to this guy at uni yesterday.  he said the thing he missed most about uni was the pointless conversations we had.  i asked him if he's heard of irc.

#77379 +(189)- [X]

<MB13534> does tne @ symbol next to the name mean idle?

#77384 +(853)- [X]

<Xapz> war soon
<Xapz> Maybe tomorrow
<Xapz> We've pulled out ambassadors
<m0swald> http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/Northeast/03/04/iraq.usa.shirt.reut/index.html
<Sh0rty> :
<Sh0rty> stupid americans :|
<Sh0rty> canada > all
<m0swald> my giant american pee pee would rip your canadian-wang-trained females apart!
<Sh0rty> :o
<m0swald> I'm american, therefore my wang is gigantic.  at least, that's what the media tells me
<m0swald> not to mention, I'm TEXAN, so it must be doubly huge
<m0swald> I assume it's true, too.  because every woman I've shown it to has giggled in terror!
<m0swald> IN TERROR

#77387 +(209)- [X]

<Patrick> my mom just gave me 10 more dollars
<Patrick> i feel like saying
<Patrick> "thanks for supporting my drinking habit mom"

#77388 +(618)- [X]

<an_ass733> You know what's funny?
<an_ass733> The current Slim Fast ad.
<an_ass733> The women in it say "It's so easy to lose weight with Slim Fast"
<an_ass733> And the fine print at the bottom of the screen says "Losing weight is not easy."

#77390 +(391)- [X]

<StmChser> sex is like math
<StmChser> - the clothes, + the bed, / the legs, ...and pray to god you don't multiply.

#77408 +(197)- [X]

<prence> Tired of Whacking Off? Have A Local Escort At Your Doorstep in a 1/2 Hour!
! prence clicks!
<obs1d1an> what you gonna do when your gramma shows up and shes the escort?
<tooms> he's gonna ask her to take her teeth out
<tooms> again
<prence> duh
<prence> if im paying im playing

#77412 +(280)- [X]

<GothYena> I have a brother who breeds wolves in Alabama.
<RosenOttr> breeds them, or with them?
<|Wolf|> :D
<GothYena> I'll assume both.

#77413 +(1174)- [X]

<GrndZero> "China has already cloned human embryos"
<GrndZero> Go china
<xscope> yeah..thats what China needs..more people.

#77441 +(335)- [X]

<Razor_EQ> god damn I just embarresed myself with a girtl I lik
<Razor_EQ> like
<Razor_EQ> look at this shit
<Razor_EQ> rangers4life03: im glad i didnt ask for one now
<Razor_EQ> dazed_n_confused_1983: i have cokes and dr peppers tea
<Razor_EQ> rangers4life03: cool dr pepper
<Razor_EQ> rangers4life03: but I dont drink cocks anymore

#77443 +(275)- [X]

samov : Is there a linux program that will end my depression?
boolean : samov: kill

#77444 +(132)- [X]

<@WaRe-WoLf> Razor have you ever had homosapian thoughts??
<Razor> no I havent fag
<Razor> oh ya I have
<Razor> females homosapians

#77469 +(36)- [X]

<mcdaza> though i still maintain that its virtual bullshit
<Robzy> virtual bullshit??? Does that mean my virtual shoe can step in it?

#77484 +(153)- [X]

<feelio> I think i'll write a C application that can replace my girlfriend

#77486 +(1233)- [X]

<SolidFlam> I can see the day that I type here "Ok, I'm going to watch Reloaded"
<SolidFlam> Bastard wacko will probably download it and then give us spoilers
<[wacko]> Neo dies!!
<[wacko]> Trinity has sex with Morpheus!
<[wacko]> The Oracle was fake!
<StarmanDX> Morpheus is a woman!
<[wacko]> Agent Smith is back!!
<[wacko]> Zion is hacked!
<StarmanDX> Jar Jar Binks has a cameo!
<SolidFlam> Bullet Time is lag

#77489 +(609)- [X]

<Jumper_> for an optimist the glass is half full, for a pessimist it is half empty, for an engineer it's twice as big as it needs to be
<Thraddash> for a programmer it has too few interfaces?
<Jumper_> for a programmer it's a Basic Input Output System (BIOS) with a buffer overflow just waiting to happen

#77503 +(39)- [X]

<M|ssKitty> olivier says my anus looks like that *

#77505 +(347)- [X]

<Majin_Giru> John u there?
* Bloodshed watches Majin_Giru talk to his pants

#77509 +(730)- [X]

<Jimmy> lisa, i'm having a bad day. wanna get naked on cam?
<Lisa> hahaha
<Jimmy> i hope hahaha is spanish for yes

#77549 +(2234)- [X]

* unexpected joins the room!
<unexpected> oh shit gotta go
* unexpected left the game.
<Chimerasame> well that was unexpected.

#77636 +(279)- [X]

<neoMesis> thats like 11 year olds having sex
<aux_> i dunno but i like it

#77675 +(102)- [X]

<Crispy> I used to have black friends, but my dad sold them all.

#77712 +(305)- [X]

<Burning> it's funny 'cause it's out of context

#77904 +(11728)- [X]

<Sui88> 67% of girls are stupid
<V-girl> i belong with the other 13%

#77936 +(186)- [X]

<JacksWastedLife> <----MsMarina
<kuribo> <----MsMarina
<torgo> <--- dumbass
<CactusJac> MsMarina---->
<Deathlove> <-- Spartacus

#78486 +(24)- [X]

<Servo> being in love with a 13-year old has its advantages: she has to go to bed at 22 or 23h, so we can go out and have a drink!

#78507 +(157)- [X]

<@Stakker> argh. our CTO just came from Game Designers Convention in the US. our games are too complicated for americans. they're asking for one-button conversions :-D

#78511 +(242)- [X]

<torment0r|wk|> !imdb butt pirates
<Vanamonde> Hackers (1995) ( http://www.imdb.com/Title?0113243 )

#78512 +(304)- [X]

<+dementia^> they should have reality tv program on that is actually funny.
<+dementia^> called "ima noob get me out of here" and make them use linux for a week

#78514 +(243)- [X]

<tha|didier> the cigarette packages here say that tobacco smoke contains HCN, Benzene, Formaldehyde en nitrosamines
<Dilbert|sleep> really? the cigarette packs that i get list the ingredients as Lung Cancer, and Emphysema

#78522 +(392)- [X]

<hallam> Buy a planeticket...when you are in the air - go to the toilet.. cut off your pubichairs and glue em to your chin.. wrap toiletpaper around the top of your head.. KICK THE DOOR out to the toilet .. jump out and screaam 'Allah akbar'..

#78546 +(277)- [X]

<quint> I've figured it out that there are three ways of pasting text on irc.
<quint> you can press ctrl + v or shift + Ins or click with the right mouse button in the edit box and select "paste" from the popup.
<weasel> wow, amazing. You've become a real hacker now.

#78551 +(419)- [X]

<Jason_Bee> we'd probably all die if the stock market crashed
<Mugworm> well yea, if it crashed right into your house

#78554 +(1168)- [X]

<azathoth> why can't alyssa milano live next door to me, be lonely and need the satisfaction and fullfillment that only a 20 year old computer programmer can provide...
* azathoth shakes his fist at god and goes back to his debugging

#78562 +(555)- [X]

<booyaa> i'm getting horrible pains thru my finger tips
<sy> booyaa: that's me attempting to kick your ass over the internet

#78579 +(517)- [X]

<Lilmissdjgrl> Do you want a cookie?
<EvilCouch> no thanks, I've got directories full of them

#78661 +(914)- [X]

«@Sheps» Neom, you fucktard
«@neomonk» ?
«@Deeps» Pld.
«@neomonk» stfu dan or i'll gline you. :o
«@Sheps» I just d/led your script from your website and it has all your oper passwords saved
«@neomonk» wtf?
::Snotice-> Sheps is now a Network Administrator
***Quits neomonk oper@security.team (Glined(muhahahaha)
***Quits deeps deeps@dpc6682041222.direcpc.com (Glined(muhahahaha)
«@Sheps» muahahaha owned
***Quits Sheps dan@pcp03341202pcs.danbry01.ct.comcast.net (Glined(Network Abuse)
::Joins:: neomonk (~john@toronto-hse-ppp3635564.sympatico.ca)
***Quits neomonk ~john@toronto-hse-ppp3635564.sympatico.ca (Glined(You fucking idiot.)

#78679 +(88)- [X]

<cmdrfunk> i have a picture around here somewhere where she looks totally hot in her silks guard uniform
<mike> flag squad?
<cmdrfunk> yah
<mike> the chicks who are too fat to make it to cheerleading
<lyfeAsaurus-REX> the bottom of the pyramid

#78690 +(264)- [X]

<HOT_SAUCE> generals?
<HOT_SAUCE> yeah i have it
<HOT_SAUCE> i dunno if generals is DX9
<HOT_SAUCE> but somehow, turning up EVERYTHING to super-high detail makes my game run faster than putting it on just high/medium
<HOT_SAUCE> i think my video card is autistic
<HOT_SAUCE> like that kid from mercury rising

#78787 +(-11)- [X]

<sandnig3r> i shower with a man twice my age

#78788 +(485)- [X]

<joseph> man, if i could shoot lightning from my balls, well, that'd be pretty cool

#78794 +(1124)- [X]

<xavas> so i was on the beach wearing my speedo's the other day
<xavas> and some chick walks by and goes "u got a roll of pennies in there?!?!?"
<xavas> so i says "yeah, want me to knock some cents into you?>

#78798 +(583)- [X]

<DopefishJustin> I just downloaded "Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard Edition.exe" off WinMX and it's actually a country music MP3 :/
<DopefishJustin> -=[JustinBot]=- Now playing: [EXE] [Microsoft Visual C++ 6] [3:31]
<DopefishJustin> I should have realized when I noticed it was 5MB

#78803 +(614)- [X]

<Patrician|Away> trust me on this
<Patrician|Away> it was face
<|Tempest|> trust you?
<|Tempest|> TRUST YOU?
<Patrician|Away> im always right on these issues
<Patrician|Away> face will confirm it
<|Tempest|> the last time i trusted you i ended up strapped naked to a low flying jet performing stunts over london
<Patrician|Away> yup
<Patrician|Away> ad got an easy £300
<Patrician|Away> *and I
<|Tempest|> do you know what 10 Gs does to a flacid flapping willy?
<|Tempest|> DO YOU?

#78807 +(186)- [X]

<Seaf> I found someone had uploaded a video titled "REAL Muff Diving." I'll leave it at that.
<Gau> erm
<Gau> did they go off a diving board?
<Gau> or was it their wife giving birth played in reverse
* Gau giggles at that idea
* Gau groans as the metal image sets in
<Gau> BRB... Malox time.
<SkySoldier> Gau, you are a strange man.

#78812 +(799)- [X]

* Bishi (~somebody@newt-news.com) has joined #zgeek-tech
<Bishi> op, op-me-do
<Bishi> you know, I'd op you
<Bishi> I'll always be true
<Bishi> so ple-e-e-ease...
<Bishi> op me do
<Bishi> </beatles>
* RickBitch sets mode: +o Bishi

#78820 +(123)- [X]

<Sh0t> i'll be honest
<Sh0t> I'd fuck Calista Flockhart
<tjommi> is that possible?
<tjommi> my dick is fatter than her
<Phalanx`> you might break her
<Phalanx`> be careful there
<xylol> who cares
<Sh0t> she gained weight
<Sh0t> if you've seen her recently
<DeathVipr> after you blow your load in her, her weight doubles
<tjommi> id like to see that
<tuffguy> lol dv
<tjommi> LOL

#78831 +(146)- [X]

<point> whats the dos command to format?

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