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#61147 +(323)- [X]

<Dark_Ayanami> Popups have been around since the dawn of porn. Prehistoric, pornographic cave paintings would interrupt primitive man's masturbation with other paintings popping up hawking larger genitalia/clubs/wheels/fires.
<Dark_Ayanami> Then the first man would bash the new painter with his club (a primitive version of a mouse) and get back to "work".
<Dark_Ayanami> This is the first demonstrated case of "popup rage".

#61227 +(177)- [X]

<Tont0> TCP/IP illustrated needs a swimsuit issue

#61239 +(363)- [X]

<maff> i know how to curb your childs videogame addiction
<maff> buy them a mac

#61272 +(165)- [X]

<Yora> *dryly* you arent paying for it and the company doesnt make money off you playing, what would you call it?
<FireIsFun> Grand Theft Data

#61317 +(276)- [X]

* [TxC]-LaSeK is back from having hot sex. I was gone for 3secs

#61341 +(17)- [X]

<Clay> cs is like the eqivalent of eminem every 13year old loves it

#61348 +(836)- [X]

<Bruns> I got used to people calling me 'Miss' or 'Maam' on the phone when doing support
<Bruns> then they apologize like crazy after I tell them my name
<Bruns> "Oh, I'm sorry sir.  Its just that..."
<Bruns> "...That I sound like a girl.  I know.  Thanks for reminding me."

#61351 +(350)- [X]

* @PsykoDave eats his King Sized Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle
<@GregTG> Wow dave.
<@GregTG> That's a long way to go for a synonym of "cock"

#61362 +(229)- [X]

<ruckuz> but then again i was really poor as a child. good thing i was a boy otherwise i wouldn't have had anything to play with

#61370 +(201)- [X]

<Fredu|mega_sad> vodka would keep us warm
<k2tu> so would stroh 80 :P
<dr_dna> so would not drinking outside in freezing temperatures

#61444 +(630)- [X]

<Cloudy_Bear> hey you know how on the simpsons when they scream, their tongues kinda vibrate?
<Cloudy_Bear> well anyway, I was practicing doing that in the bathroom
<Cloudy_Bear> and this girl like walks in and is like "uhmm.... hi..?"

#61470 +(694)- [X]

<P1E> greetings, IRCMonkey
<IRCMonkey> Hi, I'm just wandering here, irc 1st timer!
<P1E> there's first time for everything I guess
<P1E> =]
<IRCMonkey> :-))
<IRCMonkey> Good bye! See you!
<-- IRCMonkey has quit (Client Quit)
<P1E> wow, that was, er, short
<CharlieG> the first time usually is

#61490 +(213)- [X]

<Tenchimaru_Draconis> Put one of those small headphone covers on your N64 Joystick. It doesn't hurt as much, is nice and soft, protects the joystick a bit, and your joystick doesn't get all sweaty after several hours of yanking it around.

#61513 +(1293)- [X]

<Scibert> Three @s for the IRCops under the sky
<Scibert> Seven for the Op Lords in their channels of stone
<Scibert> Nine for Mortal Chatters doomed to die
<Scibert> One for the Dark Peer on his Dark Throne
<Scibert> In the land of Ping where the Netsplits lie.
<Scibert> One @ to rule them all
<Scibert> One @ to find them
<Scibert> One @ to bring them all
<Scibert> And in the darkness, bind them
<Scibert> In the Land of Ping, where the Netsplits lie.

#61533 +(30)- [X]

<DarxusZzZ> it's like it's not reading the resolv.conf
<kuruption> Darxus, you're running linux?
<DarxusZzZ> on this machine? no, on the one I'm trying to fucking install gentoo on? yes
<kuruption> i have a FAQ for you on how to resolve that problem.... www.freebsd.org
<kuruption> hahaha

#61535 +(1383)- [X]

<Slime> I saw a headline on the newspaper today: "Horrific Rape in Alley", or something.
<Slime> I was like "Is there any other kind of rape?"

#61580 +(19)- [X]

* Nark thinks about sniffing some girls coochie to get high
<Nark> bahaha that would kick ass, 'let me get a 50c rock of booty'

#61662 +(788)- [X]

<b1u3> when i was in like 5th grade, a DARE cop came to visit our class
<b1u3> he was going through his whole deal like 'yes im a real police officer, and this is a real gun on my belt, and if you try to grab it im trained to break your arm upon reflex' and of course we had a doped up kid with ADD in our class who only heard 'this is a real gun, try to grab it'

#61671 +(190)- [X]

<luciphur> think i'll go to kfc and get some blue pepsi
<luciphur> love that shit
<luciphur> and some chips and a kernel burger too
<luciphur> i mean, colonel
<luciphur> lol, got linux on the brain

#61680 +(429)- [X]

<Charlemagne> monkey? what kind of racial slur is that?
<Mercenary9> A primitive one.

#61780 +(261)- [X]

<Volt9000> My friend asked me to be in his movie
<Volt9000> I think Im gonna do it
<Volt9000> I must admit my acting skills aren't the greatest
<Volt9000> But I do have SOME acting experience
<tsingtao> <Volt9000> I've managed to convince my whole school that I'm straight!

#61781 +(158)- [X]

<Alberto> "The New Year tradition is offensive to many ethnic groups."
<Rev> In order to not offend the Chinese, do you think they should call it "Happy New Time Unit" for the sake of political correctness?
<Alberto> Yep
<Destruya> Well, now that the holiday season is over, we can get back to only caring about ourselves.

#61795 +(150)- [X]

<Andrew> The EX in NeoEX stands for Extra XtremeAnalPenetration.
<NeoEX> It's funny cause it's true.

#61798 +(733)- [X]

*** f0r-1- has joined #photoshop
<f0r-1-> hi
<djahmar> hi
<f0r-1-> How it hanging?
<f0r-1-> :D
<Anapaest> from here to iowa
<f0r-1-> WHEEE! so, where are you from?
<Anapaest> iowa :(

#61806 +(-31)- [X]

* Rach is happy yet pissed off
<Rach> bloody bitch
* Rach goes to kill becca
<keot> here's a spoon
* metolhead touges Rach's spoon

#61808 +(247)- [X]

<rone> please speak in whole sentences.  thanks.
<rone> because this
<rone> is fucking annoying
<rone> to read.

#61809 +(447)- [X]

<+me0w> the guy arrested for being involved with cutting up those bodies in london is wearing a cyberdog tshirt in that pic!
<+me0w> there was a serial killer, forget which one, he used to chop up kids and cook them
<+me0w> but he said he tried a kid's dick
<+me0w> and it was too chewy
<+me0w> so he tossed it into the toilet
Tresnar (Thefreak__@dhcp160160225.columbus.rr.com) has joined.
<Aniki> thats what the guy here said too. first they wanted to eat the penis raw, but it was too chewy, so they had to cook it
<Tresnar> ... What the heck did I wander into?

#61810 +(334)- [X]

<i386> http://www.bash.org/?21858 <----- ROFL!
<illusi0n> haha
<i386> http://www.bash.org/?7755 <---- ABHHHAHHAH! :D SO SO TRUE!
<i386> http://www.bash.org/?4395 <--- muahah, Linux Conf 2003
<i386> http://www.bash.org/?31318 <--- hehe, reminds me of atomic

#61816 +(89)- [X]

<rob> they charged $75/h and it took "7" hours to do it
<itr> where can i sign up for that 'repair' job
<itr> i'll repair fuckin old ladies vaginas for $75/hour

#61852 +(378)- [X]

<PuBeNeMy-> bahaha
<PuBeNeMy-> jaymee just walked by the bird
<PuBeNeMy-> and it yelled
<PuBeNeMy-> SLUT
<cvc> although it does sound funny
<Matt^^^> PuBeNeMy-: have you been teaching the bird dirty words?
<cvc> nah, he's been teaching the bird to be a judge of character

#61861 +(243)- [X]

<TREllis> avajdjddkdkkkkah
<geekster> oh look, trellis is looking at the bottom of his laptop again
<drochaid> someone tell him it's NOT an etch-a-sketch please
<geekster> shaking it dosen't make irc go away, it will still abuse you, more so if you break your laptop being stupid

#61891 +(263)- [X]

<rawb-> Hey nyisles
<rawb-> Wat doez your nick mean?
<nyisles> it means Niles
<rawb-> nile, like that ocean?

#61898 +(102)- [X]

<FIFpe> Dude, can you ask Andrew to look for my wallet when he gets home
<FIFpe> Cause I need it hard
<Qinop> yeah
<Qinop> he has it hard
<FIFpe> Tell him to stick it...in his mail-box, and I"ll pick it up on the way to church
<Qinop> we don't have a box, we have a slot
<Qinop> actually it's more like a chute
<Qinop> so we will stick it in our "door"
<FIFPe> sweet

#61903 +(213)- [X]

(+RC-Cola): it'd be awesome if like there were people breakdancing
(+RC-Cola): and you just got your boner out and spun like a top on your boner
(+RC-Cola): and held your feet behind your head in a suplex-style arc
(+Mr_Legacy): RC: you just might be retarted.
(+RC-Cola): oh my bad

#61930 +(324)- [X]

<iota> i think my son is prejudice
<HgR`Your_Dead> [ iota ] why?
<iota> i brought him a black vantriliquist dummy home from work and he ripped it's legs off
<iota> the really bad part is i picked him up and made his mouth move and went can a nigga get a wheel chair

#61972 +(290)- [X]

<BonzoBoy> An honorary degree is like a nerf dildo.
<ramoth4> nerf dildos can be fun....sort of
<Equinas> i use a nerf whip
<Equinas> it's part of the Bondage for Beginners set

#61979 +(193)- [X]

<Jin> Wtf?!
* Jin kicks Quaggs' ass just for looking so fucked
<ramoth4> jin you don't have to kick someone to hurt them
<ramoth4> just kind of saunter up
<ramoth4> and lie down
<ramoth4> *squish*
<ramoth4> "oops sorry"
*** ramoth4 was kicked off #spidermantc by Jin (*squish*)

#61989 +(161)- [X]

<MS|D3m0n>: I had a really cool dream the other night and when I woke up I tried to click View Source so that I could put it on my site

#62036 +(218)- [X]

<MosH> The girl was a slut.
<MrSelfDestruct^v26> loose as a goose eh
<MosH> yeah I had to strap a 2 by 4 to my ass
<MosH> so I didnt fall in that shit

#62044 +(235)- [X]

<hpr-vb6> $2 bills pwn
<Cracker`tv> KEEP THE 2S!
<[LIQuid]> why?!
<Cracker`tv> take them to strip clubs when you get older... strippers dont look too hard and they think they're twenties!!!

#62059 +(286)- [X]

<HellmasteR> another rather amusing thing is that lol in h4x0r is 101, and 101 in binary is 5
<HellmasteR> so when i say FIVE from now on i mean lol

#62079 +(108)- [X]

<zX-ArcH> my friend has a virus, he runs windows XP, every 5-10 minutes his comp will shut down automaticlly, he must create new users just to even get on! if u know what kind of virus this is , or if u can help in anyway please PM ME
<@CitizenErazed> it's called 'windows xp'

#62095 +(732)- [X]

<CheeseBro> what is another phrase for black and white?
<ksennin> #000000 and #FFFFFF

#62102 +(338)- [X]

<allistar> deleting stuff out of my registry made it bigger!
<Griz> ah, the magic of windows

#62105 +(256)- [X]

<marcc> What kind of company includes a program called "pimp ass newsreader" with a server OS
<Ver> uhmm.. the company that makes "pimp ass newsreader"?
<Kaeto> dude... your server has to have SOME way to get warez
<marcc> But pimp ass newsreader? With a fucking OS that's supposedly made by people with jobs and stuff?
<marcc> Why not include a Bitching Media Player, or Muthafuckin' Desktop
<Dritzen> marcc:  What distro is that?

#62110 +(239)- [X]

<ItBurn|mw> yay tescd cerazeyhes
<ItBurn|mw> crashed
<Celestar|xchat> ItBurn|mw: dude how did you mistype like THAT?

#62112 +(162)- [X]

onkeybutt87: I heard this commercial on the TV
onkeybutt87: from a door-store
onkeybutt87: and the guy refers to it as an "Entry system"
Changa177: lol
onkeybutt87: gotta be politically correct

#62123 +(354)- [X]

<Jim> what the fuck
<Jim> where did this porn get on my computer fro---
<Jim> oooh

#62130 +(421)- [X]

<Fortis> I'm only going to be able to fuck the "right girl"
<Fortis> I'm like
<Fortis> a romantic about it
<Fortis> but I say "fuck"
<Fortis> I'm all
<Fortis> "Yeah well I want to be in love before I crack the bitch's gash and pound her slush hole"

#62131 +(47)- [X]

<ReeferCpe> ugh, just some bangbus porn
<ReeferCpe> two PALE ass people
<ReeferCpe> it was like watching ghosts fuck.

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