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#52279 +(181)- [X]

<thursday-> who invented lol
<thursday-> do they get royalties

#52282 +(299)- [X]

<@CoMPLeX[a]> im booting man
<@CoMPLeX[a]> nite nite
<@Vedran> now im gonna b bored
<@CoMPLeX[a]> nah
<@CoMPLeX[a]> just keep pasting quotes
<@Inf3kTeZ> lol
<@CoMPLeX[a]> ill set a timer to say ROFL every 5 mins

#52302 +(218)- [X]

<ClosedGL> tar -xzf willy.gz;touch muh_woody;head -n 1 && mount /cho/momma && echo >$1 "Harder!\n";dd if=/dev/beans of=/cho/momma/face count=1 bs=spoonfull && umount /cho/momma && sleep 15.

#52303 +(512)- [X]

<EvilJoven> millions of dollars from various governments, business and NGOs spent on developing hardware, protocols, software and you people use it to pretend to fart at each other...

#52328 +(664)- [X]

*** klaas-sinterkla has joined #photoshop
<klaas-sinterkla> hellol
<klaas-sinterkla> who knows the programm photoshop
<@Anapaest> what kind of programm is it?
<klaas-sinterkla> It's about websites n stuff
<@Anapaest> better ask in #website-stuff then
<klaas-sinterkla> k, thx
*** klaas-sinterkla has left #photoshop

#52337 +(479)- [X]

* webby_g well chuffed now
<[smee]> lol
<[smee]> make me feel it, hurt me!
<DeuxVisage> guess this was the wrong time to walk in on a conversation
<DeuxVisage> take your bondage elsewhere
<[smee]> i like her when she plays her dominatrix role
<webby_g> who?
<[smee]> you!
<webby_g> omg

#52340 +(453)- [X]

<TurboYoda> what is bash.org?
<TurboYoda> Is it suitable for Me?
<fezm0nkey> Its a gay sex site.
<fezm0nkey> Hardcore anal fun.
<TurboYoda> I'll visit it when nobody's home

#52370 +(138)- [X]

<Sandino> christ, Im pushing 30 and Ive never driven a car, I need a life application not a job one

#52390 +(536)- [X]

<Alf-Life> Has anyone here ever been to Tokyo/Kyoto/Japan?
<MechaMrEd> I think if you went to the first two the third one comes free.

#52398 +(339)- [X]

<chintss> how do i configure ftp http and telnet  in RH 8.0
<chintss> plzzzzz
<tictac> chintss: rtfm
<chintss> tictac : rtfm: command not found

#52404 +(928)- [X]

<shavenwookiee> SHIT!
<shavenwookiee> my sister is home now, with friends.
<shavenwookiee> so ends the walking around nude fun I was having.
<Antiarc> Heh...sister comes home with friends to find brother walking about house, nude.
<Antiarc> Sounds like the setup for a porn movie
<shavenwookiee> uh, gross?
<shavenwookiee> that's my sister, dude.
<shavenwookiee> I grew out of that.
<shavenwookiee> er.. I MEAN..

#52407 +(73)- [X]

<Ronwe> /slap -chainsaw "joojoo"
<joojoo> /slap -cock "Ronwe"
<joojoo> =x~
<Ronwe> it's not big enough to hurt
<joojoo> Text generally doesn't.
<Ronwe> interesting... your cock is text
<joojoo> Whoever said that?
<joojoo> Whoever said I was using my "cock"~#@E Q&!#*(
<joojoo> AHAH
<Ronwe> Do me a favour
<Ronwe> Don't use the word anal when we're talking about cocks

#52412 +(637)- [X]

<Brookes_Baby> Hey does anyone have an idea of what I could get for my collection of Final Fantasy games?
<Kevyn> Not laid.

#52426 +(325)- [X]

<MvCrash> I did it DOGGY style with my wife this morning.....
<MvCrash> I begged... she rolled over and played DEAD!!!

#52449 +(226)- [X]

<pyre> I need to download more hardware

#52457 +(120)- [X]

<Geollum> The third volume of the trilogy is no better, Yott insists. Creatures with dark faces, black eyes and long black hair coming from the east and the south and wielding scimitars is obviously racist, he says.
<Chronologist> lol....
<Geollum> Ok, it's not OUR fault that black has come to associate Evil
<KeeperX> OMG
* KeeperX goes to the south and kills some dark skinned people wielding scimitars

#52462 +(492)- [X]

<Cloe> be quiet or i'll beat you like a rented mule
<Crowley> you abuse your rented pack animals?
<Cloe> yes, i do
<Cloe> now carry my stuff up the trail
<Crowley> suck my huge donkey dick

#52477 +(248)- [X]

Dr SpaZZo: Why the hell do they call it fox undercover when they just go up to the people on the street and go "WHY R U SWINDALING TEH COMMUN PUBLIK :-("

#52478 +(7)- [X]

<Emiko> a if u turn off ur computer and ur dl something in IRC would it still dl or u have to dl it again??

#52491 +(1010)- [X]

<Boogieman> possibly the wierdest thing ever just happend.
<Boogieman> I really had to take a piss so I ran to the bathroom.
<Boogieman> and I ran into the room, but I didn't know that my dad put a new mat in there.
<Boogieman> Ususally bathroom mats have those anti slip things on the bottom, but this one didn't
<Boogieman> and I sliped, smashed my shoulder on the toiled, pissed myself, and cried out in pain
<Boogieman> my dad comes down and is like "what happened!?... wait, you know what, I don't want to know" and then goes upstairs

#52499 +(522)- [X]

<Toad> My two best friends don't use the internet :(
<Slime> Ryu and Ken aren't real people though, Toad

#52501 +(315)- [X]

<Graphic_V> Remember when you turned 18 and you could finally start looking at those naked people on the internet?

#52503 +(1052)- [X]

<neural> i wish my motherboard would find a fatherboard so i could have anotherboard

#52512 +(250)- [X]

harleyb: we're not dumb like that up in canda
harleyb: and we can also spell our countrie's name
harleyb: and use proper everything
harleyb: *country's

#52515 +(394)- [X]

<trashcan> studpid email
<trashcan> Subject:Massive Cocks, 14 inch cocks ripping open tight teen cunt holes
<trashcan> WHO thinks of these things
<PhD> i heardly think world health organization has time to think up of spam email titles

#52518 +(103)- [X]

<poo_al> i used to have "bromothymol blue" in my memory buffer.
<poo_al> then i copied the girlskissing url
<poo_al> and pasted that into my lab
<poo_al> too bad i found it
<poo_al> my teacher would have given me a 110% if i left it in :(

#52519 +(18)- [X]

* temAjinsDawg (kimmy@vw-16408.uu.net) has joined #ultima
<temAjinsDawg> I have ultima IV, on SMS......best SMS game ever
<temAjinsDawg> people say itS hard to find....is that tRue?
<temAjinsDawg> I boughT it for $2
<temAjinsDawg> yeaH ok.....don'T all talk at onCe
<temAjinsDawg> hellllllllllllllllooo
<temAjinsDawg> phukking answer me!!!!!!!
<temAjinsDawg> Do you want me to unleash my horde of script kiddies???
<temAjinsDawg> I have many who do what i ask, in return for wareZ
<temAjinsDawg> so answer
<temAjinsDawg> pleasE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<temAjinsDawg> i am asking nicely now......answer me
<temAjinsDawg> phuck you all.......i have your IP's.......expect trouble!......have a nice day!
* temAjinsDawg (kimmy@vw-16408.uu.net) has left #ultima
* temAjinsDawg (kimmy@vw-16408.uu.net) has joined #ultima
* temAjinsDawg (kimmy@vw-16408.uu.net) has left #ultima

#52546 +(225)- [X]

<rev> mel has nipples like sausages
<Melissa> links or patties?

#52547 +(844)- [X]

<Shark> i'm the only human that has actually seen the loch ness monster
<SeXyBW> is that what you call it now shark?
<Shark> haha, that's what i call my dick
<SeXyBW> so you are the only one that has seen it eh

#52551 +(327)- [X]

<NuttO> "The proposal includes the prohibition of Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Turck, the House of the Dead, Duke Nukem, Shadowman, Quake, Instinct Killer, Doom, the Legacy of Kain, Street Fighter and Perfect Dark."
<NuttO> I'm sure they'll see a drop in violent crimes in twenty years thanks to this ban.
<Cordelia> and in 30 years, Asia Minor will defeat Oceana

#52561 +(78)- [X]

<Apollo-> I would pay for one of you guys to come slob my knob though ;)
* Uncouth perks.
<Uncouth> Apollo-: how much?
<Apollo-> Uncouth: $1 per minute, $1 penalty per minute after the first minute ;)

#52577 +(290)- [X]

<DrkNrg`> i once knew a man who took some acid and he thort he was a fire engine, it was kinda funny until he pissed on my lighter

#52580 +(341)- [X]

<anarch> i think I may assfuck the turks
<anarch> i owe them
<anarch> 2 centuries of occupation has made me bitter
<Mr_Poppinfresh> dude, you're not Serbian
<anarch> im roleplaying

#52603 +(1239)- [X]

<Khaen> Oh boy, the sky is very #9966FF today!

#52635 +(251)- [X]

<comet_11> ooh! 33 new emails
<comet_11> let's see what they are...
<comet_11> product spam, loan spam, loan spam, survey spam, product spam, sex spam, product spam, virus spam, porn spam, product spam, product spam, contest spam, loan spam, product spam, product spam, loan spam, online payment spam, fake porn virus spam, education spam, product spam, fake contact virus spam, contest spam, product spam, loan spam, product spam, product spam, fake virus cleaner virus spam, fake chick email virus spam, product spam, (cont)
<comet_11> fake update virus spam, fake questionnaire virus spam, loan spam
<comet_11> you know... it's nice to see some variety in my emails

#52642 +(273)- [X]

(Smidge|Proggin) Someone's been usin' my computer...
(Smidge|Proggin) They tainted it by visiting aol.com
(Smidge|Proggin) I feel violated

#52644 +(211)- [X]

<DeterminedLilBitch> Daishi dont talk
<Daishi> ?
<Daishi> i talk
<DeterminedLilBitch> not to me
<Daishi> i just wait till some one says my name and it flashes green
<Daishi> then i talk
<Daishi> its like sitting at a red light all day

#52645 +(739)- [X]

<PONGO> ok... this is my first time on IRC
<PONGO> how do I start my own channel?
<Optikal> just join a channel that doesn't exist
<PONGO> nice try
<PONGO> =)

#52651 +(571)- [X]

(@`H4X0R`) Rape is such a negative term, I think we should call it "suprise sex"]

#52654 +(196)- [X]

<_wookie_> hehe Eli was just telling me a funny story, she was helping someone in the building here who couldn't open a jpg in Photoshop, everytime she clicked it would open the image in IE,  when she showed her how she wanted to know how to remove the border from the image, eli had to explain that the image had no border, that was the photoshop application surrounding the picture.
<elo> thats advanced n00bism ;-)

#52656 +(476)- [X]

<TenBaseT> This computer lab is 47.54 degrees F
<TenBaseT> christ.
<TenBaseT> I coult type with my nipples.
* ataX hits /clear

#52658 +(220)- [X]

<Kmart-X17> I have a nice life sucking guys dicks
<Kmart-X17> typo

#52661 +(292)- [X]

<+NikitaDk> The problem is that God gave men both a penis and a brain, but only blood enough to control one organ at a time... Robin Williams
<+Challii> ha ha ha ha ha ha
<+Challii> and it gave women too much blood that they had to get rid of a load of it each month

#52671 +(937)- [X]

<Helix> fuck
<Helix> my back right tire is flat
<Helix> this is lame
<Owashawa> change it and put the spare on
<Owashawa> problem solved
<Helix> then i have to change it
<Helix> and its cold
<Helix> and wet and shit
<irn> You fucking girl
<irn> get out there
<irn> What if your wife's water broke and you had to take her to hospital, eh?
<Helix> it'd make it
<Helix> besides, that's what ambulances are for
<irn> what if your vehicle IS the ambulance?
<Helix> ill know a thing or two about assiting birth
<Helix> besides, im gay and exempt from your question
<irn> What if your boyfriend got stuck in an inflatable suit during a balloon fetish romp?
<Helix> id masterbate until i passed out

#52675 +(-2)- [X]

<trankillity> if you've heard of greg packer maybe
<trankillity> he's an aussie jungle dj
<+srph> jungle dj
<+srph> i keep thinking of pubic hair
<+srph> shit ... to much bash.org

#52677 +(-4)- [X]

<pReM> my brother learnt me how to wank

#52688 +(11)- [X]

<Louie[laptop]> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2078843925
<err-afk> Louie
<err-afk> dont ebay anymore
<Louie[laptop]> why not
<Louie[laptop]> i am gonna buy some xeon workstations
<err-afk> some guy got arrested
<Louie[laptop]> why
<err-afk> for a big ebay scam
<Louie[laptop]> oh i dont participate in ebay scams
<cheesegoduk> yeah its only happened once

#52689 +(50)- [X]

(@Niall): whoa homeless guy gets life for raping a 13 y/o and 3 women....tbh if i were homeless i might try sommat like that

#52697 +(360)- [X]

<Louie[laptop]> i read an article
<Louie[laptop]> on a dude that sold 486's
<Louie[laptop]> and passed them off as p2's
<Louie[laptop]> and shit
<err-afk> haha
<Louie[laptop]> and it took a while for people to catch on
<Louie[laptop]> stoopid people
<cheesegoduk> lol how could people not notice that they could only run windows 3.1 on them
THEJRC[work]> naah you can get 98 and 2k to run on a 486
<THEJRC[work]> just runs like christopher reeves

#52704 +(640)- [X]

<sit`> one of my female coworkers remarked about how i was cutting up my apple with great care so i said "you have to treat it like a woman, cut it in thin slices"
<sit`> didn't go over to well for some reason

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