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#48729 +(100)- [X]

<Marticus> i'm still looking for an intelligent non-headcase female
<UgLyPuNk> they don't exist
<UgLyPuNk> all women are head cases
<toe-wk> its true
<toe-wk> heres how i break it down in geek talk for you nerds to understand
<toe-wk> males = intel pentium 4's. Cool, reliable, stable, tough
<toe-wk> females = AMD athlons, sure their sexy, and their hot...but as soon as they start thinking i wouldnt rely on one :D
<Marticus> and uh, calculators are little girls, and mainframes are bbw
<Annon201> what bout graphic calculators??
<Marticus> thats when they get some grass on the pitch

#48730 +(378)- [X]

<Sirea> My brothers cats name is God Damned Cat and she's running around with pair of my panties in her mouth
<Leth|ASSignment> "God Damned Cat and she's running around with pair of my panties in her mouth" is a damn long name.

#48732 +(200)- [X]

<FLoRa> i'd actually rather be ugly than fat
<milenko> hmm i dont think so
<milenko> you can lose fat

#48733 +(6)- [X]

<-Sharky-> lol, thats a new one
<-Sharky-> raping urself
<PuffinFreshWog> riight
<PuffinFreshWog> well if your underage and you don't concent to you hand...
<-Sharky-> so like ur playin wif urself, and then saying "No, no dont do this"
<-Sharky-> to urself?

#48736 +(121)- [X]

<G[a]lly> i'd like to download virtual valerie
<decryption> lol
<decryption> ive downloaded that
<decryption> hahah
<decryption> its crazy
<decryption> does a strip to the mp3 your listening to
<pancakes> what is it?
<G[a]lly> really?
<G[a]lly> i thought you had to try and get her off with a virtual dildo..
<decryption> ohhh..
<decryption> well this one aint
<G[a]lly> I'll give it a go anyway
<decryption> but that one sounds much more interesting
<G[a]lly> and how!
<decryption> virtual dildo.. need i say more?
<G[a]lly> mate's dad has it on his computer, i was kinda freaked out, but didn't play it in case he has a high score and i accidentally break it and he finds out

#48744 +(154)- [X]

<Deusa> I've never seen snow
<tm2> It's very overrated
<tm2> Try sitting in your refrigerator sometime...

#48747 +(617)- [X]

<@PuffinFreshWog> kingmax is good ram
<@PuffinFreshWog> right?
<@PuffinFreshWog> but won't that not matter since my current ram is a crap brand
<@cbf> ueaj
<@cbf> uyeaj
<@cbf> yueah
<@cbf> yeah
<@cbf> fod dammit
<@cbf> fgod
<@cbf> gofd
<@PuffinFreshWog> LMFAO
<@cbf> gof
<@cbf> god

#48748 +(-240)- [X]

<RaveHoppe> MorbiD: You are just a big fat gay
<MorbiD> Ravehoppe: Shut the fuck up
* MorbiD stealthily creeps up behind RaveHoppe and SLAMS his penis deep into RaveHoppe's ass until the penis is deep enough for flesh to curl RaveHoppe's hair ..AND quickly buttfucks RaveHoppe a second time, causing a wild spurt of blood! ...AND fucks RaveHoppe HARD a third time to get his point across! YUCH, RaveHoppe's entrails burst out of RaveHoppe's mouth!

#48752 +(99)- [X]

[+ForKsTar] I hate doctors
[+ForKsTar] last time I went, I had fingers jammed up my ass
[+Z0iC] teh doctar did goatse to u :<

#48755 +(17)- [X]

<jmess> this is the best set up.
<jmess> laying on my beanbag ircing
<jmess> hahaha SAD
<Fabio> hahaha
<Fabio> as bad as me
<Fabio> in bed ircing

#48771 +(-104)- [X]

* Pelayo BGM: !! (illegal) Cute 12 Year Old Being Taught By Daddy -- Fisting Incest Child Teen Preteen Lolita Young Gay Porn Beast Peep Mpeg Mpg Jpeg Jpg Mp3 Avi (6)(2).mpg

#48776 +(497)- [X]

<lalaloo> hjey ,anmyone her hagve a dell/
<MgicMastr> You really should take that dick out of your mouth when you speak.

#48778 +(271)- [X]

<gnawol> i hate can beer
<gnawol> i cant drink it
<gnawol> tastes like metal
<gnawol> like a steel dildo
<gnawol> not like ive sucked a steel dildo or anything

#48779 +(377)- [X]

<Cold0ne> the house is shaking
<Cold0ne> WTF!!!!!
<Guyp> you know youre a geek when there's an earth quake but instead of running away you keep writing "WTF!?!" :O

#48782 +(318)- [X]

<Kevyn> I lent my friend money last nite so he could get a lap dance from a stripper. And he just said to me on AIM, "hey, thanks for the lap dance"
<Kevyn> I'm so glad people can't overhear conversations on AIM.

#48792 +(381)- [X]

<ObjBRB> the last time i had a piece of ass was when my finger ripped thru the toilet paper

#48798 +(254)- [X]

* CoolNo9 was in a room with 15 dba's and 1 coldfusion developer
<CoolNo9> guess which one I was :)
<ConqSoft> CoolNo9:  The gay one?

#48799 +(299)- [X]

*** Fl0g (Phaket@03.gate4.yokota.attmil.ne.jp) has joined #math
<Fl0g> PERVERTS!!!
*** Fl0g (Phaket@03.gate4.yokota.attmil.ne.jp) has left #math

#48802 +(310)- [X]

<loss> i met this japanese kid at comdex who could sms 65 wpm
<_dren_> fucker prolly rip his weenier off when he whacks

#48808 +(239)- [X]

<Lilmuckers> i called my headmaster dad today =/
<ibor132> hahaha
<ibor132> howd u manage that?
<SonicRageX> heh
<Lilmuckers> he said something and i saidm "yes dad"
<Lilmuckers> in the lesson
<ibor132> rofl
<Lilmuckers> in front of the calss
<ibor132> whatd he do>?
<Lilmuckers> said "i doubt i was that promisuous 16 years ago"
<Lilmuckers> promiscuous
<ibor132> ROFL!!!!
<SonicRageX> dude
<SonicRageX> thats classic
<ibor132> someone bash that

#48816 +(39)- [X]

<Targaff> nem1: i've got the solution to your little
<Targaff> problem
<DrtySOUTH> viagra?
<DrtySOUTH> :D

#48821 +(15)- [X]

UFO19M: In Russia, we poke each other in the rectum to stay warm

#48822 +(115)- [X]

UFO19M: it is my goal to be stared at like a dog that's just been shown a card trick

#48825 +(318)- [X]

<Floach-> I guess DDoS is like a network bukkake? :)

#48829 +(552)- [X]

UFO19M: You know how you go into a public rest room and the integrity of every stall has been compromised, so you have to pick the least disgusting one?   
UFO19M: That is how I feel about dating

#48835 +(69)- [X]

UFO19M: Id burn her like a witch but I am afraid of the fumes

#48842 +(189)- [X]

<Basketcase> There was a swarm of lesbians at my school today...
<Basketcase> they were gonna eat me out alive...

#48855 +(89)- [X]

<[-FcG-]Zwitta[D-F]|away> its from bash, so it must be true

#48856 +(781)- [X]

fallouswk > bwahahahaha.  coworker comes in with a problem, gets halfway into the explanation and then pauses and says "umm, it smells like you've been farting in here"  "yes, I have"  "I'm going to leave now"  "I think that would be best"

#48857 +(98)- [X]

<holden>i missed 30 days of school last year
<holden>i wanted to stay home and play cs

#48858 +(30)- [X]

<Edgar_the_Fish> mmm hoodie
<Edgar_the_Fish> i'd have sex with my hoodie its so soft

#48861 +(183)- [X]

[@pHluid] Dolphins also have foot long prehensile penises
[@pHluid] they can flex them, curl them, corkscrew them whatever
[@pHluid] you haven't really lived until you've felt a dolphin's cock up yo...er

#48866 +(126)- [X]

toman7465: ben doesn't like debbies cochie?
s o k k e rguy03: I like the soft hills of the desert, the thick moist foliage of the Jungle just doesn't suit me

#48876 +(63)- [X]

[@mad-ShaggZ]my parents said i could anything i wanted to be when i grew up....so i chose to be an asshole
[@mad-ShaggZ]nothing wrong with that...

#48884 +(197)- [X]

(DownKaos): W0lfy's idea of taking a girl out is fucking her then deflating her
(W0lfy): u following me?

#48885 +(122)- [X]

(WHW-Rob): i need to make a shirt.... "You're so much sexier when you just SHUT UP!"

#48886 +(29)- [X]

(PrinceDC): incase you didnt see them all
(PrinceDC): theres girls sucking my dick in the pics
(DownKaos): thats almost as cool as curtis's with the dog licking the peanut butter off his....
(DownKaos): n/m

#48893 +(1346)- [X]

< froggie> how frequently do chest infections kill asthmatics?
< punchcard> no more than once i would guess

#48900 +(26)- [X]

<Zeus|ViceCity> fuck my back is stif
<Zeus|ViceCity> stiff.. lol
<ZeroHour> next time just lay on your back, don't bend over

#48909 +(33)- [X]

<Hoop> anyone have/seen Weapons.Of.Ass.Destruction any place ?

#48910 +(330)- [X]

<BRAVESTAR> -bash-2.05b$ LS
<BRAVESTAR> -bash: LS: command not found

#48915 +(-170)- [X]


#48924 +(220)- [X]

<Beerman> My dick is so big its population had a revolution. its now known as the democratic republic of my dick.

#48929 +(114)- [X]

Shamp00kiE: i have to draw lots
Shamp00kiE: of boring stuff
Shamp00kiE: well boring people
Shamp00kiE: i dont like drawing people i know. im always afarid ill fuck up and i ususally do
ECBoots84: Anything specific?
Shamp00kiE: 2 portraits of friends or family, and 2 sitting poses of friends and crap
ECBoots84: Ooooh...fun
Shamp00kiE: yeah
Shamp00kiE: i dont want to hear "why do i look like crap?! you think i look like crap!! oh god im ugly!" and then crying afterwards
ECBoots84: I guess you're not the only one in your social circle who overreacts then
Shamp00kiE: i dont really have one, so i was just projecting myself if i was being drawn i guess
Shamp00kiE: *shrug*

#48933 +(2)- [X]

<Frieveta> waitaminute.... you can go multiplayer in magic?

#48934 +(405)- [X]

<Lestat> I can't just turn on the funny like some fountain of funny.
<ally> ...
<ally> why the fuck not?
<Lestat> I have to milk it from the special cows.

#48950 +(17)- [X]

<c-rOCK> when youre bored i highly recommend making fun of beaners.

#48952 +(311)- [X]

<@patm> monty die and go to hell now please
<Monty> url?

#48956 +(79)- [X]

<yods> maybe i should send her a loveop to apologise
<yods> 'sorry i was so mean..hope the suicde goes well...heres a shotty

#48957 +(404)- [X]

<Shino> scientists are going to make a blue rose with new breakthroughs in biotechnology.. our tax dollars at work!!!
<Shino> I guess they got bored of the cancer thing......

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