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#64 +(989)- [X]

<Ash> Win2k! ^_^
*** Ash Quit (Read error: 73 (Connection reset by peer))

#65 +(199)- [X]


#66 +(78)- [X]

<noppa> weed: (dont inhale and you will become the next president!!!!!)

#67 +(-5)- [X]

<circle`> he's like, you, you and you, suck this

#68 +(1276)- [X]

<HomerJ> Microsoft could shit in a box, adn most people would buy it

#69 +(1545)- [X]

<spleenex> EQ is like a 3D AOL chatroom with monsters :/

#70 +(1156)- [X]

* XS slaps the crap out of someone with a larger than ordinary, non-standard, frames compatible, Microsoft trout.

#71 +(695)- [X]

<strobe> damn, NeXT users are a weird bunch
<strobe> Did the NeXT cube come with free crack or something?

#72 +(8080)- [X]

<reptile-> The first time hypr opened a box of Cheerios and looked inside he yelled, "OH WOW! DONUT SEEDS!"
<hypr> wtf are donut seeds

#73 +(2702)- [X]

<ooze> take a hot swedish chick from behind, bend over to her ear. and whisper "i have aids", then try to keep your penis inside of her.
<ooze> thats swedish rodeo.

#74 +(-801)- [X]

<JCamel> heh, no, because i jacked off into his mom's black bra, and she blamed it on him

#75 +(-136)- [X]

<skunko> well i officially have jacked off

#76 +(1386)- [X]

<MTrez> ok, about 1 million of my potential children just got introduced to some downy tissue, so im gonna sleep now, im tired

#77 +(822)- [X]

<Mac_BETA> I will give you 4 gigs o pr0n for yer mercedes

#78 +(232)- [X]

<AlmtyBob> I think they should make 'Powerpuff Girls: 2012', a live action movie, where the powerpuff girls are played by mad hot chicks
<AlmtyBob> teenage chicks

#79 +(1311)- [X]

<SYch0> [^_^
<blazemore> cellphones will give you cancer

#80 +(2673)- [X]

<ebim> toz.. do her doggie style and have a laptop on her back so you can talk to us

#81 +(1990)- [X]

<shaft`> I bought it through a special deal at work
<Guilty> The deal where you put what you can under your jacket?

#82 +(248)- [X]

<Guilty> Check out who used to own my new IP's
<Guilty> ArabIRC Network

#83 +(163)- [X]

<matt> if you rip that girls head off and put on a good better looking head she' wouldnt be half bad

#84 +(1021)- [X]

<matt> too bad her head looks like an ass
<scv> thats makes blowjobs better, matt

#85 +(75)- [X]

<matt> you could fit a carrot up that nose

#86 +(-2020)- [X]

<EM> heh i wonder if there will be any black people in my classes
<EM> like i couldnt imagine black ppl being in cisco routing!! because black people just jack cars!!!

#87 +(-104)- [X]

<Deano> hey i need a cd protection deleter proggy any1 help me

#88 +(967)- [X]

<Infe> but if i ever hit a deer with my car i'll be damned if i don't try to finish it off, i'll need the food after all my money is fixing the car#@$#@

#89 +(915)- [X]

<tmhaidnk> whoa i can submit my prayers via html based forms !

#90 +(728)- [X]

<matt`> It is illegal to use UNIX in conjunction with a member of the opposite sex. This could prevent copulation-2.1.3-20.i386.tar.gz from compiling correctly.

#91 +(1266)- [X]

<MntLKeY> heh, i made up 'heh'
<Amanda`> That's a pretty outrageous claim.
<MntLKeY> i've being sayin it since 96

#92 +(2072)- [X]

<Xavier> if it has 'teen' in the channel name, the collective iq of the group can automatically be assumed to be a negative value

#93 +(1512)- [X]

<Mootar> what was god thinking when he made my ass sweat?

#94 +(1277)- [X]

<iMike-> call tech support and be like yeah my friend stole windows 2000 from officemax and he burned it for me
<iMike-> and it's not working properly

#95 +(-18)- [X]

<skunko> i'm for legilization (sp) of marijuana

#96 +(1480)- [X]

<VIVI> Xbox already has the following games:
<VIVI> Microsoft Word
<VIVI> Microsoft Excel
<VIVI> Solitaire

#97 +(689)- [X]

<reptile-> I can DoS people's cars from my GBA.

#98 +(7425)- [X]

<ikkenai> i don't have hard drives. i just keep 30 chinese teenagers in my basement and force them to memorize numbers

#100 +(202)- [X]

<Kayem> Don't tell anyone, but... I'M the one who gave Stella her groove back

#101 +(146)- [X]

<Fred> isnt bitchx mirc?

#102 +(1209)- [X]

<Moot> wanna hizack AOL?
<Chrix> i already did, i made it a horrible isp

#103 +(1625)- [X]

<matt`> it makes you get a horrible disease
<matt`> called "babies"

#105 +(1067)- [X]

<Theseus-> i love funk music so much... that sometimes i wish i was black and then i remember that i might want to get a job some day

#106 +(315)- [X]

<Acero> dude we could get a ounce of chronic just for jerking off into a cup!

#107 +(557)- [X]

<ckx> and some guy offered me a blowjob
<ckx> and i was considering it for awhile

#109 +(1066)- [X]

<Jigsaw> a DVD and a CD are the same thing when they're blank aren't they?
<Jarvik8> cds are made of pikachu skins

#110 +(4253)- [X]

<Ohtani> one day I will kill ever person on earth who says 'u' instead of 'u'
<Ohtani> err
<kaientai> Ohtani: Planning a suicide run?

#111 +(1368)- [X]

<jestuh> i was trying to go the speed limit so i didn't get a ticket but a cop got me in a school zone
<DigDug> How much?
<jestuh> i'm talking about need for speed not real life

#112 +(1253)- [X]


#114 +(795)- [X]

<Dreamlyre> wife, hooker...its about the same...you gotta pay for it

#115 +(7561)- [X]

<BlackDeth> i like stalked this girl sorta :D
<BlackDeth> like once she asked me for a ride home from work
<BlackDeth> and i took her home... i dropped her off at her house
<BlackDeth> and shes like... wait a minute..how did you know where i lived?

#116 +(193)- [X]

<Daze> did you bind and unbind the strings correctly
<DigDug> Yes.
<DigDug> unbind msg - hello *msg:hello
<DigDug> bind msg - myword *msg:d1gdug

#117 +(1276)- [X]

<CrazyDe> some dude on ebay is threatening to sue me for copyright infringement
<Guilty> Did you claim to be the Real Slim Shady?

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