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#43481 +(222)- [X]

<skelter_john> the last challenge involved swimming in icy water, two of them chickened out because it was too cold
<suprdav> bet the nipples would cut glass
<u`creep> THAT should be the challenge

#43482 +(172)- [X]

<@david_bowie> `I just popped the biggest zit known to man
<@david_bowie> it splattered ALL over the mirror
<@david_bowie> this wasn't the normal whitehead popping either
<@david_bowie> it was like, a penis came out of my eyebrow and came all over the place

#43485 +(32)- [X]

<Cav> cant sleep, sodomising storm arse goblins are out to get me!
<Rudeboi> cav: apparently they read bash.org and smokeyou.org, and didn't want a 'used' arse
<Cav> hey, your just jealous cause im younger and have been laid more by the storm goblins :P

#43486 +(84)- [X]

<bytraper> I went to a strip club with my buddy.... anyway a friend of his chicks see's him there... and phones her up and tells her... she fires up and rocks up and grabs him by the hair and drags him out... anyway I figure im there so I may as well keep drinking... anyway 5 minutes later she's on the phone to my chick telling her Im there getting sex and guess who rocks up 5 minutes later??

#43487 +(170)- [X]

(trich): man, I'm bored
(slippy^): this is accepted already by the fact you're on irc
(slippy^): mind when i do something interesting i tend to come on irc to tell everybody

#43489 +(111)- [X]

taintedepitome: its sad
i am RAWK: what?
taintedepitome: when a boy wants ebola more than he wants you

#43491 +(543)- [X]

<@Fat-Burrick> I spent the entire day being normal, now that I'm home, I just want to duct tape fuzzy green pipe cleaners to my head, turn on the strobe, take off my clothes, and IRC.

#43492 +(220)- [X]

Chibinaeko: OH OH!!! Tell me what a boygasm feels like!!!!
azurerenraku: Too hard to explain
Chibinaeko: would you try for a scooby snack?

#43505 +(484)- [X]

<soulsuckingharpy> once i walked in on my mother fucking a clown
<killingtime> did like 20 clowns come out afterwards and do somersaults?

#43506 +(270)- [X]

[+NekoGirl]: bored evening
[+NekoGirl]: guess ill get the cell phone, stick it on the panties and call till the bat runs out ..

#43510 +(178)- [X]

<u4Ea-kvm> i ran winipconfizzle

#43511 +(18)- [X]

<+rele`out> i dont know what raid does, backup files or something

#43514 +(47)- [X]

<fuGs|xoph|work> his pr0n is only readable in win98 form?

#43524 +(204)- [X]

<|-7|Hornswoggler> its pure, unadulterated tetris

#43525 +(156)- [X]

<UnKn|ilc|n1rv> If i was a really good artist, i would just draw pictures of naked women and beat off to them

#43530 +(73)- [X]

<ranger> every single quote is about homosexuality? the US q3 scene worries me :>

#43533 +(157)- [X]

<athie`away> there is nothing wrong with touching yourself especially if you havent had and never will have sex

#43540 +(111)- [X]

<@skelter> I don't smoke, cocks or otherwise

#43550 +(103)- [X]

<Ryan_Singer> hello everyone...GOP took GA too
<Ryan_Singer> first republican governor since 1872
<waffle[out]> time to enter my bunker and ride out the next 2 years
<waffle[out]> please god let bush not be president when I leave it
<Ryan_Singer> The place I interned at last summer might not exist next summer
<waffle[out]> Iraq?
<Ryan_Singer> The Georgia Technology Authority, the new governor said on the radio he wants it gone

#43553 +(827)- [X]

<Psy> how many MB in a Gig again?
<seafoodgod> 1024
<bobAkirafett> yea
<Psy> jesus wept
<[Bryan]> seafoodgod: But it's kind of funny because some Hard Drive manufacturers would say that 1 gigabyte would equal 1000 megabytes of data instead of 1024.
<seafoodgod> well, when you install the supposedly 80gb drive and it comes up 74.6gb, you know they're fucking morons
<[Bryan]> seafoodgod:  zactly my point.
<seafoodgod> and lying bastards.  but they cover their asses quite well:  "up to 80gb"  whatever the fuck that means
<[Bryan]> seafoodgod: Sure some of that goes to the partion table and indexes and all that fun stuff.. but..err....
<seafoodgod> i just want to know where the other 5.4gb went.  what?  did it go to a fucking party while i was formatting?  did it go out to play golf and lose it's keys in a hazzard and have to spend the night over at a friend's drive?
<bobAkirafett> lol
<seafoodgod> that bastard 5.4 gig never cleans up after itself, either.  never mows the grass or does the dishes or takes out the fucking trash
<seafoodgod> maybe i'm better off without it.  YOU HEAR ME 5.4 GB!!!!   I DON'T NEED YOU!!!!

#43554 +(335)- [X]

<nafetsta> i am confused
<nafetsta> i am like downloading pr0n - with like 500 kb/s
<nafetsta> so i was wondering if i should knock on my neighbours door and go like "thanks for sharing dude"

#43568 +(705)- [X]

(mellly) i got ready to go out last night, and as i was leaving dad was coming in the door. he said "the bitch is ready for some action". i say "actually dad i'm not getting any action". he says "melissa, i was talking about the new plow i just put on the truck."

#43595 +(321)- [X]

<CyberBotX> did you know, Alt+Z makes your text go backwards.
<CyberBotX> .ereh ti did i ?ees
*** Kuraj[Away] (Kuraj@20A3E922.B822F138.49AB8999.IP) has left #bobandgeorge
*** Megami (Yasuragi@peacefulhaven-3342CAB4.tampabay.rr.com) has left #bobandgeorge
<Lady_Vahn|Balloon_Fight> !seod ti, looc yeh

#43604 +(1638)- [X]

<Dan|Out>   my cat is using the toilet methinks
<ph`>   cool
<ph`>   make a video
<ph`>   with some close ups
<Reverend_Julian>   you'll make money
<SoM>   I need to take a shower
<ph`>   cool
<ph`>   make a video
<ph`>   with  some close ups
<Reverend_Julian>   you'll make money

#43608 +(94)- [X]

<QuaKed_Oatmeal> Chop Suey > U!
<kiro> chop suey not as good as you say
<QuaKed_Oatmeal> yes
<QuaKed_Oatmeal> It is greater than you.
<kiro> fuck you
<Shatai> Man, Kyle is not greater than much. I am sure, from your analysis, that there are complementary packets of ketchup in fast-food restaurants that are "greater than" Kyle.
*** kiro has quit IRC
<QuaKed_Oatmeal> rofl
<Shatai> =^

#43611 +(298)- [X]

<Yukanojo> "Before departing for Japan, successful candidates receive written materials about the Programme along with a Japanese language text and tapes."
<Yukanojo> GOOD LORD
<Yukanojo> That's like dropping you into the middle of the vietnam war with a stick and a fork

#43625 +(134)- [X]

<cHEMx> anyone got any clue where to find kids games?
<Zoogle> seducing the wee lil' ones again, eh cHEMx?

#43662 +(1014)- [X]

<MattV> Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E, and F are the letters for bra sizes?
<MattV> If you've wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood for, it's about time you were informed!
<MattV> A- Almost boobs
<MattV> B- Barely there
<MattV> C- Can't complain!
<MattV> D- Damn!
<MattV> DD- Double damn!
<MattV> E- Enormous!
<MattV> F- Fake.

#43670 +(192)- [X]

<kylev> i was tryin to fix this computer
<kylev> the power supply fan was buzzin funny, and it wouldent post
<kylev> so i said somethins busted, and the computer is shot, and he got pissed, punched it and now it works fine

#43684 +(193)- [X]

<SteamedHams> linux fags are like normal fags, only more efficient

#43712 +(326)- [X]

<forsaken> wjer i at glemm sjoumd hav goe to 3 0 brwnloa thing
<forsaken> am a bit too drunk i thikn'
<forsaken> no i went to the brwnlow thin at gelnn $20 all u can drink spirits ma fuck,ed
<forsaken> i can only type one eye it i type 2 it goes all blurre >??~!>

#43713 +(250)- [X]

<buzgub> so what you actually wanted to do was change doom?
<damnerror> yes
<damnerror> I didnt know it was C
<damnerror> I thought most games were written in Macromedia

#43724 +(628)- [X]

<Pi> Violence solves everything.
<Pi> If you have a problem that violence doesn't solve, then you're not using enough of it.

#43731 +(525)- [X]

<ap> i have this new way of jacking off now. i blow my load on notebook paper. then just make a paper airplane and fly it out my window

#43734 +(270)- [X]

<NolMan> this ww2 online game is so complicated
<Skep|GoSixers> whats it bout

#43736 +(22)- [X]

<@Corvus> cum bitch cum, my mouse hand is getting tired

#43738 +(133)- [X]

<AoENIGma> my mom thought you were a girl when i said your T2 name was harvey
<Harvey> your mom is fuckin retarded

#43740 +(1273)- [X]

<Setups> my mom called my dad "do this hand"
<Setups> she meant nail polish
<Setups> and hes like "no i dont want to"
<Setups> and im like
<Setups> "go ahead dad, you have alot of experience with doing hands"
<Setups> then hes like
<Setups> "dont think i cant hear you at night"
<Setups> and i shutted up :(

#43741 +(657)- [X]

<snowzone> well that's weird. i just got memory access violations from a windows program and it DIDN'T crash...
<Olafsson> it violated another program but the other program must have liked it..

#43742 +(88)- [X]

[Marweas] Tribes Condoms(WOULD THEY WORK OR NEED PATCHES!?!)
[V-raggy] my condom ue'd
[V-raggy] :[

#43745 +(145)- [X]

<naner> has anybody made whoopie?
<naner> :|
<naner> does typing alot make your fingers stronger?
<naner> cause i really want to be good at atleast one thing in bed

#43747 +(249)- [X]

<alicetr> is anyone good with win2k networking?
<fatbrain> alicetr: just ask
<MBoffin> Maybe he did ask. Maybe he's doing a survey.

#43763 +(268)- [X]

<Want3840> yes, i thought brownouts were caused by excessive use of electricity without an adequate supply
<een> i don't personally care why they happen, cuz i just know that they do
<Want3840> according to the weather channel, as you say, they happen more during storms
<Want3840> oh!
<Want3840> i figured it out
<een> YAY
<Want3840> during storms lightning strikes, and lightning uses up all the electricity!
<Want3840> duh

#43772 +(123)- [X]

[ ctr] damn the sun is really bright

#43780 +(385)- [X]

<@Beannie|A> my girlfriend's horny :) and im 'helping' her with it hehehe
<@Beannie|A> 'sok, im horny too
<@Beannie|A> and shes helping me
<mnkymajik> and ur on mirc?

#43781 +(146)- [X]

< Squishy> in trade i'd like your soul for my collection
< Whoregasm> he means "your dick" for "his anus"
< Squishy> i've got lots of souls from this channel

#43782 +(338)- [X]

<mutilate> talking to my best freind from primary skool... so much to catch up on
* mutilate is now away: shower

#43786 +(134)- [X]

<klif-e> ah thats better my mouse was going spastic turned it over to have a look at what the fuck was going on and there was a short and curly across the lense ;)    moral of the story dont scratch your balls with your mouse hand

#43787 +(202)- [X]

<drunknom> I could probaby force myself to be sober, but it's toom uch eforroft
<Zacchaeus> ah well - ya gotta enjoy it - or whats the point?
<drunknom> preceseisyl

#43789 +(-22)- [X]

<Xion33> sad face
<Xion33> :(
<Kaladam> sad face
<Kaladam> little head
<Kaladam> the life of you
<Kaladam> small penis head man

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