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#29945 +(540)- [X]

<dodee> you want hard, ask glc to send you some of his grannies in nipple clamps shitting on japanese girls that are eating vomit while haveing 50 guys nut on them
<CreePy> dodee: I have that one, it sucked.  The one with vultures eating the girl's liver while a leopard raped her was cool tho.
<dodee> jesus christ

#29960 +(571)- [X]

<pork> all the chicks here are either really ugly, lesbian, or men
<CardCheat> some are all three, pork
<Shovelbearer> uglesbimen

#29965 +(328)- [X]

[topic@#perth(DALNET)]: Hey, blackmarket drugs aren't all bad. Hell, they've been teaching kids the metric system since 1954!

#29980 +(312)- [X]

<hasek30> see i put <embed src="WishYouWereHere.mid" autoplay="true" loop="false" width="400" height="100">
<X13> Is the file named WishYouWereHere.mid?
<hasek30> nah its not

#30019 +(153)- [X]

<TexacoForKids> you need a good pickup line.. like "so you putting out
    or what?"

#30030 +(261)- [X]

<MiDGeT`> so its just irony i guess
<MiDGeT`> but cooler
<BrettyBoy> i hate ironing

#30044 +(869)- [X]

<@pr3x3l> my sister goes to emory
<@Blaxthos> is she hot ?
<@pr3x3l> we think she's a lesbian dude
<@Blaxthos> what's her number ?
<@Blaxthos> i'll finalize the decision for her

#30045 +(205)- [X]

<Grim> <chikster> fuck a pole
<Grim> *** [#geekissues] No users matching *.pl found on channel.

#30133 +(552)- [X]

<devoid> we should have a "bring your parents on irc" day

#30136 +(651)- [X]

<Rann-chan> I just want to run screaming into the night.
<ThePlaya> Do so
<Rann-chan> It's not dark yet.

#30137 +(329)- [X]

<Creeper> yeah the last time I tried social activity, I get home...and BAM
<Creeper> Herpies

#30149 +(257)- [X]

<TFA|PL4YER> woot looking forward to getting my new hd tonight
<TFA|MikeRotch> hehe
<TFA|PL4YER> now i dont have to be "choosy" with what porns i keep
<TFA|MikeRotch> now THAT's how you know you have a sad life

#30161 +(18)- [X]

<[MI]Xealous> well, my friend invented the idea of "morning pussy"
<[MI]Xealous> its like pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwhich

#30162 +(862)- [X]

<Neil> Whit, if you have nothing better to do, please dont spend time repeating what other people say in an irc channel, for your own fun, its quite annoying.
<Whit> wheet, eff yew heave notink beta toodew, police doughnut spin tyme rear-painting wot order peepul sail un hey eye arr sea chang hell foo yew un fon, hits quit annayin

#30165 +(21)- [X]

<Raphie> what are all the names of the seven dwarfs
<stevieo4> coke, acid, marijuana, reds, blues, speed, and of course heroin. Hmmm. I think I missed one.

#30166 +(1306)- [X]

<Match> DAMMIT! All my half life cd keys are in use! I can't get on CS!
<Match> Those monkeyfuckers who actually bought the game are probably playing it!
<H4Z3> Does their evil know no bounds?

#30196 +(146)- [X]

<sam> people seem to fear toilet seats like the damned plague these days
<Ishap> They're staging rebellions
<MEEKS> If you had to put up with all that ass, wouldn't you?

#30238 +(278)- [X]

<zipperface> !seen the man who raped me but when i find him i'm going to lube him up real nice like and bang away at his ass.
<Harold> Sorry zipperface, I have never seen the man who raped me but when i find him i'm going to lube him up real nice like and bang away at his ass.

#30248 +(495)- [X]

<SomeGuyYouDontKnow> theres a fatal error between the keyboard and the back of the chair
<Yomanman> Norton Crashguard had to shut downthe chair. all unsaved comfort settings have been lost
<SomeGuyYouDontKnow> hit any user to continue

#30252 +(1083)- [X]

<thinkmad> your face sucks
<thinkmad> watch my movie
<thinkmad> http://www.thinkmad.com/tvp/tvp/Media/Meetyou_lo_320x240.mov
<Hummer> thats good advertising
<Hummer> start off with an insult. always works
<Drakken> FUCK YOU ALL - Buy Crest toothpaste!
<Hummer> hahah
<golic3> He got your attention though
<Hummer> true
<Hummer> EAT SHIT! go to mcdonalds!

#30255 +(466)- [X]

<Yomanman> we're gonna have a southern wedding!
<PowerRad> Also known as a family reunion

#30259 +(273)- [X]

<••NewsFlash••> Raw Sewage Spills Into Miami Bay
<zipperface> OoO let's go for a swim!
<zipperface> Might become super heroes.
<CremePuff> right. i call dibs on the Fantastic Condom Man

#30262 +(402)- [X]

<ash26> tip
<ash26> never call yourself an american in england
<ash26> claim your canadian
<ash26> it will be so much easier for you

#30263 +(242)- [X]

<zipperface> Erin, mon cherrie, ta beauté et seulment comparable à qui a coupé le fromage.
<Xanathis> did you say her beauty is comparable to a cup of cheese?
<Jedah> no no
<Jedah> her beauty is only comparable to who cut the cheese

#30264 +(287)- [X]

* Ricyn watches the wind knock someone over outside
<Jedah> don't ya love hurricanes?
* Ricyn checks weatherbug.
<Ricyn> 60mph gusts
<Jedah> this sounds like a fun time to parasail
<Ricyn> yeah, just run into the street and jump

#30265 +(131)- [X]

«SomeGuyYouDontKnow» 8ball are you on 5-cent crack
«Harold» SomeGuyYouDontKnow, the 8-ball says I'm too high to answer that.

#30267 +(116)- [X]

<Yomanman> you know, the only thing stopping me from killing hotmail is this Dance Dance Revolution music

#30268 +(238)- [X]

<Mougly> you cant fire me...slaves have to be sold!

#30287 +(116)- [X]

<Yomanman> Free condoms for a week? Geez Emu, how many dogs do you know?

#30305 +(277)- [X]

<lucid/#philosophy> your google-fu is weak.

#30317 +(14)- [X]

<dyn> gah, i'm getting all emotional now
<Xypher> Ah you got your period dyn?

#30325 +(288)- [X]

<RaVenCorax> someone watched demolition man last night
<Admiral_Justin> someone did?
<Admiral_Justin> the ratings are in?
<Admiral_Justin> :o
<Admiral_Justin> We must find this man and do many terrible things to him.

#30330 +(222)- [X]

<dr_cool> New Zealand is a shit hole full of sheep
<marc> yeah, but they give better head than the kangaroos

#30340 +(212)- [X]

<@Damone> i can now legally drive 10 tonne trucks
<@`2L> so u can drive your mum around?

#30354 +(1028)- [X]

<Blaxthos> kat is a female
<Blaxthos> and in #cisco ?
<u3q> kat is playing hard to want

#30380 +(835)- [X]

<Rage> Best pickup line ever is "Hey, does this smell like chloroform?"

#30461 +(235)- [X]

<Kevyn> Windows XP has been running for 2wks 6days 49mins 26secs
<Kevyn> Heh. Damn.
<Kevyn> I thought I smelled something burning.

#30472 +(1375)- [X]

<Blaxthos> one time i misjudged my preshit feeling
<Blaxthos> ejected a log onto the kitchen floor
<Blaxthos> my girlfriend flipped the fuck out

#30495 +(345)- [X]

<Katalyst> how the hell do they make rice krispies snap crackle and pop
<SumDumGoy> Magic, Kat.
<Promethius> Kat: They over-dry the rice after it's puffed, so when milk touches it, it converts to a less-dense form and the act of subfusion makes it pop
<Katalyst> [Promethius]: the 'magic' idea seems less complicated :o

#30503 +(16)- [X]

<Games> (__*__)
<Scorp> Wow you got a nice ass !!!
<Games> You should take a look when i'm taking a shit.

#30504 +(258)- [X]

<+emul8or_> http://www.nylug.org/images/adler_images/linux_nylug_booth.jpg
<+kritical`> damn look at them linux people
<+kritical`> are they ever gonna get a woman???
<+emul8or_> maybe if they pool their money

#30505 +(473)- [X]

<CARNAGE|dnd> This girl im talking to keeps telling me she wants to jump my bone..=/
<Karnage> tell her it's a short ride

#30506 +(248)- [X]

<BLackGuyFrom_Canada> who is asl?

#30507 +(271)- [X]

<Cain> whatever yoy want... but I am not cumin again
<Cain> GDSfsa
<Cain> hj
<Cain> auhjs
<Cain> NO
<Cain> I am so never ever having netmeeting and IRC open at the same time

#30508 +(885)- [X]

<Guest56750> Hi how do you change your name?
<Guest56750> iam new to mirc
<Guest69> type "/nick nickname"
*** Guest56750 is now known as nickname

#30509 +(1372)- [X]

<Nookadum> I need to learn html can anyone help?
<Blar> Sure. Just put this on your webpage and when you go there a cool editor for it will come up - N<br>o<BR>o<BR>k<BR>a<BR>d<BR>u<BR>m<BR><BR>S<BR>u<BR>c<BR>k<BR>s<BR><BR>C<BR>o<BR>c<BR>k.
<Nookadum> Thanks.
* Nookadum has quit IRC (Quit: Off to work on my webpage. ^-^)

Some time later.

* Nookadum has joined #Megatokyo
<Nookadum> Hey! Fuck you!
<Blar> Alright. I forgot to tell you, you have to press F4 for it to work. That message is just protecting the secret of the editor.
<Nookadum> Oh.. Alright.
* Nookadum has quit IRC (Connection reset by client)

#30510 +(-1370)- [X]

<@orion> i just mark down all the good nigger jokes on purpose now
<@orion> so they'll be at the bottom
<@orion> aka, the top nigger jokes
<!scabb> that's where those niggers belong.
<@orion> back of the bus, bottom of the /names list, end of the qdb
<@Sir_Neo> first in line @ kfc

#30511 +(775)- [X]

<manda> i said it once ill say it agian
<manda> 14 yr olds should be kept from the net
<Zer0ne> unless in jpg form

#30512 +(1362)- [X]

*** Radio_Star has quit IRC (Killed by (Video (Har har)))

#30513 +(951)- [X]

(Momanon) I had a friend in the dorms that went into this guy's room, put on "ice ice baby" at
full blast on repeat and locked the guy's room
(Momanon) The guy had death threats stapled to his door.
(Momanon) He didn't come back for like 3 hours.

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