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#1016 +(444)- [X]

~ _raven is Away. [Reason: out. like a boner in sweat pants.]

#1017 +(364)- [X]

(s|urpee) Ashley was like "Derek gimme a ride to work"
(s|urpee) and Derek responded "What do I get out of this?"
(s|urpee) and ashley said "If you give me a ride to work, I'll give you Guin"
(s|urpee) and I was like "What the fuck kinda reward is that, that's like saying "If you loan me $10, I'll give you herpes""

#1018 +(446)- [X]

(SpAc3d) i hate when [movie groups] release shitty quality stuff like TS and Cam's
(SpAc3d) its a fuckin waste of space
(mistical) like Hannibal *upsidedown cam* *real* *subtitled* *in japanesse*

#1021 +(127)- [X]

(Goemon) Is it possible to just plug a like 1GHz processor into your computer?

#1023 +(566)- [X]

<timmo> for hookers in vegas its like
<timmo> $500
<timmo> they better be fucking me while im playing quake and shit

#1025 +(270)- [X]

(phoenix30) napster is taking filenames and putting them all in reverse order
(Pioneer-) prolly some stoopid polish version

#1026 +(527)- [X]

(TheGamer) people are so broke here [THE UNITED KINGDOM] - because many brits are unskilled, as you can leave school with a standing at 16. Many people live in housing equivalent to Manitoba Housing (gov't assisted housing)
(TheGamer) however.. you as a Canadian would not be entitled to any benefits.. except free birth control pills
(tiko) I'd get free birth control pills?!?!
(tiko) DAMMIT!
(tiko) SOLD!

#1027 +(425)- [X]

<Yukkel> a belch is not an oral report

#1029 +(1346)- [X]

<timmo> you know maybe we need a real woman in here to help us, give us a womans point of view cause i mean if i asked amanda what makes a man a badass
<timmo> how much you want to bet she would say something like
<timmo> great grammar and 100% kill rate in quake

#1030 +(1205)- [X]

<iMike> what excuse do you use when you skip school
<c-rOCK> say you have a fat migraine
<c-rOCK> and cant see straight
<Guilty> Speaking of fat and not straight, wheres D1

#1031 +(422)- [X]

(MoLaUstEr) You know, there's something rewarding about harrassing people who message you out of the blue.
(MoLaUstEr) That's why I'm gonna LOVE ICQ
(MoLaUstEr) Whoa man....I'm gonna be the biggest dick, north of my belly button.

#1032 +(444)- [X]

(Curb) don't worry no trees were harmed in the search for my glasses, toes were stubbed and lives were lost...but all tress are fine

#1033 +(462)- [X]

<Guilty> Surely you see how trite the name "assassin" is [in Quake III]
<Guilty> Might as well be "Player"

#1035 +(434)- [X]

<lux0r> don't make me /molest you

#1036 +(332)- [X]

<Thinkmad> lets get up a game of cs
<Thinkmad> fsho
<Thinkmad> i want to make a map
<Guilty> Oh god
<Guilty> You would have penis's hidden EVERYWHERE

#1037 +(973)- [X]

<Mass> hey does anyone know what the song name is by Frankie Lymon that goes Uhhh uhh uh uh uhahhhhh uhh uhh uh

#1038 +(844)- [X]

<[Duo]> man, you guys are so not 7334

#1039 +(407)- [X]

<maff> Someone has donated coathanger just now!
<Amanda`> GET IT

#1040 +(93)- [X]

<Lou_Ferrigno> I gain $100.000, per month, and i have a z3 im my garage. And im bigger than you, you are subnutrition , hacker stupid

#1042 +(636)- [X]

<mazix> Released: 12/19/1900
<mazix> Country: USA
<mazix> this song is older then i thought
<SJ7Trunks> haha
* Crom hides.

#1044 +(501)- [X]

<digdug> i think i've come up with a solution to my problem
<digdug> i'll just put each [previously misconfigured NT] box into its own domain
<digdug> mwuahahahah
<h2odragon> digdug: you are in Hell; all you can do is push the rock up a different wall for a while
<h2odragon> it's still going to roll back down

#1046 +(362)- [X]

<tokage> i have emotional states: apathy and irritation, which would you like me to direct at you?
? tokage/#kuro5hin smirks
<ragabr> tokage: irritation if it leads to spankings and nipple clamps
<vsync> which one comes with a free beer?
<tokage> hmm..both probably

#1047 +(513)- [X]

<ryo-ohki> I'm gonna try setting up some Dutch auctions on eBay.
<blazemore> you're supposed to be 18 to use ebay though :|
<ryo-ohki> Tell that to my 200 pairs of dirty teen boy's undies.

#1048 +(1087)- [X]

<DooD> <31hp 102m 60mv> You start fighting A mouse.
<DooD> A mouse ducks to the ground, narrowly avoiding your strike!
<DooD> A mouse skillfully dodges your assault.
<DooD> A mouse is in excellent condition.
<DooD> <31hp 102m 60mv>
<DooD> A mouse strikes you with terminal brutality!
<DooD> You are stunned, but will probably recover.
<DooD> wtf was that
<timmo> well
<timmo> a mouse whooped your ass

#1049 +(263)- [X]

(s|urpee) haha yuh me hakz0r the university gibson
(s|urpee) one day
(s|urpee) I was like hakz0ring it and stuff
(s|urpee) and I was like emailing support@cc and shit
(s|urpee) and then he emailed me back and told me to notify the lab guy that the comp next to me needed rebooting

#1051 +(572)- [X]

(Argent-) okay- I have like 20 windows open and my disk is swapping like a hot couple during the 60's

#1052 +(250)- [X]

<_Bas> folks, when people say "power train", do they mean "automatic transmission"?

#1054 +(342)- [X]

(wundr) gizm... why do you never use the same nick for more than 25 minutes?
(scolnick) i got tired of 'gizm'
(scolnick) at first i thought it was dope, just due to the fact that tht i liked the letters
(scolnick) g-i-z-m
(scolnick) but then it got old to me
(scolnick) so for now you can just call me lewis

#1056 +(178)- [X]

<_Gandalf_> if i were mexican i'd have something witty and funny to say...

#1057 +(2217)- [X]

(MoLaUstEr) They call it PMS because "Mad Cow Disease" was already taken.

#1058 +(108)- [X]

<Chis> Away message on AIM: I am away from my computer right now. ( I final gotten my cable modem!!)

#1059 +(1092)- [X]

<blazemore> linux gives good blow jobs
<MadHatter> I thought your moms name was nancy?

#1060 +(883)- [X]

<tokage> ha ha 'geek' weddings - "Do you, GandalfGreyhame, take cyndrekit to be your lawfully wedded wife in uptime and down, for low processing power and high, till someone unplugs the power cord

#1062 +(528)- [X]

uiu BitchX: Join to #discotheque was synched in 2.229 secs!!
<digdug> why so few people? :/
<bocz> i wuz hungry

#1063 +(881)- [X]

(nexxai) looking at porn with your dad's girlfriend in the room is weird

#1064 +(346)- [X]

* r0bt3k looks at his 100 megs of mp3s
<r0bt3k> hehehe
* r0bt3k then looks at his 5 gigs of porn
<r0bt3k> hahahah

#1065 +(501)- [X]

*** bongboy is now known as hurstdogs-mom
<hurstdog> don't make me kill you
<pb> hurstdog: you'd kill your own mother???

#1066 +(821)- [X]

<D1> omg
<D1> christians are knocking at my door
<D1> and they're armed with the holy bible

#1068 +(118)- [X]


#1069 +(4946)- [X]

<orion`-`-> what the fuck
<orion`-`-> i think the icecream truck just hit a kid
<orion`-`-> brbrb

#1075 +(356)- [X]

<acestus> Maarken: Bah, briefs-wearer.
<acestus> You might as well run EMACS.

#1076 +(100)- [X]

<Guilty> Pen your quote db doesnt get updated enough anymore
<Guilty> You should just set up an elaborate #discotheque logging system and grep "guilty" >> quotes.db
<Guilty> Then it would always be fresh

#1077 +(295)- [X]

(frOsty-) s|urpee: holy shit, i just stopped caring about this thread of conversation

#1078 +(717)- [X]

(idea) i just spent 10 mins troubleshooting my cdr because it said that my blank cd "was not ready
(idea) turns out i accidently put in one of those clear cd things at the bottom of the cake box

#1079 +(351)- [X]

(R0y-HR) i just mauled my cat and got static shock from her ear

#1082 +(380)- [X]

<MadHatter> I'm getting pretty sick of black and white
<MadHatter> there's just too much to manage
<MadHatter> it's probably a really good game for people who don't already have jobs
<blazemore> maybe i should play then

#1083 +(785)- [X]

<thinkmad> vvhat is pengs real name
<timmo> chris
<timmo> is your w broken?
<thinkmad> no

#1088 +(335)- [X]

<homerj> damn
<homerj> it's hotter then the devil's dick in a pair of heated speedos here

#1089 +(591)- [X]

(kellai) fr0g is cuddly
(kellai) except for when he tried to light me on fire

#1090 +(335)- [X]

(MC_SpEcS) huggles...who are you?
(tiko-out) the blond chick who tried to suck you off @ God Is A DJ
(tiko-out) unless you got multiple blond chicks offering that
(tiko-out) she's the one who looked like a blonde muppet

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