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#23231 +(143)- [X]

[Belisaurus] you never know what your going to get like , A sexy wooomaaan or a boated guy with a deformed willy and a buckshot round in whats left of his head
[Belisaurus] its like playing russian rullette with your erection

#23234 +(242)- [X]

<RobertRence> Okay, since I've apparently got my definitions screwed up, define a hacker for me.
<Straylight> Hackers are people who dress in fruity colors and say things like "HACK THE PLANET" and hang around with Matthew Lillard and stuff

#23238 +(388)- [X]

* ShadiZar throws her head back and yells "oh god! yes!" - just for the fuck of it
<`KArmA> see, I don't look at it as having really dirty sex, I look at it as having a really deeply spiritual prayer session
<`KArmA> tag-team style
<ShadiZar> rofl
<ShadiZar> amen brother
<`KArmA> let us pray

#23239 +(258)- [X]

<kinzillah> for the first month after I started using irc heavy I would say "me needs to go to the bathroom" ... etc...
<Straylight> kin: yep, ive done that
<Straylight> i actually said "slash-me will bee-are-bee" once
<Straylight> i took a couple days off after that

#23253 +(96)- [X]

* darkLem is a little surprised with Kim Justice - Megatokyo appears on his MiniDisc
* SirLudicrus is a little surprised with darkLem's grammar

#23254 +(250)- [X]

<Ryutaro> hard minty eyedrops?
<Ryutaro> WTFD
<miharu> oO
<miharu> WTF... D?
<miharu> What The Fuckwouldjesus Do?

#23257 +(223)- [X]

() join/#idle (X_[WaReZ]_!SD_mIRC@dialup-
(X_[WaReZ]_) hey
(X_[WaReZ]_) do you know how 2 idle

#23260 +(174)- [X]

<waffle> just forward all the mail locally
<Docter> can I echo mage > /home/kyle/.forward
<waffle> Kyle: i think
<waffle> then just finger kyle and see if it stuck
<Kevyn> Heh.

#23261 +(304)- [X]

(Griff) dalnet has a small man who visits each user's home in turn,. he is like santa,
but he is the nickname man
(Griff) if you have been a good boy or girl he will let you register your nick
(Griff) if you have been bad he will make you Guest34535
(Griff) he's St. NickServ

#23272 +(212)- [X]

(Skyler) Alright
(Skyler) Everyone ready?
*** rarrzeroEXE (Hat@1Cust73.tnt3.seymour.in.da.uu.net) Quit (cosmos.esper.net chocobo.esper.net)
*** IAN6990 (XX2IAN2XX@AC98EF09.ipt.aol.com) Quit (cosmos.esper.net chocobo.esper.net)
*** Silence (Silence@AC8274C2.ipt.aol.com) Quit (cosmos.esper.net chocobo.esper.net)
*** Valefor (Valefor@pppta13-471.ght.iadfw.net) Quit (cosmos.esper.net chocobo.esper.net)
*** Flashfire (flashfire.@ Quit (cosmos.esper.net chocobo.esper.net)
*** aminal (rah@12-238-242-19.client.attbi.com) Quit (cosmos.esper.net chocobo.esper.net)
*** Lani (Lani930@12-248-25-241.client.attbi.com) Quit (cosmos.esper.net chocobo.esper.net)
(Comic-San) ....

#23276 +(351)- [X]

<joelage-AFKage> does anyone have the "saftey regulations" on standards of building and designing speakers?
<joelage-AFKage> i know it sounds stupid but we need it
<joelage-AFKage> :/
<Silent_Remorse> Yeah, its in my "Useless Crap" folder
<joelage-AFKage> ok
<Silent_Remorse> Let me just go dig it out.
<joelage-AFKage> send away
* Silent_Remorse hits joelage-AFKage on the head with sarcasm's little brother, idiocy

#23279 +(35)- [X]

* Kirby-no-Osekkai attacks Fred with his mighty MAGE STAFF OF DOOOOOOOM
(Gaiden) Kirby-no-Osekkai attacks Fred hitting for 1 damage!

#23284 +(214)- [X]

(Sloth) neighbor's house power is out.. perfect time for me to kill them
(Kirby-no-Osekkai) good idea

#23288 +(337)- [X]

(Klarth) The faggotry express is RIGHT ON TIME
*** UltraMoogleMan (mega64man@212.knoxville-04rh16rt-ca.dial-access.att.net) has joined #Trivia
(L0ne_W0lf) ...
(L0ne_W0lf) You were RIGHT
(tal) right on time indeed

#23298 +(157)- [X]

<Kethry> Leida, you're more than a trend now
<Leida> what am i now? what can there possibly be above a trend?
<Sensai-Sakiya> god? immortal? person worshiped by all?
<Leida> you are all worshipping me?
<Ibaimendi> I never realized the line between abuse and worship was so thin.

#23299 +(232)- [X]

<aster> what's a cervix
<aster> sounds like a bitchx script

#23301 +(269)- [X]

<Magey> On ZNES if you press the ` key it lets you speed up the emulation, kind of like a 'fast forward'. I use it so much that I sometimes catch my self absent mindedly trying to use it when waiting for a page to load.

#23304 +(205)- [X]

<chaossyn> i have a q  has any one here played with 5.0 dp yet
<chaossyn> and how stable is it (no believe me i have 0 intentions of running it on a production network i was just wondering how many bugs to expect ...
<|line> Incredible numbers.  It'll jump out of the box and gut you before you even have it all the way home yet.
<-- evb has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<tog> it will anally rape your grandmother while pouring sugar in your gas tank
<|line> It'll stop with your grandmother, if you're lucky.
<|line> I've seen it get as far as the family dog before the national guard arrived

#23305 +(117)- [X]

<Rafster> i just danced in front of my mirror again
<_berserk> so did I
<_berserk> got any dance techniques?
* DCC send to _berserk: how_to_dance_like_aj.mpg (10.1Mb)

#23310 +(123)- [X]

<Balatro> It makes me hot when you talk unix.
<Electroly> rm -rf /home/Balatro
<Balatro> That's /homo/Balatro, honey :)

#23311 +(181)- [X]

<Tseng> Look what i got @ Email :!
<Tseng> "Every time you download warez, God kills a programmer, please think about the programmers"
<Tseng> Shit then
* Tseng is AFK, Leeching Warez

#23314 +(187)- [X]

c8ie: OK
c8ie: i dunno where that fucking meteor shower is, but it's certainly not in the sky

#23322 +(141)- [X]

<b22022> everyone that goes to public pools pees in them, its an animal instinct to leave your scent.

#23331 +(50)- [X]

<Nicoli>  do you look like avril lavigne, screw like brittany, and talk like shakira?
<Marz>  I look like Miss Cleo, screw like Roseanne, and talk like Fran Dresher.
<Nicoli>  that would have been so hot.. if you spoke like miss cleo..looked like roseanne..and talked like Dudley moore 0.0

#23336 +(343)- [X]

<TheHood> yea, 2nd best team in baseball what motha fukaz
<TheHood> ws champs what motha fuckaz
<TheHood> yea
<TheHood> yea
<TheHood> wha
*** TheHood has left #baseball
* Legalize- takes off his bulletproof vest
<Legalize-> i feel so much safer now.
<Legalize-> damn irc.

#23337 +(180)- [X]

<Gonzman>I have magical sperm that creates ugly children

#23342 +(506)- [X]

<[SAD]Kuja> ppl like you are scum
<[SAD]Kuja> i hope you fucking choke you asshole
<[SAD]Kuja> if you died and ppl dissrespected you like that
<[SAD]Kuja> would you be happy ??
<pain> no. I would be dead.

#23347 +(302)- [X]

*** Quits: Light^NG (i got chikz in da livin' room gettin' it on, and they ain't leavin' 'till six 'n the morn')
<rhythm> what the fuck
<rhythm> i wanna go to his house

#23354 +(215)- [X]

Snowy: I need
Snowy: To tell this guy
Snowy: ONly to press
Snowy: enter on special
Snowy: occasions

#23355 +(170)- [X]

Snowy: Aaarrrrgghhh. These people don't even know when I"m making fun of them
Snowy: They're too dumb to even insult
ph'x: haaha
ph'x: zero intelligence = zero satisfaction

#23356 +(267)- [X]

*** tanner has joined #support
<Tabby_Tech> Welcome to ISP Support Chat, How can we help you?
<tanner> i need a good dildo site to go to
<@jeff-ISP-away> tanner why dont you go away
<Tabby_Tech> tanner: you should find a search engine like www.google.com
<Tabby_Tech> tanner: we don't provide support for things like that
<tanner> then what
<tanner> do i type in dildo shop
<Tabby_Tech> tanner: you type in whatever you want to search for in the search window
* @jeff-ISP-away thinks tanner is a little kid who learned a new word today
<tanner> I am 20 and i am a sexy woman
<@jeff-ISP-away> uh huh
<tanner> i am
<@jeff-ISP-away> and one who is about to be without an internet connection if you do not stop asking those questions in here
*** tanner has left #support

#23363 +(-50)- [X]

<vroom_vroom> my mom got fired this morning
<sXr> does she work for a telecommunications company?

#23364 +(145)- [X]

<Gentletouch> Adonai...one day you'lllearn...there are Much better things in life to lick then carpet ;D
<Adonai> yeah, like studying a grammar book

#23366 +(77)- [X]

(+Raven7108): Mayo can be fun but causes zits if rubbed in the wrong areas

#23368 +(260)- [X]

<burrahobbit> "U.S. promises to go 'all the way' on Iraq"
<burrahobbit> the us is gonna get some action, i reckon
<burrahobbit> and let me tell you, iraq is one choice piece of ass

#23369 +(318)- [X]

<@Rune[Somewhere]> the guy playing SC played until his heart gave out
<@Rune[Somewhere]> I think dying playing a computer game is the single most embarressing way to enter the afterlife
<@Rune[Somewhere]> "So, what happened to you?" "Oh, shark attack, you?" ".......Battlenet"
<@Rune[Somewhere]> the guy playing CS died from starvation and sleep deprivation
<@skold> CS gives you fucking 5 minute breaks every 2 minutes
<@skold> youd think he could grab a snack
<@Rune[Somewhere]> no kidding

#23370 +(163)- [X]

(@{basara}): i can live with aaygo being texan and i can live with mos and his love for the male genatalia but i draw the line at a DIET drink

#23376 +(773)- [X]

<Elfin> Hey, it happens. I don't want you to feel that you have to apologise for anything. This is #ecchi-attack, open to all kinds of people.
<Elfin> YEAH. And faggots.
<Elfin> And black people.
<Elfin> And Muslims.
<Sak> And Asians.
<Elfin> And Pakistani's.
<Sak> And Native Americans.
<Elfin> Apart from them, everyone else is okay.
<Sak> Ahem.

#23377 +(255)- [X]

<Jean> I typed in the tracert mail.yahoo.com now what
<Tabby_Tech> hit enter
<Jean> there is no enter button
<Tabby_Tech> on your keyboard

#23379 +(155)- [X]

<Ilya> derrickh, do you know these women that stick oranges into their rectums? they should NOT be allowed to do THAT with their own body!
<derrickh> A bunch of men sitting in washington have no right to tell a woman what she can or cant do with her body.

#23381 +(574)- [X]

XeonGT: my uncle took me out to lunch...at Anita's....my ass still hurts
HannibalZero: does he always expect that in return?

#23382 +(379)- [X]

<jonathans> can you kick his ass
<Rjx> I know karate, he knows kickboxing
<Rjx> but if I punched him he'd break my network card
<jonathans> nevermind then

#23383 +(279)- [X]

DoYouKnow: Anyone know how to describe the sequence 0.1666, 0.06666, 0.016666, 0.006666, etc, it would be greatly appreciated
  Polytope: "useless"

#23389 +(713)- [X]

<Donut[AFK]> Karte, I'd have a large depression filled with salt.
<Donut[AFK]> And have people I don't like dumped in it via helicopter.
<Eurakarte> Well, why couldn't one just walk to the edge?
<Eurakarte> I mean, the salt would pack down.
<Eurakarte> You wouldn't sink into it, it'd be like sand.
<Donut[AFK]> I'd have turbines at the bottom.
<Donut[AFK]> Their job would be to mix the bottom about, creating unpackedness.
<Eurakarte> Might work, although it would depend on the depth.
<Donut[AFK]> A hundred feet.
<Eurakarte> The cost for digging out this 100-foot depression alone would be enormous.
<Eurakarte> And placing turbines at the bottom?
<Eurakarte> And the piping system?
<Alert[BUSY]> 100-foot depression? $2.4 million dollars
<Alert[BUSY]> turbine and pipe system? $750,000 dollars
<Alert[BUSY]> approx. 250 tons of salt? $50,000 dollars
<RoSS> Putting someone in an ocean of salt just to watch them choke and die? Priceless

#23390 +(295)- [X]

<klerck> I think they should build an airport at the WTC site so the planes can't miss the runway next time

#23392 +(269)- [X]

<Wiebo> first you die, and then you're dead
<GFK1> when i die, that's it.  I'm buggered if i'm gonna start flying about and messin with clouds and playin harps all day.  sod that.
<GFK1> besides
<GFK1> i'd look a right twat in all that angel gear and wings and stuff

#23393 +(51)- [X]

(@{basara}): chu beyond the blackest chu,
(@{basara}): Deeper then the deepest pika,
(@{basara}): King of pikachu who shines like gold on the sea of electric
(@{basara}): I call upon thee, swear myself to thee,
(@{basara}): Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed by the power you and I possess...
(@{basara}): PIKASLAVE!!!

#23394 +(180)- [X]

<Silhouette> Thats sad, i screwed up while writing a note to myself and looked all over for the undo button

#23396 +(36852)- [X]

<Eurakarte> RETORT

#23397 +(815)- [X]

<MuNkEy`> MuNkEy looks better than Munkey
<Munkey> looks worse
<MuNkEy`> no way
<MuNkEy`> urs looks like a babys been at it
<MuNkEy`> with the lowercase
<Munkey> indeed. random guess. FPS player?
<MuNkEy`> counter-strike.

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