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#20990 +(239)- [X]

isajeep: I think you ride the man train sir.
rzrshrp: then i'll get off the next stop.
isajeep: uhhh...

#20994 +(133)- [X]

<dontgotOP> JOEJOE: cant u cut out the xbox code on a demo disc and glue it on a backup and it will play?

#21000 +(41)- [X]

[03:11] (twistedps) i believe im highly antisocial.
[03:11] <aqualyricist> ha
[03:11] <nightbreed420> me to tps
[03:12] <aqualyricist> i am so antisocial that i write down my orders at fast food carryouts
[03:12] <aqualyricist> drive throughs are a bitch tho
[03:12] (twistedps) haha yeah thats damn antisocial.

#21001 +(346)- [X]

*** panda sets mode: +vvv ecs Kitsune Warskull
*** Goonigoogoo sets mode: +vvv Beersplurgleywurgelywoo chris[sleep] JonesSoda
<afropik> I don't liek where this is going
*** panda sets mode: +m
*** afropik is now known as WTFTurnItOff

#21002 +(321)- [X]

<Pants> you know .. living in australia .. and being raised watching so much american television .. sometimes you get confused and think to dial 911 instead of 000 for emergencies

#21004 +(281)- [X]

(zerox): i thought i was going to XXX the movies website when i went to www.XXXMOVIE.com but i was pleasently mistaken

#21018 +(197)- [X]

<Lum_> From tomorrow through Labor Day, a U.S. holiday celebrated on September 3, jeans are fine for all non-customer situations, any day of the week.
<Loafman> Now, is that black jeans or all colors?
<Lum_> all colors
<Xeen> I say we push this as far as it will go.
<Lum_> I got some with no crotch
<Soulflame> ...
<Lum_> I'll wear those tomorrow
<Xeen> Ok, so not quite as far as it will go.

#21023 +(260)- [X]

<Prae> theres always a "good" replacement for uo2, like ...'hidden dragon, crotching tiger'
<Grath_SC> crotching?
<CrashCat> hahah
<Greven> lol
<DarKnight> crouching panda, hidden what?
<Mako> 'crouching woman, burning sensation'.

#21025 +(1018)- [X]

<Storm> ok, when my mom's friend was like 6, she was out waiting for the bus, also happened to be garbage pick-up day
<Storm> so anyways little kid is waiting for the bus, and her dog comes running out her house to see her, well...unfortunate timing placed the dog right in the street as the garbage truck was arriving
<Storm> so *BAM!* street pizza
<Storm> but then...the garbage man gets outta the truck....sees the dead dog...and just tosses it in the back of the truck, right infront of all the kids at the bus stop

#21039 +(1307)- [X]

<Casm> so lemme get this straight...
<Casm> you asked for sex on the 2nd date
<Casm> and when she said no you started crying?
<Fr0id> yep
<Casm> and she felt sorry for ya and put out?
<Fr0id> yep
<Casm> so in order to get pussy, you gotta BE a pussy?
<Fr0id> seems like it
<Casm> i swear to god the whole fuckin world's against me!

#21044 +(781)- [X]

<@Mike> LOL. I thought my chair was squeaking
<@Mike> it was a damned bird outside
<@Kimaroo> lol
<%Blacksheep> oil the bird

#21048 +(44)- [X]

<Oz> if you move to newcastle that will allow you to live like a king
<Oz> because you can just nick a house, furniture, etc
<Oz> and then treat yourself to a e-coli mcsalmonella meal

#21052 +(285)- [X]

<exii> I was just talking to my brother.
<exii> And I said "okay, its 10:10, I have to go boot up the shower."

#21058 +(1566)- [X]

<vboydx7> Why the hell are all you fucking PS2 fanboy shits here?!?
*** PSXcellent was kicked by vboydx7
*** GTA43v3r was kicked by vboydx7
*** Sony RoXors was kicked by vboydx7
<Solid Sony> Hang on..!
*** Dead_Shot_Sniper was kicked by vboydx7
*** Solid Sony was kicked by vboydx7
*** Hot2trot was kicked by vboydx7
<vboydx7> Woah, wait a minute, this isn't the Gamecube forum o_O
*** Quits: vboydx7 (No route to host)

#21060 +(286)- [X]

* Hottie_Girl thinks: OK
[Anakin`] Must have come as a shock to you.
[Anakin`] You know...thinking.
[Hottie_Girl] NO
[Hottie_Girl] I'M NOT A DUM BLOND

#21069 +(633)- [X]

Joins: StubbornBitch (~bocazas@3eb8f587.20db5883.ss.shawcable.net)
<Analu> Dude! Every woman I've ever known just entered the chat

#21110 +(471)- [X]

<Rjx> was last day of school today
<Rjx> loads of people signed my shirt
<vampireuk> I remember some wise ass signed "wide load" on mine
<Rjx> I went round writing "www.goatse.cx" on people's

#21122 +(92)- [X]

<DrStrangelove> I used to swallow coins aswell.
<[DMK]Relvox> im too cheap to do that!

#21123 +(461)- [X]

<DrStrangelove> Yeah, save your money, man.
<DrStrangelove> It's not too late.
<[DMK]Relvox> im 16
<[DMK]Relvox> its kinda too late
<DrStrangelove> Else you'll end up like the rest of the population.
<DrStrangelove> Poor and broken.
<DrStrangelove> And ignorant.
<[DMK]Relvox> what is ignorant?

#21124 +(173)- [X]

<Road|\{ill> anybody have that picture of that fat chick sitting on a chair with the little dog underneath it?
<Road|\{ill> i need it

#21126 +(177)- [X]

<Calculus> ...YE GODS I have too many DVDs.
<Calculus> ...how do I have so many DVDs and so little money?
<Zibblsnrt> possibly because you have so many DVDs? *ducks*

#21128 +(404)- [X]

<Reno> I wonder who the joker is that is sending me such a huge e-male
<EIGHTBALL> an e-male?
<EIGHTBALL> can I get an e-female anywhere?
<EIGHTBALL> preferrably not huge

#21140 +(-86)- [X]

<ChrisF-> how all my little niglets doing?
<ChrisF-> we celebrating black histry munf in dis mofo?

#21145 +(37)- [X]

<l0wkey> im under house arrest
<l0wkey> for two years
<_INTRA_> what did ya do?
<l0wkey> some bullshit stalking charges
<l0wkey> 32 convictions
<l0wkey> 104 trials
<_INTRA_> lowkey: u are so full of shit
<l0wkey> that is what the judge said
<l0wkey> i was caught stalking her...i said i wanted to talk to her about the case
<l0wkey> i was caught at 2:00 am, 16 times
<l0wkey> in a row

#21147 +(36)- [X]

<soimafrea> missing a that i think blood
<BloodNose> ?
<soimafrea> you dont know THAT much about me to tell
<blender> what blood said works fine
<soimafrea> i know but the grahmmer was appouling .
<blender> bahaha

#21154 +(1293)- [X]

<NickBlasta> asl?
<Cryph> unf?
<NickBlasta> no
<NickBlasta> asl
<Cryph> unf?
<NickBlasta> u want the cyber
<NickBlasta> ?
<Cryph> unf!
<NickBlasta> fap fap
<[H]Klypr8> parlor.asf
<[H]Tongboy> lol, I come back for a minute on accident, and I see what looks like 2 aolers trying to mate

#21163 +(377)- [X]

<R0SC0E> i bought this returned 60 gig hard drive this weekend
<R0SC0E> thinking they probably just didn't know how to install it
<R0SC0E> and it'd be fine
<ScumDog> cheap or something?
<R0SC0E> and it turned out to be an old 20 gig drive with the label swapped
<R0SC0E> yeah
<R0SC0E> but the fuckwad left all his old files on it
<R0SC0E> so i have his name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail
<R0SC0E> i e-mailed him and was like you dumbshit
<R0SC0E> he e-mailed back and was like i uh sell computer parts so once it leaves my hands i don't know what people do with their stuff
<R0SC0E> i was like what the fuck does that mean, why would someone take a 20 gig drive you sold, and put all of these letters to lawyers with your return address on them
<R0SC0E> and call their windows username your name
<R0SC0E> no reply after that

#21167 +(19)- [X]

[ +vampyriclust ] what is it about vanilla coke that makes me piss like a bitch with a urine fetish?

#21168 +(321)- [X]

<DC> like i had this pet duck one time
<DC> he was the biggest fuck up ever
<DC> and he was such an asshole to me
<DC> and i would be like "come here quacker"
<DC> hmm maybe he was pissed because i named him quacker
<DC> yeah thats got to be it

#21169 +(237)- [X]

*** ChanServ sets mode: +o aen
<aen> aen's access level grew 3 sizes that day.
<aen> And the minute his heart didn't feel quite so tight,
<bob3d> the ladies were rather pleased
<aen> He whizzed with his load through the bright morning light
<aen> ANd he brought back the toys! And the food for the feast!
<aen> And he...
<aen> ...HE HIMSELF...!
<aen> aen spanked his own meat!
<aen> Or something.

#21172 +(134)- [X]

<Petruchio> You know... if Disney had named their new movie Lilo & Patch, I'd probably have gone to see it.

#21184 +(578)- [X]

<phoena>: I made the mistake of sending my husband to the store. He bought a case of Froot Loops.  Fourteen boxes.  I don't hate Froot Loops now, but I think I will 14 boxes from now.

#21200 +(1589)- [X]

* Jeff challenges fastpak to a jousting match at high noon
<fastpak> shit. I..uh...my horse is..uh...nonexistant.
<fastpak> so i guess i'll have to decline
<FlyNavy> you have to understand that when Jeff says "jousting" he really means gay sex
<FlyNavy> and when he says "wanna play a round of WC3?"
<FlyNavy> he also means gay sex
<Jeff> ...
<FlyNavy> pretty much anything he says boils down to gay sex
<FlyNavy> :D
<Jeff> want to have some gay sex?
<Tektronic> sorry dont have cs installed jeff

#21202 +(719)- [X]

e l i t e m r p: http://www.worldpowers.net/canada/
reverend ine: 404
e l i t e m r p: yea =)

#21217 +(239)- [X]

<SVJ-FuNiOnZ> man this sucks
<SVJ-FuNiOnZ> i got new deoderant and it smells like my grandpas cologne
<SVJ-FuNiOnZ> so i cant jackoff without seeing a mental image of my grandpa

#21220 +(283)- [X]

<darkdawg> bout how long till you can check my box out?
<Trolan> no clue.  this shouldn't be taking me this long, excpet the guy who coded it needs to be shot.
<Trolan> and otherwise, try an OB/GYN
<darkdawg> ob/gyn?  type that as root?

#21221 +(311)- [X]

<DarkDawg> hrm
<DarkDawg> somethign doesn;t seem right...
<Xplosive> the spelling of 'something' and 'doesn't'?
<fukdis> ahahaha

#21236 +(970)- [X]

*** Perz has joined #dorkydungeon
<Perz> YES!!!!!
<Perz> FINALLY CABLE!!!!!!!
<TormenT> yay :D
*** Perz has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<TromenT> lol

#21255 +(615)- [X]

<+elf> hey
<Dekar> Do you want to see my cool thing?
<Dekar> It's shiny...
<Dekar> It has all sorts of moving parts.
<Dekar> And it does things. Cool things.
<+elf> zip up your pants, I don't care if you spray painted your penis.

#21277 +(1983)- [X]

<Mercy> It's (assassinate the president) fun to annoy (charter a plane, pentagon) the NSA by (shoot George Bush) inserting crap into innocent (blow up congress) sentences.
<Mercy> Or so I've been (nuke Washington) told.
<@Ixnorp> One would think that the NSA would have slightly more advanced filtering techniques than regexp.
* Mercy Quit (Ping timeout)
<@Ixnorp> Or maybe not.

#21282 +(455)- [X]

<ChugChug> so like... uhh.. what language do you use?
<LaC> english
<ChugChug> is that like perl? :)
<LaC> god i hope not

#21292 +(194)- [X]

<RatBreath> almost half a terabyte of copyrighted material... amazing. you are a god
<Rzrshrp60> well most of it is vids of isajeeps mom on the strip
<Efflixi> lol
<Rzrshrp60> ...high quality
<isajeep> wtf

#21309 +(336)- [X]

<ilde> Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

#21316 +(458)- [X]

<@JackPott> JACK POTT
<@JackPott> ON TEH RADIO
<@GingaNutz> nice abuse of the english language
<+Oz> abuse is an understatement
<+Oz> more like "flagellation followed by intense anal rape by at least seven well-endowed males, two goats and one horse, in turn followed by an intragenital injection of H2SO4"

#21346 +(502)- [X]

<ChaB`s> Santa Claus hates you.
<LordReavr> he doesn't, he gives me presents.
<ChaB`s> no he doesn't.
<ChaB`s> that's not santa at all.
<LordReavr> you're just jealous because all you get is lumps of coal.
<ChaB`s> hey, I'm prepared for an energy crisis, man

#21354 +(1708)- [X]

<Beerman> I demand random linkage! link me to strange things, and entertain me
<tate> http://www.goatse.cx/
<ecs> i was just gunna say that...
<Beerman> my word, whats wrong with that mans bottom?

#21363 +(82)- [X]

<EvILEyE{GF}> I tried getting my scanner to work
<EvILEyE{GF}> stupid prick machine doesn't work with win2k
<EvILEyE{GF}> only works with linux, OSX, and pre-winME OS's (drivers)
<EvILEyE{GF}> so I tried it on my laptop and linux broke
<EvILEyE{GF}> so I tried installing win98 on it
<EvILEyE{GF}> win98 broke
<EvILEyE{GF}> it's outside on the front lawn now
<EvILEyE{GF}> I figured I could format the hard drive by throwing it out the window
<Kaown> It'd leave a footprint on the ground, but that's about all.

#21365 +(311)- [X]

*** cade changes topic to: 'its my mcdonalds, ill play in the ball pen if i FUCKING WANT'

#21390 +(28)- [X]

<terrance?>: have you read the LOTR books
<stratusxh>: no, however, i have them, and i'm considering reading them before school
<stratusxh>: dunno though
<stratusxh>: that boost of geekness may well keep me from getting laid for a couple weeks after reading them
<stratusxh>: i sure as hell know the Harry Potter books did that
<terrance?>: fuck harry potter
<stratusxh>: fuck harry potter? fuck your taste in literature

#21418 +(108)- [X]

(h0va) i could fill any IT job now.. and do well.. from my home computer
    experiance.. but i would never get hired cuz i have no credentials
(cranky) h0va: dude you couldn't fill a toilet bowl

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