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#17389 +(73)- [X]

<CardboardArmor> The Great Unclean One will get around to your sheet when he isn't busy.  Or masturbating.  Whatever comes first.

#17390 +(740)- [X]

<@Afterglow> what's the point of irc anyway
<@Afterglow> everyone idles
< destruct> the "point" is that if you take the third word spoken on the second tuesday of every month of the the third person down in each channel you visit on irc, they will form a description of the path to the lost city of atlantis

#17392 +(929)- [X]

<Danelope> I'm trying to set a password, and they're telling me it's invalid.
<Danelope> Because it can be "derived from another word".
<harb> Yeah.
<harb> It's just calling to passwd, I bet.
<Danelope> They're forcing you to use randomized passwords.
<Danelope> That's fucking retarded.  Especially for an FTP-only account.
<harb> Heh.
<Danelope> "Duhhh.  You're creating an FTP-only account with its home limited to a single non-primary folder on the Web server!  Let's give you shit about a password!"
<Danelope> "Duhhh!  There's absolutely no way this information can be used to compromise the system!  But we'll still harass you here!"
<homeslice> Make it "Dr3amh0stsu|<s5hit"
<Danelope> "Sorry, that password can be derived from 'dreamhostsucksshit', which is a common password."

#17397 +(538)- [X]

<SAMMY> i'm getting pototao ships
<SAMMY> chiptns
<SAMMY> fuck it
<LoRdZephyR> SHIPS
<LoRdZephyR> LOL
<LoRdZephyR> gonna go sailing?
<SAMMY> fucking chopked on a ship

#17403 +(771)- [X]

<hepkitten> also i appear to have lost my bf
<hepkitten> :<
<kinzillah> "lost"? does he respond to ping?

#17405 +(187)- [X]

<Blade> what's for supper my beautiful wife?
<Blade> you on a silver platter?
<Blade> CPU: AMD Athlon Thunderbird clocked at 1453.26 MHz
<Blade> OS: Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition [4.10.2222]
<Blade> RAM: 257MB / 512MB <29% load>
<Blade> Video: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 (1024x768x16 bits) <63MB/64MB video RAM>
<Blade> Sound: SB Live! Wave Device (Driver Version: 5.0) [Stereo]
<Blade> Network Interfaces: NDIS 5.0 driver (Ethernet) <10000000 bps> [5.4 MB received / 0.3 MB sent]
<Blade> Disk: a: ()[]: 0.0GB/0.0GB....c: (WINDOZE)[FAT32]: 4.4GB/4.9GB....d: (BUZINESS)[FAT32]: 12.4GB/12.6GB....e: (PLEAZURE)[FAT32]: 22.0GB/23.7GB....f: ()[]: 0.0GB/0.0GB
<Blade> Uptime: 0 days, 1 hrs, 2 mins, 3 secs
<SK> what a great prelude to sex.
<SK> system information.

#17414 +(296)- [X]

<tytu> does anyone ever pull hisself?
<r0mulus> what?!
<tytu> when you pull your...you know
<r0mulus> hmm
<r0mulus> no
<r0mulus> i don't
<r0mulus> know what you mean
<tytu> you wrap your hand around your dick and then start to pull up and down
<r0mulus> umm... i  think your in the wrong channel

#17419 +(53)- [X]

<RoXyaNGeL> any guy who is skinnier than his gf or has bigger boobs than her is wrong -_-

#17421 +(31)- [X]

<isd> if I could suck my dick, I would never leave my house

#17422 +(206)- [X]

<Jemm> this is where he gets his inspiration from
<ZondrZout> I almost spend more time IRC'ing than I spend painting and creating art!
<Morfi_> uhm inspiration from irc ? what do you mean ?
<Jemm> well, talking with bunch of lunatics give funny ideas ;)
<ZondrZout> Not to mention a good QDB!
<Morfi_> QDB what it is ?
<ZondrZout> Quasi Donderende Boombladeren
<ZondrZout> It's Dutch for something like 'positive energie'
<Jemm> QDB is all around us. It binds the Universe together
<Jemm> Use the QDB, ZondrZout!

#17429 +(225)- [X]

<BluBandit> hello kitty is one cat i'd like to violate

#17435 +(139)- [X]

<Pete[z]> my mate gaz was trying to get a blowjob from this girl ok
<Pete[z]> so, he dipp'd his nob in dip cheese at this party
<Pete[z]> anyway
<Pete[z]> so she sucke dhim off
<Pete[z]> then her mother came home
<Pete[z]> grabbed a biscuit
<Pete[z]> and straight for the cheese dip

#17450 +(-79)- [X]

*** Yoshi has quit IRC (Quit: and they found the remains of the child in a tattered, cum-soaked, Care Bears bed sheet.)

#17452 +(291)- [X]

<emp|whiskey> icq??? who still uses that?
<jud_> pervs
<zapp> i do
<zapp> oops
<zapp> oh damn.

#17453 +(335)- [X]

<Diamond> I just got done watching porn.
<Diamond> Which has great music.
<Leper_Mess> ..you watch porn for the music?

#17469 +(822)- [X]

HolyViper7: im confused as to how i'm still allowed to breathe the same oxygen as other human beings.  i just bought some tic tacs, and most of em are gone... and you know how some tic tacs get like, stuck?  well, see, i didnt wanna make too much noise so i put the tic tac container in my lap and i hit the container.  it was then i realized i had testicles.  it was quite painful

#17475 +(146)- [X]

* Techniq throws salt in FG's eyes
* FuNGuY throws ass in techo's dick

#17483 +(1103)- [X]

<JustNoodle> be right back
<JustNoodle> it's time for my daily sacrifice of a virgin
<meatwad_> you're committing suicide?!

#17539 +(129)- [X]

<Chronosla> RARs are the dingleberries of Satan, sent to torment me with mockery and derision.

#17638 +(135)- [X]

<sabo> i hate it when there's no toilet paper in the house.
<sabo> cause then i have to wipe my ass with maxi pads.

#17642 +(936)- [X]

<Squee-G> You're old school? I beta tested the mother fucking abacus!

#17679 +(305)- [X]

<azzl> i can getcha a cheap bmw.
<azzl> or mercedes, ya like-a the mercedes?
<azzl> there's just a little scratch on it.
<azzl> where the vin's supposed to be.
<azzl> i wouldn't worry about it.

#17717 +(1032)- [X]

<MrFalcon> fuck... we have all this leftover shrimp, but no shrimp sauce
<tokage> maybe you should kill yourself

#17725 +(1011)- [X]

<prok> still living at home :/
<nug> living at home is cool and all, but it sucks to kick a bitch out in the morning and she walks past my parents on the way out
<p0ng_> fuck that, i'm loving with my dad till he moves

#17728 +(319)- [X]

<Doggy^666> i have just been mentally scarred
<Doggy^666> im never gunna look in my mothers underwear drawer again

#17749 +(797)- [X]

<Crumbs> anyone know what the strongest painkillers you can buy are?
<Trukkie> guns

#17771 +(30)- [X]

<suffocate> i wanna know if thewre are any Visual Basic packets
<suffocate> under linux
<suffocate> ???

#17784 +(198)- [X]

<Zombie> sisters are good
<Sony> She is fat
<Sony> and she smells
<Sony> like bear
<Zombie> lol
<Zombie> perfect for you
<Sony> Yeah, I'd hit it
<Sony> Wait
<Sony> I mean now
<Sony> no*

#17813 +(347)- [X]

<Raikenku> "Recent study shows Mac users are often more educated than Pc users"
<Magus> that's because any idiot can use a PC
<Magus> but it takes an art degree to use a mac :D

#17828 +(356)- [X]

<standby> i'm moving to my own office tomorrow
<standby> i feel so cool
<standby> i'll be able to mastrubate while i work
<standby> well i allready do but it will be easier

#17837 +(-29)- [X]

<Pete^> I
<Pete^> accidently
<Pete^> :)
<Pete^> married
<Pete^> a guy
<Pete^> ;p

#17840 +(62)- [X]

(grasmaaie) so they know who is when he floods all the day...

#17843 +(32)- [X]

<Halo_Four> hm, I never knew that
<DiViL`> no offence but what you don't know could fill a warehouse
<DiViL`> :P
<KnightOwl> hahah
<DiViL`> I could fill an oil tanker

#17861 +(49)- [X]

<ouija666> this gay guy was bitching about only being with guys with small dicks
<ouija666> which is pointless if you have a gaping queer anus
<ouija666> so i say like
<ouija666> he needs a tattoo on his ass that reads 'you must be this tall (arrow) to ride this ride'

#17863 +(424)- [X]

<WntBgAsLg> RU people here every night?
<mthw> no sorry this is a 1 time thing
<mthw> channel breaks up by tomorrow
<mthw> we tour irc, go chan to chan

#17864 +(19)- [X]

iamouija: Because I'm Jewish
iamouija: and eVERYONE HATES JEWS
fireydarkness: I didn't know you were jewish
fireydarkness: bitch I hate you, go away -.-

#17868 +(805)- [X]

<RadAghazt> I bought rice vinegar to make sushi. Now to figure out how.
<RadAghazt> Ok.
<RadAghazt> There are instructions on the bottle, but...
<RadAghazt> they're in Japanese.
<RadAghazt> At least I think they're instructions.
<RadAghazt> This might say "death to all gaijin with this poisoned export rice vinegar" for all I know.

#17871 +(162)- [X]

<Anton> Facial stabbing. Oozing blood. Shotgun vaginally inserted. Brains splatter over the wall. GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrARRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!
<Anton> is a good death metal track

#17873 +(396)- [X]

<Kerpal>the Cd-key is 56dsr67x
<vR|Sn00kie>Wont work....hmm
<kerpal>Hmm....it is x as in zebra
<vR|Sn00kie> you are stupid

#17874 +(334)- [X]

insectouch: oh, i hought the whole cancer thing was just something you made up so you didnt have to go out with me tonight

#17881 +(494)- [X]

<Heinz89> seen alric
<Plaidhawk> alric!irc@smilex.ormoru.net was last seen by me in #stars! 11m 22s ago saying: !seen heinz89

#17884 +(66)- [X]

<[NM]-K0ld> Looking for a GREAT time with GREAT people? Join #gaychat!
*** [NM]-K0ld has left #cc.
<Rezox> wtf? gay people arent great
<Rezox> gay people are gay

#17885 +(234)- [X]

<phelanR> [Fserve Active] - Triggers:[!donkeysandgoatsex] - Users:[64/69] - Sends:[63/71] - Queues:[5/5] - Min CPS:[5kB/s] - subject:[donkey/goat porn] - Bytes Sent:[86.47GB] - Files Sent:[912] - Upload Speed:[18.7kB/s] - Download Speed:[26.5kB/s] - Total Bandwidth:[45.2kB/s]
<Niteling> what the hell is this junk doin in a chat channel
<captain_tarik> gotta give him credit
<Niteling> ?
<captain_tarik> 64 is a helluva lotta people to download donkey and goat porn

#17886 +(351)- [X]

Tom - "Are you using networking cable to pull the sled?"
Dave - "Yea, it's only 10baseT, but it should be fast enough."

#17887 +(954)- [X]

<ShowHour> Any hot girls with a cam free for chat?
<Hot^Gay_Male> yes
<Hot^Gay_Male> msg me

#17890 +(50)- [X]

<[SS]Psyco|PB> The Magic 8-Ball has been ACTIVATED, Type !8ball <question> to use. ×Tracer Script×
<[1CH]Gypsy|Occupied> !8ball will I get high tonight...
<[SS]Psyco|PB> [1CH]Gypsy|Occupied, ( YES!!!!! )
<[1CH]Gypsy|Occupied> FUCKIN' RIGHTS!
<[1CH]Gypsy|Occupied> sweet..
<[1CH]Gypsy|Occupied> at least I can stop worrying..

#17893 +(29)- [X]

<barbye> wtf is this
<barbye> teh purpose
<barbye> IN LIFE
<bass_freak> There is no purpose in life... =(
<barbye> i know SO WHAT R WE DOING
<johnny69> mhmm.. ok
<bass_freak> good idea!
* barbye bbl, [SUICIDE]
* johnny69 bbl, [SUICIDE]
* bass_freak bbl, [SUICIDE]

#17894 +(235)- [X]

<Polaris[LovesChii]> Speaking of poke 4
<Polaris[LovesChii]> I wonder if anyone has some pokemon pr0n
<Polaris[LovesChii]> Like I said before.........Misty IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!
<Polaris[LovesChii]> Squirtle isn't too bad either

#17895 +(90)- [X]

<Xetrov`> bbiab
<Xetrov`> gonna go swim with my sister
<[VeRT]> kinky

#17897 +(942)- [X]

<deh> fuck
<deh> man lead singer of hanson
<deh> fuck shes so hot

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