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#851 +(1075)- [X]

<BlackDeTh> this girl was taking e for the first time.. so i knew what i had to do.. i made it a night she'll remember. (and me too :D
<lux> she'll remember it as rape at the trial and you'll remember it as consentual

#852 +(518)- [X]

<doraemon`> one of my best friends sells herself for 150 bucks a trick
<doraemon`> she rules

#853 +(505)- [X]

<hypr> 0h shit ash
<hypr> yer roommate is offened by women?
<hypr> haw he am gay
<hypr> j00 have sex wit em?
<hypr> ash dat page am mad sl0w
<Ash> Yah.
<brazemore> hypr was taught defunct english as a child.

#854 +(232)- [X]

* Matataki hhahwhawhawhawhawhawhawhwh
<Matataki> whenever i wanna laugh i read 'the emulation dream'

#855 +(1114)- [X]

<EFX> does the cum in an australian girls throat go down counter clockwise?

#856 +(541)- [X]

<Gussy> Does anyone here know much about exercise?
<fs`> is that an emu?

#857 +(172)- [X]

<c0njurer> Forecast calls for Kickfest likely, with a slight chance of dickt4yt0r
<c0njurer> kthx

#858 +(-901)- [X]

<Berzerker> i saw this black kid at my community college today with a programming cobol book
<Berzerker> hahahah
<Berzerker> whats a nigga gunna do with cobol

#859 +(1357)- [X]

*** blazemore (empty3@dialup- has joined #ramen
<LkAway1> blazemore: what happened on DBZ today?
<HomerJ> they fought some guy

#861 +(702)- [X]

<rob`> <Satanic0> vai toma no cu filha da puta
<rob`> _________________________________________
<rob`> HELP ME

#863 +(627)- [X]

<rob`> where does an irish family go for vacation?
<rob`> to a different bar

#864 +(534)- [X]

<KidHype> i have pole position emulated in my pants
<KidHype> it asks my wife to prepare to qualify
<TonyD> how unusual

#865 +(195)- [X]

<BWieRDMaN> which one is the gay euro?
<scar-> <-

#868 +(487)- [X]

<OmniGurt> <Zophar> Someone hacked my site!
<OmniGurt> (insert dramatic Wing Commander music here

#869 +(731)- [X]

<EFX> is it strange to peel pieces of skin off your cock?
<EFX> am I shedding so my cock will grow bigger?

#870 +(1466)- [X]

<Cducharme> My clock be off bigtime
<Cducharme> k
<Cducharme> fixed
<Ash> Same here, but I'm going to try to get a doctor to look at it when I scrape up some cash.
<Ash> Oh, clock.
<Ash> N/m.

#871 +(556)- [X]

<AlmtyBob> I think there are more christians than bullets
<AlmtyBob> sucks

#872 +(416)- [X]

<LkTruth1> Hmm, I haven't realized until lately that Zophar is using ZD to bitch about his life.
<BlackDeTh> "9/14/99 - VGB 4.5 is out, I'm still a virgin."

#874 +(792)- [X]

<NOFX`> once a week someone threatens to take te channel
<NOFX`> its getting old
<NOFX`> iwish theyd threaten like my anal virginity or something
<NOFX`> i mean something im actually scared of losing

#875 +(581)- [X]

<Dr_DOS> a typhoon smashed into hong kong
<Dr_DOS> wiping out 1.5% of their pirated goods
<Dr_DOS> a total profit of $300,000 for US companies alone

#876 +(939)- [X]

* [obi-wan] is away, jedi meditation (sleep) [log:OFF] [page:OFF]
<blazemore> i wonder when n0m is gonna come down from his starwars trip
* [obi-wan] waves his hand in front of blazemore "i am not on a starwars trip"

#877 +(634)- [X]

<blazemore> if i were canadian, i'd build a log cabin and then kill myself.

#878 +(1429)- [X]

<Dipstick`> women exist?
<Dipstick`> well.. i've seen drawings
<Dipstick`> and my mother CLAIMS to be a women
<Dipstick`> i don't believe it though.... she doesn't look anything like the drawings

#879 +(484)- [X]

<Drakh> damn..my room smells like semen and popcorn
<Angelo_> i didn't know you could get semen as popcorn flavoring

#881 +(2402)- [X]

<|scar> Girlfriend pregnant error, [A]bort, [M]arry, [I]gnore ?

#885 +(486)- [X]

<shizumaru> "Sega originally stood for "Segregated Arcade" and was started by a black man, Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s, however MLK was later assassinated during a brainstorming activity concerning a new blue hedgehog character by a Japanese Sniper on the balcony of a hotel, the Japs successfully framed a white man and took over Sega taking the profits for their own."

#886 +(576)- [X]

<osx> I programmed my sidewinder for IRC combat.
<osx> A for Awp, B for Ban, and C for Kick.
<osx> So watch out..

#887 +(359)- [X]

<blazemore> don't make me press nine limp inches against your forehead and leave a sweaty red mark from the moist underside
<Nikki> sorry

#888 +(965)- [X]

<rob`> highschool was the best 7 years of my life

#889 +(334)- [X]

<InVerse> That's the problem with the emulation scene.. not enough females for a chick fight.

#890 +(358)- [X]

<EFX> I'm sick of people bashing kiddie porn

#892 +(735)- [X]

<BlackDeth>    ________________________
<BlackDeth>   /                       ),,
<BlackDeth>  /  \___________________/     ``,,
<BlackDeth> (    ) )                            ikkenai
<BlackDeth>  `-^-?
<hypr> damnit
<hypr> fucking mom walked in and saw da c0ck
<hypr> lamers

#893 +(143)- [X]

<Keiichi> It takes brains to grow weed

#894 +(1030)- [X]

<dovee> anyone using or have an imac?
* macker looks over at the door
<macker> nope, they replaced the door-stop with a real one...

#897 +(1339)- [X]

<two-c00l> i met eminem yesterday
<rick^MD> eminem is gay, and i hate gays
<two-c00l> eminem is not gay!
<rick^MD> yes he is
<two-c00l> prove it
<rick^MD> ok... i had anal sex with him last week
<two-c00l> um i thought you said you hate gays?
<rick^MD> oh umm... i was just making sure he was gay so i could prove it to you

#898 +(637)- [X]

<timmo> make me dumplings
<timmo> and some grit
<Fustard> grits*
<Fustard> grit would be dirt, tim
<timmo> no zach im watchin my weight i only want one grit

#899 +(349)- [X]


#900 +(387)- [X]

<D1> why does cs give me that purple screen once I get out of one game and start a new one?
* |Chris away ..(autoaway).. (On/l)(Off/p)
<D1> don't hide behind your petty autoaways

#901 +(133)- [X]

<McMoo> my penis is pretty gay
<McMoo> it can regularly be found in male anuses

#902 +(544)- [X]

psxfaQ: <-- eating spam
e l i t e  m r p: id do that but it wastes too much printer paper

#903 +(633)- [X]

<hypr> joo do any drugs today?
<`gb> i don't do drugs fuckface
<hypr> what is pot then
<`gb> a plant

#904 +(243)- [X]

[00:15] <iMike> my name is on that
[00:15] <Fustard> yeah well
[00:15] <Fustard> i wrote your name all over my penis

#906 +(253)- [X]

<Jenosyn> i've seen piccies of u screwing things in your PC :)

#908 +(363)- [X]

<NekkidBibleMan> Now on fox: When Naked Men Read The Bible (2)

#910 +(1729)- [X]

<Kury^> the other day i found out that my Uni's fire evacuation policy for ppl with wheelchairs is to 'push them into a room, close the door, escape and then give the room number to the firemen'

#911 +(460)- [X]


#912 +(158)- [X]

[07:34] * Fustard is away, penis butter puffs [log:OFF] [page:OFF]
[07:45] * Fustard has returned, that was some good cock. [gone:10m21s]

#913 +(545)- [X]

<matt`> dear god freshmeat looks like ass
<matt`> probably making use of the html 5 <ass> tag
<matt`> <ass tables><hard to read text>blah blah blah</hard to read text><more ass tables><gayness></more ass tables><some gay color></gayness><ass tables>

#914 +(1706)- [X]

<Fustard> fuck
<Fustard> now im bored.
<Fustard> oh well
<Fustard> at least i have a cock and the internet.
<Fustard> ill do something with that.

#916 +(651)- [X]

<cactor> I'm gonna put some oragel on my dick and stick it in some bitches mouth
<|Chris> what are you gonna do when she bites your dick off
<|Chris> cause she can't feel her mouth
<cactor> uh I dunno
<cactor> smack her probably

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