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#451 +(113)- [X]

<McMoo> my computer doesn't even have a ps/2 port
<RYan-> how do you connect your mouse?

#452 +(465)- [X]

<ck3k> blaze has a job, it's called "leech off parents"

#453 +(387)- [X]

<Cennt-> "how did your grandma die"
<Cennt-> "she saw me masturbating"

#459 +(207)- [X]

<panacea_> im going to the doctor tomorrow morning regarding my thumb
<Lordaerom> panacea_, so much fucking wanking

#461 +(425)- [X]

<Theseus> get the free like 10 CDs they give you
<Theseus> then write a letter to them signed under your parents name saying you burned all those satan music CDs, and to never send mail to that address again

#462 +(823)- [X]

<achan> DigDug: 'ascetic' is maybe the word you're looking for
<DigDug> ascetic?
<DigDug> I don't know such a word. :/
<achan> someone who lives a monastic life outside of a monestary
<DigDug> Ahh.
<DigDug> Is there a term for someone who lives a monastic life on the Internet?
<Medieval> yes, e-scetic.

#463 +(934)- [X]

"The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly,
flat, and dishwatery utterances of the man who has to be pointed out to
intelligent foreigners as the President of the United States."
   The Chicago Times review of After Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

#477 +(-881)- [X]

"When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes.
When you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours.
That's relativity."
   - Albert Einstein

#484 +(1026)- [X]

"A lot of people wonder how you know you're in love. Just ask yourself this
one question: "Would I mind being financially destroyed by this person?"
   - Ronnie Shakes

#513 +(676)- [X]

<goh`> in my system.ini i'll change 'Shell=Explorer.exe' to 'Shell=quake2.exe'

#514 +(308)- [X]

<Lathari> jack your ethernet into my ass and we'll have ourselves a REAL Lan party.

#518 +(116)- [X]

<CrazyDe> did I tell u what I got this girl for christmas?
<CrazyDe> I got her lingerie in 1 box
<CrazyDe> and I put before
<CrazyDe> and in another box
<CrazyDe> I put pajamas in there
<CrazyDe> and put after

#519 +(1831)- [X]

<smcn> one of these days
<smcn> i'm going to hunt down and kill whoever invented emoticons
<smcn> then i'm going to look at him and go >=D

#522 +(135)- [X]

<J3anyus> my bellybutton smells worse than my ass
<DigDug> heh
<DigDug> how do you smell your bellybutton?
<J3anyus> digdug: pick all the lint out of it and then smell your finger :

#523 +(595)- [X]

jaylane0910: oh gross
e l i t e  m r p: ?
jaylane0910: my cmoputer science teacher corrupted the word g-string for me
e l i t e  m r p: heh
jaylane0910: she said she was writing her own string lib
jaylane0910: her name is Gioviana or something
jaylane0910: and she caled it GString
jaylane0910: and shes ugly
jaylane0910: and damn

#524 +(573)- [X]

<|WizZard|-Sleeping] I'm going to bed now, and you cant stop me from thinking dirty stuff.

#526 +(909)- [X]

<matt`> <goh`> guilty you spelt speed wrong
<goh`> spelled*
<goh`> you're*
<goh`> you guys are assholes

#530 +(417)- [X]

* CM[rebirth] annihilates SumDumGoy with a high energy carbon plasma sphere. (Think DragonballZ "fireballs").
* !SumDumGoy pokes CM.
<SumDumGoy> I win.
<CM[rebirth]> Damn! :O

#531 +(953)- [X]

<Fustard> i should take a picture of my penis like orion, and give it away as a present
<w3nis> maybe you shouldnt
<DigDug> yeah, maybe you shouldn't
<Fustard> yeah maybe i shouldnt

#532 +(396)- [X]

<kisama> i've spent my last 5 new year's on either irc or aol

#533 +(435)- [X]

<smcn> it's like richard simmons getting laid
<CodeMason> "ok girl, pump it, oh yes, left, right, left, right, in, out, that's the way!"

#537 +(191)- [X]

<enex> You have invited Vic Viper to start using Microsoft Windows. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.
<enex> Vic Viper does not have Microsoft Windows installed and is not able to accept your invitation.
<enex> Look how clever I am! ^_^

#538 +(780)- [X]

<MadHatter> what you know about people and the way things work I could comfortably pass through the hole in my penis

#539 +(1049)- [X]

<BobDole> i'm not the real bob dole
<BobDole> but.. i'm just on this nick
<T`karthon> ohh
<Nija_work> had me fooled
<T`karthon> thanks for clearing that up for us

#540 +(166)- [X]

<hypr> i need jewcases or like paper or plastic things to put cds in :.

#541 +(96)- [X]

<smcn> a pig could fly if you like put a rocket up its ass and lit it

#543 +(444)- [X]

<MojoBag> [DaemoN_] She kicked my dog, and now i am going to FUCK her.
* freeweed kix Daemon's dog
* DaemoN_ fucks her
<smcn> fucks who? your dog?

#544 +(731)- [X]

*** WindDrake has quit IRC (well, LadyDrake awaits. ~{Polaris IRC}~ v2.03 Alpha)
<|Ender|> ohh look Winds gonna go masturbate
<smcn> yeh, ladydrake is a weirdass name for a penis

#545 +(519)- [X]

<smcn> the only thing we have to ph33r is peer itself

#546 +(388)- [X]

<KidHype> discovery channel should have a droppy tits from around the world week
* PtitFous undresses then
<MikeDX> except its shown on CNN and called "world famine report"

#547 +(485)- [X]

<QuoteBawt> I know very few girls into emulation, even fewer into drinking "beer" and even fewer with an IQ above room temperature
<freeweed> <QuoteBawt> I know very few girls <--- if you wanna say something just say it
<scienide_> wimiins should go back to the kitchen

#548 +(430)- [X]

<freeweed> actuall i'm ambivalent :)
<DaemoN_> ???
<DaemoN_> lesbian?

#549 +(555)- [X]

<Ashley-> its the only wood you will ever have down there urchin boy

#550 +(358)- [X]

<Ash> KIEV, Ukraine (AP) -- A Ukrainian candy company has begun marketing what may be the stickiest, richest and most fattening holiday treat on the market: pure pork fat covered in chocolate.

#552 +(269)- [X]

[01:17] <Conan-> a friend of mine asked me if cable was the same as shell?

#554 +(1017)- [X]

<Amanda`> Sure, I'll put it on my Wall of Eliteness in my dorm
<Amanda`> Beside Duke Nukem
<Guilty> You and duke nukem
<Amanda`> We're pals.
<Guilty> Its like Amanda was Duke's fiance before a war and Duke went off and she sits in a rocking chair until 80 waiting for him to come home
<Guilty> Hes dead, move on

#555 +(421)- [X]

<CurlyEars> sorry....I am a bit compulsive about spelling an grammar

#556 +(325)- [X]

<D-viant> it's not like her ass is caked in shit
<D-viant> and it's not like I'm sticking my tongue IN her ass

#557 +(402)- [X]

[23:34] [+xvize] c++ is made in borland

#558 +(126)- [X]

<@xvize> xwin is like an os

#559 +(298)- [X]

[05:45pm] [+xvize] yea aol's supposed to be harder to trace

#564 +(403)- [X]


#565 +(405)- [X]

<phiber_> where's my boot disk? how can i be a hacker without linux?

#567 +(426)- [X]

[02:46am] [+oc] earlier when my video card wasnt working i started crying seriously

#579 +(752)- [X]

[06:26pm] <shmoo> did you know if you deleate stuff you get your giggabytes back?

#590 +(320)- [X]

<Zen> I wonder what flavor of Windows they're going to run on Xbox..
<Yohoma> hopefully AOL 7.0 is out by the, i wanna play gamez online

#591 +(177)- [X]

<gb> BYE BYE
<hypr> DONT DOS ME"
<blazemore> hypr: quick, go buy dsl!

#592 +(690)- [X]

<@shmoo> i gatta shit
<@shmoo> bb tomorrow

#594 +(1073)- [X]

<Johnno> my favorite animal is the scapegoat

#595 +(446)- [X]

[%proto] Master inorder to be a successful technician, one must learn proper english and grammar
[@master-] tfu

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