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<monotone> it's funniest when a monkey is gibbon it all it's got, but things still go wrong
<Hawkline> wow monotone, just wow
<wayfinder> monotone, how do you come up with these? i hope it's okay to ask, i dont wanna pry m8
<HunterX11> the thing with monkeys is that they are smart enough that you can sometimes see on their face when they realize "oh shit this was a bad idea"
<wayfinder> kinda like when girls go on a blind date with me, "see me an" think this was a bad idea
<wayfinder> ha ha ha, am i rite
<wayfinder> she just didn't like macaque
<monotone> man, drilling deep, wayfinder
<wayfinder> monotone, that's what your marmoset

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