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On a sunny summer eve
< Jan-> I really need to write up a readme on this to explain exactly what it's required to do.
< Jan-> Every time I bring it up, I go through this same conversation.
< Emil> Jan-: have you entertained the thought
< Emil> that
< Emil> you might be wrong?
< Emil> If everytime you bring it up people tell you are wrong
< Emil> Have you even considered the alternative?
< Jan-> Sure. But then I've reexamined the situation, and realised that no, I'm right, it's just that you don't understand my use case.
A few minutes later
< Jan-> bear in mind I've explained this about a billion times and it always ends like this.
< Jan-> it's getting really bloody tiresome.
< Emil> it ends with people not wanting to hear your shit anymore
< Jan-> I'm not an idiot, I have thought about this, I understand the problem.

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