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<@neonjesus> up your game, chatters. this is professional level chatting.
<@atomic> oh yeah
<@atomic> professional for sure
<@atomic> I'm being paid to chat right now
<@atomic> in fact, I probably get paid to chat more than I get paid to work
<@neonjesus> its why we all went into IT in the first place
<@neonjesus> we got on irc when we were children
<@neonjesus> and thought
<@neonjesus> hey
<@neonjesus> i would like to chat for a living. how do i get to do that?
<@atomic> lol
<@neonjesus> first, you have to look like you're busy in terminal
<@Jugernaut> hah
<@neonjesus> second, you have to be the unwatched watcher.
<@neonjesus> third, ???
<@neonjesus> profit.
<@neonjesus> so here we are.
<@neonjesus> a bunch of professional motherfuckin' chatters.

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