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<blackc> kastein: the real tire jeeped monday night, due to a potholr
<blackc> we have been operating the donut model
<blackc> however, the donut model today jeeped, due to pothole
<kastein> NEED RAID 6
<blackc> so i did what you would do
<kastein> this raid5 tire setup is not sufficient
<blackc> i pulled the jeeped real tire out of the back (hot spare) and hit it as hard as i could with a wrench until it was close to round
<blackc> jon brought the air pump
<blackc> and we were in business
<kastein> hahahaha you used a wrench?
<kastein> that's great
<blackc> yes
<blackc> i lacked a hammer
<blackc> and guess what
<blackc> now i can drive to driving class!

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