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<Jans> goodbye everybody
<Jans> i've got to go!
<Xi> gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
<Jans> mama! ooohoohooooo!
<Xi> i dont wanna die
<Jans> I sometimes wish i'd never been born at all
<Jans> [guitar break]
<Xi> i see a little sihlloetto of a man
<TilK> just woke up
<TilK> life is hard
<Jans> scaremous scaramous, will you do the fandago?
<Xi> thunderbolts and lightning
<Xi> very very frightning me
<Jans> Galileo
<Jans> Galileo
<TilK> ?
<Jans> Galileo figaro!
<TilK> u guys had a trip ?

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