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<|Wolf|> So I meet this chick, right
<|Wolf|> And she's like "what do you want?"
<|Wolf|> So I say, "I wanna stick my little wood elf in your forest!"
<|Wolf|> And she's like "Die Fetcher!"
<|Wolf|> and I'm like "woah, bitch! calm yo' ho ass down!"
<|Wolf|> and i stab her in the face
<|Wolf|> and she dies
<|Wolf|> Then I'm like "told ya slut, don't mess with dis"
<|Wolf|> and i take her clothes and her money and leave her ass in a gutter
<|Wolf|> but instead of pawning the shit, i end up trying it on
<|Wolf|> and thats the story of how i got this cool green skirt in Morrowind

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