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<spikeo> a part of me wishes everyone could have seen that
<spikeo> and another part of me doesnt
<spikeo> ok i have really itchy pubic wig atm (not lice, before you ask)
<spikeo> so i tried my clippers on it
<Gecko`> that part being your ELBOW
<spikeo> didn't realise they don't *do* long hairs
<spikeo> and my fucking shaver got tangled to my crotch
<spikeo> and was trying to kill me
<Emmeh> rofl
<Rel^Slacking> lol
<spikeo> i was like bicentennial man
<spikeo> or kryten trailing his groinal attachments
<spikeo> i can laugh now
<spikeo> but
<spikeo> :'(
<Rel^Slacking> Thats prolly a good thing

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