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<okoshun> The cat's have the right idea..lying on the cool tiles in the dark.
<max> That
<max> Of course they have the right idea.  Cat's are perfect.
<max> Or so they like to believe :)
<okoshun> The *are* perfect.  ;)
<max> Then explain why the hell the cat fell off my desk yesterday?
<max> You know how I have a corner desk?
<okoshun> A gravitational flaw.
<max> he was lying on his back, and rolled over to stand up
<max> And managed to put his front paw in the empty space in the corner between the two segments
<max> So he put his weight on it to get up, and fell down
<okoshun> max: He did that on purpose.
<max> It was funny as hell.
<okoshun> max: He knew you needed a laugh.
<max> he looked mortified.  He left shortly after.
<okoshun> You're just projecting your feelings onto the cat.  ;)

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