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<KANG> darkdude?
<darkdude> yeah?
<Tobias> Whatever the fuck you want to be called.
<Tobias> He's a newbie.
<KANG> since when did we start letting black people in here?
<Tobias> Dunno.
<darkdude> dude im not black
<darkdude> :P
<KANG> sure you aren't blacky
<Tobias> You seem like it.
<darkdude> lol
<Tobias> Mr. darkdude
<darkdude> just thought the name was OK
<KANG> I mean, the only description we have to go is "dude", meaning you lack vagina, and "dark", obviously referring to your skin color
<Tobias> Aye.
<Tobias> What the dying mullet said.
<darkdude> dark means happy
<darkdude> here
<darkdude> lol
<Tobias> In what?
<Tobias> Niggatown?

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