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<Spider|shower> Okay, you and Holodoc got +amogv.
<HoloDoc> can I have +aybabtu?
<|NeTTy|-> ?
<The_Morph> aybabtu == All Your Base Are Belong To Us
<y0ke> All Your Base Are Belonging To Us
<The_Morph> y0ke... you're a f*cknut. You don't even know the most famous classic engrish quote of all times.
<y0ke> hehe what is engrish ?
<The_Morph> ROTFLMAO
* y0ke slaps The_Morph around a bit with a large trout
<The_Morph> www.engrish.com
<y0ke> i thought you typoes english :)
<The_Morph> sorry y0ke, this is going to bash.org :D

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