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(Mr_Mofo) Corn Bread is teaching me flash, and he says:
(Mr_Mofo) <cornbread> Have you got any cloves of garlic lying around in your house? If you don't, use an onion for this next step.
(burkey) Whats wrong with that? Garlic is an essential part of Flash.
(burkey) Onion gives inferior results.
(cornbread) See? burkey knows =/
(burkey) If you don't know that, I'm gueesin you must be a n00b of some sorts. Your not a n00b, are you? o_O
&#8226; Suave sighs, and curses himself after wasting money on those 3 bags of onions.
(Burning) i use tabasco sauce instead
(bigwurm) cornbread: you also need some diced roma tomatoes and mushrooms. you must have mushrooms
(cornbread) Nah, just using the basic method for now.

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