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<spinks> I'm pretty sure dad is reconsidering sending me to drama classes
<maguiness> ?
<maguiness> explain
<spinks> well tonight i was home alone for most of the night. Mum was with my little brothers in singleton, out to dinner for my uncle's birthday
<spinks> my older brother is in gloucester for the next few days
<spinks> and dad was at karate till about 8 and thus i had to cook tea
<spinks> of course i get a brilliant theatrical idea in my head just to make things a little awkward when dad comes home
<spinks> i cook some pretty basic fuckign stuff, 2 pies and some 2 minute noodles
<spinks> but i garnish the fuck out of them with salads and shit, and put them on the good china, got the good cutlery out, wine glasses filled with red wine, the dinenr candles, the nice place mats, all of it
<spinks> a nice romantic dinner
<spinks> dad got home and i lit the candles, got dressed in my suit and tie, nice saphire-blue micro-fibre shirt, placed the plates opposite one another and turned all the lights off
<spinks> I sat there waiting, folded my hands nicely and dad walked through the door, blinked coz of the low light and just stared at me
<spinks> then he just slowly walked to his room, where i'd laid a trail of fake rose petals down the hallway to his room
<spinks> GOD i will never forget the look on his face

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