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<[BCorp]Atropos> and if you don't give me 12 dollars i'm going to plunge them into the center of the earth
<[BCorp]Atropos> with those dinosaurs and cave men and shit that got trapped down there
<[BCorp]Atropos> and then they will be severely discomforted
<[BCorp]Atropos> and who will be laughing then?
<[BCorp]Atropos> not you, that's who!
<[BCorp]Atropos> hahahahahahahaaahhahahaha
<[BCorp]Sleight> oh and Washington, cut down on the damn coffee stands
<[BCorp]Atropos> oh, for that remark i'm plunging them anyway
<[BCorp]Sleight> heh I don't care about my dad's side, have your way
<[BCorp]Atropos> i'll be back in a second, gotta pull the "plunge" lever
<[BCorp]Sleight> tell them goodbye for me
<[BCorp]Atropos> no
<[BCorp]Atropos> i'll tell them you said they were fat
<[BCorp]Sleight> cruel
<[BCorp]Atropos> mwamwamwamwamwa
<[BCorp]Sleight> while you are at it, plunge the whole town of Rochester
<[BCorp]Sleight> get rid of those damn neighbors who keep saying pop
<[BCorp]Atropos> alright... but just this once
<[BCorp]Atropos> i'm not a plunging service you know

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