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Tuco forces you all to sing Fraggle Rock
Daedalus [FS]: Dance your cares away
Meatpack [FS]: Worry's for another day
Fokker [FS]: Let the music play
TheChosenOne [FS]: Down at Fraggle Rock
bilblak [FS]: Work you cares away
yoda99 [LC]: Dancing's for another day
omothes [LC]: Let the Fraggles play
CrazyHorse [CC]: We're Gobo
Cantwell [CC]: Mokey
Mycroft [FWL]: Wembley
The Nomad [FWL]: Boober
-Blade- [DC]: Red
DarkElf [DC]: Dance your cares away
Nazgul [DC]: Worry's for another day
HepBbI [DC]: Let the music play
kailindo [P]: Down at Fraggle Rock
crazyhorse [CC]: lol
iinaj [P]: Down at Fraggle Rock
>> Enter Brandon Malthus
adept [P]: Down at Fraggle Rock
Kommando [SOL]: thats awesome
Baron Morgan [P]: its awesome when its fraggle rock... its scray when its YMCA...

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