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<dma> I once wrote a program to determine how long it would take to listen to all my cheesy mids.
<dma> forgot the result
<Silencer> ha
<Silencer> thats nothin
<Silencer> one time my friends and i got bored
<Silencer> so we figured out a couple interesting facts about mexico
<Silencer> such as how many parking spaces it would hold if it was flattened and paved
<Silencer> or if the entire population of mexico was to cut the grass of every lawn in the us
<Silencer> how long it would take them (ie, how often they could do it, once a week, once every two weeks, i forgot how long)
<Silencer> and we figured out how many cars it would take to drive the entire population of mexico to the us, if each car held 7 people
<Silencer> or 14 if its a van
<Silencer> (i know, this is horrible stuff)
<Silencer> (it was extremely funny, we actually figured it out too)

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