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<hajakinXL> brb
<nfinite|p1astik> kk
<hajakinXL> what!? You racist bitch!
<hajakinXL> I know you spelt 'kkk' wrong!
<nfinite|p1astik> wtf
<nfinite|p1astik> you gook motherfucker
<hajakinXL> Fuck you honky!
<nfinite|p1astik> im spic, you retarded fuck
<hajakinXL> Shut it, FOB!!
<nfinite|p1astik> you UNEDUCATED shit trap, i crossed a fucking river, not a big ass ocean
<hajakinXL> You're still a nasty slut
<hajakinXL> Fuck you. I'm outta here
<nfinite|p1astik> you off to talk to manny?
<hajakinXL> Yeah. He was going to help me get Samba up and going.
<nfinite|p1astik> ok, i'll pick you up in about 30?
<hajakinXL> Sounds good.

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