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<SinTax> I did something today that nobody will be able to do ever again so long as the earth rotates.
<SinTax> I work at a hardware store. The truck had just come in, and we're unloading the junk from it. It's a lot of work. I was called over to help, so I drank all of my supersweet, very hot coffee in like two gulps.
<SinTax> About an hour later, after we're all done, I began to feel really sick from all the coffee, like I was going to throw up at any time. I just sort of stick it out though, because I don't want to look weak to the other hardware guys. They've got me outmuscled by like twenty pounds apiece.
<mInmAx> mmhm
<SinTax> I'm cleaning in the aisles, and some old woman walks up to me with her eight year old girl, asking me where the lightbulbs are.
<SinTax> The little girl is screaming for something on the little toy display while I'm trying to tell this old woman (Who did not seem to understand that we don't sell lightbulbs.)
<gorg> lol old people
<SinTax> and this girl is making a ruckus, running everywhere. I'm on my third explanation for our lack of lightbulbs, trying to keep the coffee in, when this girl slams the hell into me while she's running around.
<SinTax> I couldn't hold it in any longer, and I pretty much covered this screaming child in piping hot coffee and a sludgy mass of granola while her grandmother went off in the direction of our stockrooms to look for lightbulbs.
<SinTax> It was definitely worth the twenty something job applications I now have to write up all over again.

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