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<Sollen> so were walking back to the lab Iím distracted and paying attention that were coming up to the street and I go to put my foot down and the curb isn't there any more.
<Sollen> and I actually realize I'm starting to fall, and I could of tried to stumble and keep walking; except I have my laptop in my bookbag and after the trouble I had I'm not about to risk banging it around.  So my geek impulses say "save the computer; sacrifice your body"
<Sollen> I guess all the martial arts helps because I managed to do this nice slow controlled fall to the ground, at the last minute I let go of my soda to throw my hand to the ground and somehow the soda  manages to fall  so it's standing face up without spilling a drop.
<Sollen> so there I am lying in the middle of this road in center of campus with everyone staring at me after I just did this perfect drop from standing position to lying position completely uninjured without spilling a drop
<Sollen> so I decide to play it cool, I just lie there like "yeah I meant to do that, I was just getting tired so I thought I would take a nap right here"

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