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<MooseWare> Anyone in here know a good IRC server to find people who are intersted in making game?
<MooseWare> games*
<Raggedy-Asmo> #redundant-questions
<MooseWare> that chat is empty
<CrazYGuyMrkII> lol
<Valeria> rofl
<Raggedy-Asmo> lol Val
<MooseWare> im serious, its empty
<Valeria> ;)
<MooseWare> except for me, of course
<Raggedy-Asmo> hey, let's send that one to bash
<CrazYGuyMrkII> rofl
<Valeria> already there
<CrazYGuyMrkII> thats like that other one
<CrazYGuyMrkII> join #someonewhocares
<CrazYGuyMrkII> im the only one there
<Raggedy-Asmo> lol
<MooseWare> that room is empty too
<CrazYGuyMrkII> lol
<MooseWare> grr

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