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<rufees> Ron Jeremy was a decent guy. He is such a Troma fan that he worked on the movie for free. Troma payed for his Hotel , and I believe his airfare and food ( if that was what we ate ), but that was it. The funny thing about Ron was that he wasn't just some novelty to have in the film ... he can act , and I mean well. I was shocked at his ability to learn his lines quickly and he had excellent comedic timing. It caught me off guard. He is definitely a sex maniac though. You'd think a day off from shooting porn he wouldn't concern himself with getting laid , but he goes up to one of the actresses in the middle of the day and shows her his index finger and says "You know why you should masterbate with this finger ?" and she goes "No?" and he replies "Because it's mine". Sleazy, but fuckin' funny.

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